Crazy Bear Stadhampton Wedding  // Kat & Glynne

Crazy Bear Stadhampton Wedding // Kat & Glynne

Crazy Bear Stadhampton Wedding Photographer

Kat & Glynne’s highlights from this unique Oxford wedding venue

Crazy Bear Stadhampton Wedding

Kat & Glynne hired me to be their Crazy Bear Stadhampton Wedding Photographer – my first wedding of 2017. This was to be one of my weddings where I meet my clients on the day – no fuss, few emails, and a couple of phone calls. Sorted. The Crazy Bear Stadhampton is a very popular wedding venue – part of a very funky, award-winning group of hotels. This is taken from their website:

“The original Crazy Bear has been entertaining guests since its creation in 1993. Abundant gardens, eclectic design, award winning dining and inventive facilities, within eighty acres of working farmland all contribute to its distinctive personality.

The Crazy Bear Stadhampton is a unique oasis in the countryside, and is the foundation for our Crazy Bear culture”.

sign at the crazy bear crazy bear detail wedding dress at the crazy bear stadhampton wedding shoes at the crazy bear stadhampton wedding jewellery in oxford wedding flowers in oxford champagne at a wedding

Unique Oxford wedding venue

The Crazy Bear Stadhampton is a unique Oxford wedding venue, where each room seemingly has it’s own theme, from Thai, through Scandinavian, Traditional and Burlesque. It’s a brilliant venue for an Oxford Wedding, and offers a lot of scope for a Crazy Bear Stadhampton Wedding Photographer.

bride and bridesmaids in funky t shirts bride hugging her bridesmaid bridesmaid taking a selfie pouing champagne at a wedding team bride shirt bride photo on iphone bride having makeup done bride sister watching on bride looks at herself in a mirror carp at the crazy bear

Wedding guests at The Crazy Bear Stadhampton

As my schedule allowed, I caught up with Glynne and the guests in the bar area. The fun, laughter and all-round atmosphere was beginning to rise. I said my hellos to Glynne and his two children, then quietly got on with it. Glynne is brilliant fun and enjoyed having a laugh with all the wedding guests as they arrived at The Crazy Bear Stadhampton.

groom greeting guests at the crazy bear stadhampton smiling wedding guest at the crazy bear stadhampton grrom drinking beer in the bar groomsman having button hole positioned groom having his buttonhole fitted groom and best man joking

Crazy Bear Stadhampton Bride

With a quick change of location, from the log cabin to a master themed suite, it was time for Kat and the girls to get dressed. The velour-lined walls were black, with a dark carpet and little in terms of downlighters. I used a touch of bounced flash to add some ‘fill’ to Kat’s bridal portraits and was very pleased with the results. Simple, stylish and very ‘me’. Kat made a perfect Crazy Bear Stadhampton Bride.

stunning bride at the crazy bear stadhampton bride photo at the crazy bear stadhampton bride in a room at the crazy bear stadhampton bridesmaids getting ready at the crazy bear stadhampton weddings at the crazy bear stadhampton wedding vows at the crazy bear stadhampton nervous groom at the crazy bear stadhampton bride and bridesmaids at the crazy bear stadhampton stunning bride photo at the crazy bear stadhampton

Weddings at The Crazy Bear Stadhampton

The weather was turning for the worse, sadly…but we didn’t care! It was a short walsk…around ten paces from the suite to the entrance of the ceremony room, giving us chance for a few final portraits before the ceremony. Weddings at The Crazy Bear Stadhampton are  intimate, with little to no room for using long lenses. For the photographers out there I was on 20mm, 24mm and 35mm primes. Yep, that intimate!

wedding music at the crazy bear stadhampton groom at the crazy bear wedding bridesmaids at a crazy bear wedding bride and father at the crazy bear stadhampton bride looks at her father at the crazy bear stadhampton wedding ceremony at the crazy bear stadhampton bride and groom look at each other grrom places ring on brides finger in oxford first kiss at an oxford wedding confetti throwing at the crazy bear stadhampton unicorn at the crazy bear stadhampton wedding reception at the crazy bear stadhampton wedding celebration at the crazy bear stadhampton

Wedding Photos at The Crazy Bear

With the rain a constant heavy drizzle by now, we were lucky to be under cover for most of our ten minute couple portraits. With a quick drop of the umbrella and a handful of quick shots, we nailed it, before moving back inside to photograph some family and friends group photos, plus some classic portraits of Kat.

bride and groom at the crazy bear stadhampton bride and groom in the rain at the crazy bear stadhampton bride looking at herself in a mirror rear view of wedding dress in a mirror reception at the crazy bear stadhampton dinner at the crazy bear stadhampton three boys on mobile phones at a wedding

Wedding Speeches at The Crazy Bear

With the daylight fading quickly, we were into the wedding breakfast and speeches. With the traditional three, plus an extra speech from Kat’s sister Taila, the laughter and fun spilled on for another hour or so. Brilliant. The Best Man suitably ripped Glynne apart, comparing his ‘mediocre achievements at school’  to BAFTA Award-winning sister Nicky – the TV Director on Strictly Come Dancing none the less….

father of the bride speech smiling wedding guest champagne glass nikky parsons at a wedding wedding speeches at the crazy bear stadhampton groom speech in oxford applaudong wedding guests at an oxford wedding sister of the bride speech bride looks at her sister best man speech in oxford best man speech at the crazy bear stadhampton first dance at the crazy bear stadhampton bride and groom dancing at the crazy bear stadhampton wedding guests dancing at the crazy bear stadhampton



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Crazy Bear Stadhampton Wedding // Kat & Glynne

Crazy Bear Stadhampton Wedding Photographer Kat & Glynne's highlights from this unique Oxford wedding venue Crazy Bear Stadhampton Wedding Kat & Glynne hired me to be their Crazy Bear Stadhampton Wedding Photographer - my first wedding of 2017. This was to be...

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Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographer // Sarah & Steve

Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographer // Sarah & Steve

Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographer

Sarah & Steve’s winter wedding photos from Peckforton Castle

Wedding Photography at Peckforton Castle

Sarah & Steve commissioned me recently to be their Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographer. Based in Cambridge, the couple fell in love with Peckforton and decided to have their Winter / Christmas wedding there. Who can blame them? Peckforton Castle is one of the most atmospheric wedding venues around….even on a (very) wet December day!

peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-002 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-003 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-004 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-005 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-006 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-007

I arrived at Peckforton nice and early, and had a good look around…in the rain…to work out Plans A, B and C in case the weather really threatened to spoil the party. I caught up with Sarah and her three bridesmaids in one of the suites in the hotel. Gloriously dark, lit by only a small incandescant lamp and what little grey daylight managed to creep in, I went to work. I used a small flash on the detail images, just to add a touch of quality to the light I had available.

peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-008 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-009 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-010 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-011 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-012 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-013 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-014 Final Preparations for a beautiful wedding at peckforton castle peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-016 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-017 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-018 bride at peckforton peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-020 Bride and Bridesmaids ready for a gorgeous wedding peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-023

As the clocked ticked on, it was time to me to catch up with Steve and his guests. The Dysart Arms in Bunbury was my second location of the day. But the guests were being well behaved – one quick drink and off to church…the splendid St Boniface across the street…

dysart arms bunbury peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-025 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-026 groom and best men st boniface bunbury peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-029 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-030 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-031 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-032 ladies with umbrella peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-034 cheshire vicar The bride arrives at St Boniface Church in Cheshire peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-037 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-038 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-039 Walking Down the Aisle Wedding Photography wedding in bunbury church reading in st boniface peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-043 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-044 You may kiss the bride peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-046 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-047 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-048 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-049 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-050 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-051 wedding in bunbury love letters wedding drinks  peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-056 bride at peckforton Christmas Wedding at Peckforton Castle peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-059 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-061 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-062 peckforton weddings peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-065 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-066 bride at peckforton Wedding Reception at Peckforton Castle peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-071 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-072 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-073 great hall at peckforton peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-075 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-076 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-077 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-078 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-079 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-080 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-081 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-082 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-083 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-084 top table for a wedding at peckforton castle father of the bride speech - peckforton castle cheshire peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-087 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-088 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-089 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-090 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-091 Grooms Speech at Peckforton Castle peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-093 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-094 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-095 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-096 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-097 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-098 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-099 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-100 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-101 bride and groom at night - cheshire wedding photography peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-103 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-104 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-105 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-106 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-107 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-108 peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-109 wedding cake cutting at peckforton castle peckforton-castle-wedding-photographer-111 first dance wedding photography first dance at peckforton castle



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Mitton Hall Winter Wedding Photography – Kira & James

Mitton Hall Winter Wedding Photography – Kira & James

 Mitton Hall Winter Wedding Photographer

Kira & James’ wedding photos from their winter wedding at Mitton Hall near Clitheroe, Lancashire

“Mick they are amazing! We love them! We both even cried! Thank you so so much for an amazing job –  the day wouldn’t have been complete without you xx”

Kira & James had their fantastic winter wedding at Mitton Hall recently, allowing me this opportunity of demonstrating my being a Mitton Hall Winter Wedding Photographer. Completely different to a summer wedding, the light is low and crisp (where available) and the whole atmosphere of the wedding seems to be more intimate and ‘focused’. With seven bridesmaids getting ready, Kira’s preparation’s were full of laughter and banter…especially you Natalie 😉

mitton hall winter wedding mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-002 wedding dress at mitton hall wedding dress at a mitton hall winter wedding mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-005

The bridesmaids were all to wear stunning red gowns, a beautiful and traditional winter colour…

red bridesmaids dresses bride getting ready at mitton hall in lancashire mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-008 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-009 bridesmaids laughing the flower shop in clitheroe

The wedding bouquets from The Flower Shop in Clitheroe, and arrived duly on time…

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-012 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-013 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-014 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-015 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-016

..and as the Prosecco flowed, the excitement was building. Not long to go now…

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-017 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-018 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-019 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-020 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-021 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-022 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-023

I caught up with James and the groomsmen in the bar downstairs, meeting and greeting the guests as they arrived for the ceremony…

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-024 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-025 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-026 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-027 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-028 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-029 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-030

…with a quick chat to the registrars, all was good to go. The guests entered the ceremony room and took to their seats. Meanwhile an almost-bursting Kira was coming down the stairs in the main hall, and taking station with the bridesmaids…

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-031 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-032 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-033 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-034

As the bride was announced by Michael, our MC and Manager for the day, I think I spotted a twinge of nerves from James….hmmm…

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-035 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-036 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-037 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-038

Then in came Kira, escotered by her proud dad…

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-039 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-040 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-041 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-042 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-043 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-044 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-045

As the ceremony ended, it was time to ‘kiss a thousand cheeks’ and enjoy a glass of bubbly…or a bottle of Sol…

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-046 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-047 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-048 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-049 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-050 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-051

With our (loose) schedule in mind, we ventured outside to photograph a few bride and groom portraits – nothing forced or cheesy. Kira and James just had some fun for fifteen minutes with little to no interruptions from me… 😉

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-052 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-053 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-054 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-055 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-056 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-057 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-058 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-059 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-060

Then it was time for a the confetti and a few family group photos…

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-061 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-062 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-063 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-064 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-065 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-066 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-067 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-068 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-069

…before heading back inside for the wedding breakfast.

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-070 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-071 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-072 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-073 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-074

As the guests took their seats, we had a few minutes to photograph that classic Mitton Hall image…

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-076 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-077 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-078 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-079 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-080

The speeches were brilliant – funny, emotional and entertaining. Even a seemingly nervous groom held the stage for quite a while. All bets were off for the sweepstake. A young lad scooped the top prize (to spend on a PS4). Nice one… 😉

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-081 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-082 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-083 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-084 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-085 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-086 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-087 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-088 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-089

As the evening drew in, it was time for the cutting of the (very hard!) wedding cake and the first dance, all perfectly run by Pat from Dancefloor Couture.

mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-090 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-091 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-092 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-093 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-094 mitton-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-095

So – thanks guys for having me on board. I loved being part of your wedding day!

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Eaves Hall Winter Wedding Photography – Dyanne & Steven

Eaves Hall Winter Wedding Photography – Dyanne & Steven

 Eaves Hall Wedding Photography

Dyanne & Steven’s wedding photos from the stunning Eaves Hall near Clitheroe, Lancashire

“Fabulous job with our wedding photo’s, we are delighted and you’ve far exceeded our expectations. Some great pictures of Rupert too. You’ve captured some lovely memories for us ❤ xx”

Dyanne & Steven booked me to be their Eaves Hall Winter Wedding Photographer last summer. With Maid of Honour and chief wedding planner Kelley on board, Dyanne & Steven’s winter wedding at Eaves Hall was going to be stunning. Kelley had everything nailed down! Eaves Hall is set deep in the beautiful Ribble Valley and lives up to it’s claim to be ‘one of the finest exclusive use wedding venues in the north west’. This was to be my first visit to Eaves Hall, but 2017 is providing a few more return trips with the Nikons…

eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-001 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-002 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-003

A typical bright January day promised lots of sunshine at least. This was going to be a good weather day….one way or another! When I arrived at Eaves Hall, I was met by the ever-smiling Dyanne, who was excited to show me both her wedding dresses! A day frock, and a night frock…the latter being a surprise for Steven and the evening guests…

eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-004 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-005 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-006 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-007 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-008 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-009 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-010 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-011

The morning was full of the usual hustle and bustle of wedding preparations. The flowers arrived, and the atmosphere was lowly rising in excitement as the hour or so ticked by…

eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-012 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-013 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-014

Steven and Best Man Stu were on the floor above in Eaves Hall, taking ‘considerably less time to get ready than the girls’ they joked…

eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-015 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-016 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-017 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-018 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-019 eaves hall wedding flowers eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-021 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-022 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-023

As the sun continued to thaw the gardens, it was time for me to head into Waddington, to St Helen’s Church for the ceremony. I’ve photographed at this church before – it’s a great place with a fantastic (cricket-mad) vicar, John.

eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-024 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-025 groom in waddington village lancashire vicar of st helens church in waddington bridesmaids getting out of the car at a lancashire wedding eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-029 wedding couple pet dog rupert

This is Rupert (The Bear) –  Dyanne and Steven’s Labradoodle. His job was to carry the rings in church…oh, and photo bomb everything he could find….

malvern wedding cars eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-032 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-033 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-034 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-035 wedding at st helens church waddington eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-037 wedding vows at a lancashire wedding in clitheroe just married in waddington village eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-040 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-041

Here’s Rupert photo bombing for the first time…nearly got Dyanne’s dress that time…

eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-042 wedding photo in waddington lancashire eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-044 wedding day at eaves hall in winter smiling bride at eaves hall wedding photobomb by peet dog

And here’s Rupert photo bombing again…but this time I was ready for him, and is my clients’ favourite image from the day…

eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-048 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-050 wedding photos at eaves hall in the snow

And…as the sunshine gave way to dark clouds…snow……for all the family group shots. And why not?

wedding guests in the snow at eaves hall eaves hall snowy wedding eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-054 caricaturist at eaves hall

Spencer The Artist was there too, providing stunning caricature drawings of all the guests…plus the talented Ian Lavin was providing the close up magic…

wedding magician at eaves hall eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-057 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-058 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-059 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-060 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-061 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-062 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-063 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-064 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-065 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-066 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-067 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-068

Hang on…is that Rupert again? seems so….much to the amusement of Kelley, Chief Bridesmaid for the day…

bridesmaids speech at eaves hall best men at eaves hall singing waiters at a wedding eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-072

After quietly arguing and bickering with each other throughout (serving) the meal, the two exploded into a row and one of them stormed off into the kitchen. The guests who were queuing up to berate the remaining waiter, suddenly held their bowed heads in their hands as ‘the penny dropped…’ and the young man emerged from the kitchen in full voice. Totally brilliant and had everyone fooled…

eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-073 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-074 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-076 singing with the waiters at a wedding eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-078 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-079

By now, the weather had turned too extreme to photograph my clients outside the hall – the snow was really coming down and all our vehicles were huddled together in the car park. So we did the next best thing. I got wet instead… 😉

married couple at eaves hall in lancashire eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-081 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-082

As a surprise, a firework display was arranged for the guests. Snow or not – we weren’t going to miss this…

fireworks at a wedding in lancashire eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-084

From the beautiful fireworks in the mini blizzard, it was on to the (warmer) and welcomed first dance, expertly spun in by Adam from Dancefloor Couture

eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-085 eaves-hall-winter-wedding-photographer-086

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Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography // Donna & Leigh

Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography // Donna & Leigh

Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography

Donna & Leigh’s winter wedding photos from Peckforton Castle

Donna & Leigh were married in the New Year at Peckforton Castle – ironically my last wedding of 2015 was also at this brilliant Cheshire wedding venue! Being January, the weather was as to be expected; glorious….until the afternoon. Luckily we were ‘under one roof’ for this wedding, so getting outside wasn’t actually high on Donna & Leigh’s list of priorities. Their brief to me was to capture the day, and just ‘do my thing’…ok then! Here’s a few photos from my latest Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography.


I arrived at Peckforton to clearing blue skies and promise of fine weather. Fingers crossed. The ground was very wet from a lot of recent rainfall, so even at this early hour, the exterior bride and groom portraits booked in for the afternoon may be compromised slightly. Hmmm…

I caught up with Donna and her two best friends, and bridesmaids all giggly and excited. In a side room, Donna’s mum was quietly making the bouquets and buttonholes (she’s a florist), so I said hello and got to work photographing Donna’s dress and accessories…plus a few secret shots of mum and baby son Solly…

peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-02 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-03 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-04 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-05 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-06 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-07 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-08 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-09 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-10 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-11 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-12 mum hugging her daughter cheshire wedding venue in winter peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-15 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-16 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-17 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-18 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-19 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-20 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-21 grom at peckforton castle in cheshire

I caught up with Leigh and the groomsmen in the bar. They seemed a lively bunch, though Leigh was quietly taking it all in. Slightly nervous, as can be expected, Leigh was mostly concerned about his speech being ‘just right’, so after a while disappeared to practice a couple of run-throughs…

peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-23 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-24 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-25 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-26 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-27 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-28 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-29 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-30

As the guests were arriving, and the registrars’ interviews finished with, it was almost time. Donna and her dad waited quietly to be called through, giving me a couple of minutes for some live portraits (with no direction) before scooting back into the Great Hall for the ceremony…

peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-31 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-32 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-33 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-34 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-35 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-36 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-37 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-38 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-39 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-40 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-41

Little Solly decided just after the exchanging of rings he’d had enough. Grandad couldn’t make him smile, so was handed over to mum and dad…and to get a better view of the proceedings…

peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-42 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-43 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-44 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-45 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-46 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-47 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-48

I took a couple of the groomsmen with me for the bride and groom portraits, to deliberately put the couple off and heckle the session as much as possible whilst I quietly photographed them. Ten minutes later we were done…and the couple never really noticed… 🙂 Thanks lads…

peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-49 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-50 donna at peckforton bride in peckforton castle stairway couple kissing on stairs in cheshire castle peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-56 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-57 bride smiling in the great hall peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-59 winter wedding at peckforton castle peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-61 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-62

With the portraits finished, and around an hour to mingle with guests, we went in for the wedding breakfast and speeches…

peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-63 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-64 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-66 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-67 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-68 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-69 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-70 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-71 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-72 groom kissing bride peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-74 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-75 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-76 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-77 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-78 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-79 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-80 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-81

As night fell, we were into the cutting of the cake and first dance – a brilliantly choreographed routine. As the guests joined in, I was swamped on the dancefloor, papped by a female guest with her new camera, and almost bowled over by a lady who slipped in her high heels….all stande=ard stuff for a wedding photographer then…

peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-82 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-83 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-84 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-85 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-86 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-87 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-88 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-89 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-90 peckforton-castle-wedding-photography-91

Congratulations to Donna and Leigh, and thank you for having me on board. It was a wonderful winter wedding this one!

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Adlington Hall Wedding Photography // Amy & Jim

Adlington Hall Wedding Photography // Amy & Jim

Adlington Hall Wedding Photographer

The wedding photos from Amy & Jim’s winter wedding at Adlington Hall

Here is an example of my Adlington Hall Wedding Photography.

Amy & Jim were married at Adlington Hall a week or so before Christmas. Theirs was to be my last wedding of 2013, and one which I’d been looking forward too for a while. I really like Adlington Hall – it’s dark, and atmospheric…especially in December. You need an early night beforehand to photograph their in winter light, trust me!

Amy is from Sydney, Australia, and when her and Manchester-based Jim planned on getting married, Amy’s uncle advised her to ‘get in touch with Mick Cookson for the wedding photography’. Wow! 12,000 miles away, and a recommendation like that still makes me smile quietly to myself in mild disbelief. But, here we were. After a Skype meeting via a coffee house in Didsbury, a breakfast meeting (thanks Jim!) and an E-Shoot to break the ice, all three of us know each other like old University buddies now 😉 This is important, because the couple are really quite camera-shy, and though not wanting to be the centre of attention (a little difficult on your wedding day I suppose), but the E-Shoot was the most important aspect to the process…on the wedding day, the ‘Fat Ninja’ and his Nikons were no trouble…


What was slightly troublesome was the beautiful Wizard’s Thatch cottage in Alderley Edge. A very unique and charming retreat, full of character, but sadly not so full of natural daylight. Even Laura was  working overtime on makeup duties, using the only interior lighting available. All good character building stuff! Unusually I resorted to using off-camera flash, fired by remote radio triggers, balancing them with the available light in the rooms. It worked very well, and very natural.

adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_02adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_03adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_04adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_05adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_06adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_07adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_08Amy’s parents joined the preparations, together with bridesmaid Beth. Just in from Sydney themselves, the wedding was to form the first part of a European and Scandinavian trip of a lifetime, involving photographing the Northern Lights….no…no, I’m not jealous. Not me. Never 😉

adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_09adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_10adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_11adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_12adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_13Keeping to my personal schedule, I caught up with Jim and Best Man Darren at The Hunting Lodge, greeting guests as they arrived. Jim was in good spirits, slightly nervous, perhaps, but on good form.

adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_14adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_15adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_16adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_17adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_18adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_19adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_20adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_21adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_22As Amy arrived at the Hall, flanked by bridesmaid Beth, the plan was for a three-way entrance. First to enter the Hall was Darren and Bet, followed by Jim and his Mum, then Amy and Dad Ian. This was deliberate, so that they all had equal ‘spotlight’ and helped Amy’s nerves too. A good call lass!

adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_23adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_24adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_25adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_26adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_27adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_28adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_29adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_30adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_31adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_32adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_33Straight after the ceremony, we ventured outside for twenty minutes of formals, braving the biting cold wind and plummeting temperature. Living in Australia, then coming to the UK for a Christmas wedding is a heck of a shock, but Amy’s cloak did a perfect job of keeping her warm…and other family members too as the group shots were being done…I could have used one myself, but smiled through it all, like it were Spring… 😉


So thanks , and congratulations to Amy & Jim for a unique Christmas wedding at Adlington Hall.

If you’d like to see more of my Adlington Hall Wedding Portfolio, why not get in touch?


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