Swan Hotel Wedding Photographer

Victoria & Dave’s wedding photos from The Swan Hotel in Newby Bridge


Victoria & Dave were married at The Swan Hotel recently, and have allowed me to demonstrate my being a Swan Hotel Wedding Photographer. I photograph quite a few Lake District weddings every year, but this was my first visit to The Swan Hotel, and I just love the venue. It’s simply stunning, beautifully run with a relaxed atmosphere (for such a sizeable venue).

Victoria & Dave’s wedding was a small, intimate family affair with twenty two guests…the crazy party for 200 was going to be the night after back in Lancashire!

Here are some of my favourites from their day…

swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-01 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-03 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-04 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-05 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-06 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-07 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-08 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-09 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-10 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-11 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-12 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-13 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-14 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-15 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-16 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-17 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-18 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-19 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-20 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-21 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-22 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-23 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-24 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-25 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-26 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-27 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-28 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-29 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-30 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-31 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-32 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-33 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-34 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-35 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-36 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-37 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-38 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-39 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-40

I was allowed full access to virtually everything, including the interviews with the couple – thank you ladies (registrars) for this!

swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-41 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-42 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-43 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-44 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-45 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-46 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-47

This image above is one of my all-time favourite wedding images, and one I know I’ll never tire of looking at…neither will Victoria & Dave, they tell me… 😉

swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-48 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-50 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-51 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-52 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-53 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-54 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-55

Though a smaller, intimate wedding, the day produced a total rollercoaster of emotion, and with me being ‘Guest 23’, was hard to remain detached at times…but I think I managed to keep my distance and capture the day as the couple wanted it.

swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-56 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-57 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-58 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-59 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-60 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-61 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-62 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-63 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-64

The couple didn’t want many ‘formals’, so we spent ten minutes shooting a few relaxed, fun and natural images….then it was back inside for the weding breakfast and speeches. All low key and wonderfully atmospheric.

swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-65 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-66 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-67 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-68 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-69 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-70 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-71 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-72 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-73 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-74 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-75 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-76 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-77 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-78 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-79 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-80 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-81 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-82 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-83 swan-hotel-wedding-photographer-84

See Victoria & Anthony’s Autumn wedding at The Swan Hotel HERE

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