Pooja & David were married recently at Tatton Park, and booked me to be their Tatton Hall Wedding Photographer. Pooja is a Manchester lass, staunch City fan and commissioned me to photograph her wedding to her second love, David. I say second, since Sergio Aguero is already taken…. ;-) I met up with Pooja and her family a few months ago, to demonstrate my wedding albums, and we hit it off straight away. In fact the meeting was very focused and to the point…there was a game on and she left smiling, clutching her season ticket. Oh, and booked me for her big day.

Fast forward to June 2014 and there we were- all gathered at Tatton Park for the Hindu ceremony. Pooja & David had already had their civil ceremony in London, but today was going to be the big one. And it didn’t disappoint! On camera duties with me was my old friend and top photographer Jason. Hindu weddings need at least two photographers, since there is so much going on at any one time. A Hindu ceremony is an amazing event – full-on fun, celebration and not a grumpy vicar in sight… ;-)


After the ceremony, it was outside for a few group shots. Aiming to beat an ever-threatening cloud burst, we were organised, and the groups were captured for posterity in record time, thanks to a couple of very organised ushers. Thanks guys…you know who you are.

We then spent around twenty minutes shooting some Bride & Groom portraits around the gardens – nothing forced or cheesy- I just let Pooja & David do what they wanted, and captured everything live, and unhindered.


Then it was quickly back inside for a final fun ceremony. Coins were thrown into a bowl of dye, and Pooja & David had to retrieve as many as they could against the clock…and against spilling any of the red onto their beautiful clothes! It was so chaotic, nobody seemed to know who’d won in the end… ;-)


The couple and guests retired for a few hours to change for the evening celebrations. Pooja & David had new togs too…


With time for a few quick formals in the grounds, dressed for the evening, it was off into the Tennant’s Hall once more for the evening celebrations. Live and recorded Bhangra pumping out os speakers taller than me meant the evening party was going to be seriously good fun. And the DJs did not disappoint! The party started with our couple cutting the best wedding cake I’ve ever seen- a replica elephant, with bride and groom astride….stunning!


After dinner and speeches came the time. Bang! Or should I say, Bhangra! In our couple came, dancing along with bridesmaids and groomsmen for a full on and fantastic first dance. With moves better than Jagger, David impressed the hell out of the whole room. Even Pooja looked surprised – and they’d rehearsed it together! Well done guys…incredible stuff…


Leaving the party in full swing, with our bride and groom being carried around the dance floor on chairs, we quietly left them dancing until the small hours, at one of Cheshire’s finest wedding venues.

If you’d like to see more of my Tatton Hall, or Cheshire wedding photography – why not get in touch?

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