Styal Lodge Wedding Photography

Jo & Dan’s wedding photos from Styal Lodge in Cheshire


Jo and Dan were married at Styal Lodge recently, giving me another opportunity to demonstrate my Styal Lodge wedding photography. Another April wedding for me, meant April weather too….typical showers and overcast skies, but that’s never going to put us off! I caught up with Jo and her girls at the Hallmark Hotel in Wilmslow for the preparations images; everything was in full swing when I arrived, hairdryers on full tilt, lots of hairspray…everyone was in great spirits, quietly excited about the day ahead, though the atmosphere was building as flowers arrived, champagne was opened and dresses were unwrapped…

styal_lodge_wedding_photography_01styal_lodge_wedding_photography_02styal_lodge_wedding_photography_03styal_lodge_wedding_photography_04styal_lodge_wedding_photography_05styal_lodge_wedding_photography_06styal_lodge_wedding_photography_07styal_lodge_wedding_photography_08styal_lodge_wedding_photography_09styal_lodge_wedding_photography_10styal_lodge_wedding_photography_11styal_lodge_wedding_photography_12styal_lodge_wedding_photography_13styal_lodge_wedding_photography_14styal_lodge_wedding_photography_15I won’t dwell on this, suffice to say that in over 200 weddings, this has to be the most difficult image I’ve ever had to shoot. But I’m glad we did it…


So, on time, it was off to Styal Lodge to catch up with Dan, and the arrival of the guests for the wedding. Dan proudly showed me his new watch with a special engraving from Jo….gorgeous!


Jo and Mum arrived in Style (no pun intended!) via Graham and the gorgeous white cab from I Do Taxialways nice to see this gentleman and the white carriage on a wedding day…


A very proud mum walked Jo down the aisle, beautifully played in by The Carlton Ensemble


The weather still wasn’t looking it’s glorious best, so we cancelled the trip out to the jetty and the lake, and concentrated on doing, well nothing much.…clients just let me do my thing until the light improved.


Just before the wedding breakfast, we opted for a quick fifteen minute session in the grounds of Styal Lodge – nothing too fancy, overcomplicated or over directed, just a collection of a newly-wed couple enjoying each other’s company, oblivious to my being there. Their faces say everything to me – I’m a firm believer in letting clients be themselves without fussing over them with flashguns and lighting kits…unless they’ve previously requested it, which is rare for me. Good – let the natural emotion shine through 😉



This gang featured above have a tradition of producing a sepia-toned image of their gatherings – pub, restaurant, weddings, holiday, whatever. It stems from their University days, so who am I to break tradition? Say CHEEEESE!!


The wedding breakfast was unique. Afternoon Tea, served on three-tier cake and sandwich stands. Absolutely fantastic! And…when I was photographing the table plan, I noticed my name as a guest too!! So, I dutifully joined the guests for Afternoon Tea- with my own pot of Darjeeling too. Bliss! Sometimes you don’t need a full three-course meal; this worked so well…


The evening entertainment came in the form of award-wining DJ Andy Murphy – a must-have for your big day. Andy knows how to rock the place… 😉


If you’d like to see more of my Styal Lodge wedding portfolio, you can contact me below for more information…

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