Battle Abbey School Wedding Photographer // Hayley & Dan

Battle Abbey School Wedding Photographer // Hayley & Dan


Back to Summer (remember Summer?) with Hayley & Dan, who were married down at Battle Abbey School near Rye. I’d met Hayley & Dan well over a year previous, and we’d had an E-Shoot in Lymm They had booked me for their unique wedding, which, originally was to be at another location. But plans do change – (often for the better), and what better choice than Battle Abbey School – a stone’s throw away from the original site of the Battle of Hastings. Yep, I was impressed with this as a wedding venue, and was really looking forward to the big day. I travelled down the day before and caught up with Hayley & Dan at the school, for a quick walk around and pre-wedding scheduling.  The meeting didn’t take long, since both had to scoot off to prepare various elements for the next day – well, mostly Hayley since Dan was still working and had a project to finish off that afternoon!

wedding_photographer-hastings01wedding_photographer-hastings02The wedding day promised a complete mixed bag, weather-wise. From the early sunlit start to the day, the showers appeared sporadically – and they weren’t light ones either. Nope – instant (almost) torrential rain for a few seconds threatened the proceedings. But, true to form, we just ignored the weather reports and got on with things. I caught up with Hayley and her family at a stunning, and unique Oast House, just outside Battle. A beautiful building, set back from the road down a farm track. The whole family were there, and had been staying for a few days. As I arrived to the smell of hot bacon butties, hairspray and fresh flowers, I hit the ground running. Today was going to be a busy one…


With time running on, I was still quietly running in top gear. Things were moving fast by now, and I still had my personal schedule to stick to. I did stick to it too! As Hayley was put into her dress, and the pace slowed, I captured the images I needed, before quietly heading off to the Red Lion pub (literally) opposite to St George’s church.


Dan and the guests, gathering there were all in top form, with a rather relaxed groom soaking up the little pockets of mickey taking in his stride, and calmly looking forward to meeting his gorgeous bride. As the time arrived for the ceremony, the weather changed dramatically…


…though my professional cameras are weather sealed, I still had to take shelter under an oak tree outside the church -it was torrential! But…gave me my image of the day; as the guests had arrived on the double decker bus and hurried into church under any umbrella, jacket or bag they could find – in comes Dan at full tilt, running for cover…


The rain ceased, just as suddenly as it had started – perfect timing for Hayley’s Rolls Royce. Good job too! Martin, the vicar came out to meet the wedding party and offer a few one-liner jokes of advice to a very calm-looking Hayley…though I know you were bursting with excitement to get into church though missus! 😉


As the ‘serious bit’ was underway – Revd Martin asked Dan if he knew of any reasons why he shouldn’t marry Hayley. Before he could answer, there as a terrific clap of thunder outside…then stunned silence from the congregation for a few seconds…then hilarious laughter. The timing was spot-on perfect!

wedding_photographer-hastings44wedding_photographer-hastings45wedding_photographer-hastings46wedding_photographer-hastings47wedding_photographer-hastings48wedding_photographer-hastings49wedding_photographer-hastings50wedding_photographer-hastings51wedding_photographer-hastings52wedding_photographer-hastings53wedding_photographer-hastings54wedding_photographer-hastings55wedding_photographer-hastings56wedding_photographer-hastings57From church, we drove a few miles into Battle (the town, not a fight!) to the school. Through large wooden doors, we drove to the most exquisite building, beautifully laid out in waiting for the guests. Wow – just to be a pupil at this school, let alone a wedding guest.

wedding_photographer-hastings58wedding_photographer-hastings59wedding_photographer-hastings60wedding_photographer-hastings61wedding_photographer-hastings62wedding_photographer-hastings63wedding_photographer-hastings64The bus dropped the guests off and we spent a few minutes shooting a few formal images in and around the bus, gates and grounds of the school…by now though the sun was out. Bright blue skies and suddenly it was a summer day again…


After a few formal family group shots, it was off for the wedding breakfast…


…the meal was delyed (deliberately) by a mad cap high speed game involving guests running around stealing items of clothing from other guests…belts, shirts, shoes etc, as well as a brilliant game of Mr & Mrs. I had to stay out of the way – these guys meant business and I shot the guests with a slow shutter to demonstrate the speed they were moving.


After dinner and speeches, we were straight into the evening celebrations, with cake cutting and first dance. It’s all-but worth the drive from Manchester just to stand and admire the huge painting of the Battle of Hastings on the far wall of the room. Truly awesome.



And, that was it for me. With the party in full swing I headed off to my hotel, before the long drive home. A brilliant, unique and thoroughly enjoyable day -thank you Hayley & Dan for choosing me to be your Battle Abbey School Wedding Photographer.

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