The Samling Wedding Photography

Ceri & Ollie’s wedding photos from this stunning Lake District wedding venue

the samling wedding venue

Ceri & Ollie were married at The Samling recently. This is my third wedding there and I simply love the place. As a Lake District Wedding Photographer, I get to photograph weddings all over the Lake District and Cumbria – from Farm & Marquee weddings, to the more ‘traditional’ Country House events. These images are a few from Ceri & Ollie’s big day at this exclusive Windermere-based venue. With twenty or so guests, please have a look at some of my favourite ‘The Samling Wedding Photography’  images from the day …

the-samling-wedding-photographer02 the-samling-wedding-photographer03

The day started in a typical Lake District way – dull, wet and threatening various strengths of rain. But, undeterred I se out with the Nikons to capture Ceri & Ollie’s wedding in a relaxed, documentary style – telling the story of the day almost from an extra guest’s perspective. I quite like that….‘Images from Guest 23’ ;-)

wedding dress at the samling the-samling-wedding-photographer05 the-samling-wedding-photographer06 jimmy choo wedding shoes at the samling wedding bouquets at the samling

When I met Ceri and the girls in ‘The Bothy’- a private cottage to the side of the main house, preparations were in full flight. As was Ceri’s emotions. It’s rare to say hello to a client then watch her burst into tears; I almost took it personally, but I was assured that it was all ‘par for the course’ with this bride-to-be. A quick glass of bubbly steadied the nerves though! ;-) Ceri was also in good hands…literally….with Lucy on hair & makeup duties

the-samling-wedding-photographer09 the-samling-wedding-photographer10

But just as the tears subsided, some friends arrived and the laughter began…

the-samling-wedding-photographer11 the-samling-wedding-photographer12 the bothy at the samlingthe-samling-wedding-photographer14 the-samling-wedding-photographer15 the-samling-wedding-photographer16 the-samling-wedding-photographer17 samling wedding photography the-samling-wedding-photographer19 the-samling-wedding-photographer20 the-samling-wedding-photographer21 the-samling-wedding-photographer22 guests chatting at the samling the-samling-wedding-photographer24 the-samling-wedding-photographer25 the-samling-wedding-photographer26 the-samling-wedding-photographer27 wedding guest laughing cumbria

As the guests arrived, AnnaKate Pearson was already in place in the lounge of the main house, playing the most beautiful music. Listening to ‘proper’ musicians, with ‘proper’ talent at a wedding always stops me in my tracks for a few moments. AnnaKate is no exception….truly talented…

annakate pearson harpist the-samling-wedding-photographer30 the-samling-wedding-photographer31 the-samling-wedding-photographer32 the-samling-wedding-photographer33 the-samling-wedding-photographer34 the-samling-wedding-photographer35 the-samling-wedding-photographer36 the-samling-wedding-photographer37 the-samling-wedding-photographer38 wedding ceremony at the samling the-samling-wedding-photographer40 the-samling-wedding-photographer41 the-samling-wedding-photographer42 the-samling-wedding-photographer43 bride and groom at the samling the-samling-wedding-photographer45 the-samling-wedding-photographer46 wedding confetti canapes at the samling

The Samling is famous for it’s Michelin-Star cuisine, and Ian, the Head Chef is a really great bloke, producing the most incredible menus. Even the canapes were just divine. Yep, I grabbed one or two as the waiting staff passed by. Well – it’d be rude not to!

the-samling-wedding-photographer49 the-samling-wedding-photographer50 the-samling-wedding-photographer51 the-samling-wedding-photographer52 the-samling-wedding-photographer54 the-samling-wedding-photographer55 the-samling-wedding-photographer56 the-samling-wedding-photographer58 the-samling-wedding-photographer59 the-samling-wedding-photographer60

After the confetti, we were off into the grounds for a few light hearted Bride & Groom portraits….lots of fun, silly faces and one-liners….and all very natural and relaxed!

the-samling-wedding-photographer61 the-samling-wedding-photographer62 the-samling-wedding-photographer63 the-samling-wedding-photographer64 the-samling-wedding-photographer65 wedding breakfast at the samling the-samling-wedding-photographer67 the-samling-wedding-photographer68 the-samling-wedding-photographer69 windermere weddings the-samling-wedding-photographer71 the-samling-wedding-photographer72

Back at the house, the main seven-course taster menu was about to begin. Three and a half hours, intercut with speeches – and I got to meet Chef and his team this time!

lake district weddings the-samling-wedding-photographer74 the-samling-wedding-photographer75 lake district weddings the samling wedding menu the-samling-wedding-photographer78 the-samling-wedding-photographer79 the-samling-wedding-photographer80 the-samling-wedding-photographer81 the-samling-wedding-photographer82 the-samling-wedding-photographer83 the-samling-wedding-photographer84 the-samling-wedding-photographer85 the-samling-wedding-photographer86 the-samling-wedding-photographer87 the-samling-wedding-photographer88 the-samling-wedding-photographer89

The final course of the evening, the dessert was incredible. Served by hand with dry ice poured from small milk jugs. Simply stunning…

the-samling-wedding-photographer90 the-samling-wedding-photographer91

By now the evening was in full swing with a jukebox acting as a DJ, plus Ollie was getting ready for spinning some discs himself later into the night…

the-samling-wedding-photographer92 the-samling-wedding-photographer93 the samling weddings venue

And that was my day. Full on, but incredibly relaxed at the same time. The Samling is just an incredible wedding experience.

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