Crewe Hall Wedding Photography // Eka-Lisa & Tom

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography // Eka-Lisa & Tom

Here is an example of my Crewe Hall Wedding Photography. Eka-Lisa and Tom were married recently at St Bartoline’s Church in Bartholmley, with their wedding reception at Crewe Hall. A blisteringly hot day (for a change) in April makes for a great wedding, like Summer has come early. And it had…wow, it was warm…still, beats the usual Manchester / Cheshire rain eh? Personally I quite like shooting in the harsh sunshine- I’m a bit odd like that. Many photographers scowl and shake their heads having to work with such high contrast, deep heavy shadows and potentially overexposed wedding dress detail. Not me…bring it on….just a little less of the sunburn, though eh? 😉


I caught up with Eka-Lisa and the girls nice and early, to capture the organised chaos that is the preparations. And things were in full swing; R&B on the radio, hairdryers full tilt, lots of laughter and champagne – great way to start any wedding day! Tom surprised Eka-Lisa with a beautiful necklace to wear that day, and she was really thrilled with it too!


From the heat of the ‘prep room’, to the heat of the mid-day sun and onwards to St Bartoline’s church in nearby Bartholmley. Tom and the guests were nicely set up in the White Lion pub next door, meeting and greeting the guests as they arrived – plus accepting the odd free drink of course…be rude not to I suppose! The church looked stunning, buried amongst a near sea of daffodils – classic and timeless. On videography duties that day were Ben & Paul equally frowning through the viewfinders against the nouveau summer glare.

crewe_hall_wedding_photography_10crewe_hall_wedding_photography_11crewe_hall_wedding_photography_12crewe_hall_wedding_photography_13crewe_hall_wedding_photography_14crewe_hall_wedding_photography_15St Bartolines churchcrewe_hall_wedding_photography_17crewe_hall_wedding_photography_18

On bang on time trundled the classic Rolls Royce, with it’s Klaxon horn telling us, and the villagers, that Eka-Lisa was here, and on time. Ben and myself were ready and waiting, and working around each other with a sixth sense, captured the day quietly and meticulously….as it should be.


From the beautiful St Bartoline’s, it was off to Crewe Hall for the wedding reception. First stop was to shoot a few formal images, yep, in the blazing sun, plus a few ‘into the sun out the back’ images for the album. As I say, white dress, white car, full-on sunlight doesn’t scare me….the Nikons ‘ummed and ahhed’ a little at my requests though, but produced perfectly.

crewe hall photocrewe hall weddingmarried at crewe halljust married at crewe hallcrewe_hall_wedding_photography_33crewe_hall_wedding_photography_34crewe_hall_wedding_photography_35sunshine at crewe hallcrewe_hall_wedding_photography_37From a drinks reception, it was on to the wedding breakfast and speeches, and hey – we even had a little time later into the early evening for a few more formals – Eka-Lisa & Tom had developed a taste for the camera to my surprise, but – what the heck, we rolled with it…and it worked perfectly! From the cake cutting, it was a quick trip outside for a firework display, then back in for the First Dance.

crewe_hall_wedding_photography_38crewe_hall_wedding_photography_39crewe_hall_wedding_photography_40crewe_hall_wedding_photography_41crewe_hall_wedding_photography_42crewe_hall_wedding_photography_43crewe_hall_wedding_photography_44crewe_hall_wedding_photography_45crewe_hall_wedding_photography_46wedding cake at crewe hallcrewe_hall_wedding_photography_48crewe_hall_wedding_photography_49crewe_hall_wedding_photography_50crewe_hall_wedding_photography_51crewe_hall_wedding_photography_52crewe_hall_wedding_photography_53crewe_hall_wedding_photography_54crewe hall weddingsbride walking at crewe hallcrewe_hall_wedding_photography_57crewe_hall_wedding_photography_58crewe_hall_wedding_photography_59crewe_hall_wedding_photography_60crewe_hall_wedding_photography_61firework display at crewe hall

All-in all, Eka-Lisa & Tom’s wedding was a brilliant day, both in terms of content, timetable and the weather. My Factor 15 did its job, but not quite as well as I’d hoped. Still, it beats my usual ‘Morecambe Blue’ skin tone I suppose….

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Midland Manchester Wedding – The Midland in Manchester is a beautiful, classic venue for your wedding. With a range of suites available, plus easy access for some funky urban wedding photography, the Midland should be on your list for City Centre weddings…

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Here is an example of my Chancellors Hotel wedding photography. Jo & Howard were married recently at The Chancellor’s Hotel in Manchester. This hidden gem is a lovely wedding venue, and by mixing the traditional with the modern makes Chancellor’s one of my favourite Manchester venues.

The day started as a bright, crisp autumn morning, with beautiful sunshine to follow for the rest of the day  – which made a change!

The relaxed, intimate atmosphere of Jo & Howard’s wedding was great to work in; and for a change meant I could concentrate on using only 24-70mm and 85mm lenses for the majority of the shoot.

Jo looked stunning as she was given away by two (of three) very protective brothers, while Howard looked every bit the part with family tartan.

Thanks guys for such a relaxed day, and for allowing me to just get on with things….here are some of my favourites from the day.


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