Vicki & Colin were married recently in Slaidburn, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. I’ve always loved Slaidburn, ever since I was a boy – it was a favourite for school trips. And, hailing from Lancaster, Slaidburn always feels like ‘home’ to me…I’d love to make it home one day. It’s a fantastic Lancashire farming village. When the enquiry came in for Vicki & Colin’s wedding, I simply jumped at the chance of photographing them! So, here’s an example of my Slaidburn Lancashire Wedding Photography, and some of my favourite images from the day.

slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-001 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-002 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-003 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-004 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-005 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-006 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-007 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-008

Vicki & Colin’s day started early over in Blackburn – at Vicki’s parents’ house. I duly arrived slightly early (as I try to do) to find the girls’ preparations in full swing. Vicki’s mum kindly offered me a coffee, feeling slightly sorry for me having to ‘deal’ with all these women. Thanks – much appreciated!

slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-009 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-010 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-011 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-012 wedding bouquet lancashire slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-014 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-015 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-016 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-017 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-018 bride getting ready bride in mono slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-021

On time, in fact slightly early I left the house to travel over to Slaidburn to catch up with the groomsmen in The Hark To Bounty Inn. But, firstly I dropped into the Village Hall, where Vicki and ‘The Team’ had dressed and set the main hall, ready for the wedding breakfast. And beautiful it looked too…classic, understated and very ‘village’.

village wedding sign slaidburn village hall slaidburn village hall wedding slaidburn village hall wedding slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-026 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-027 slaidburn village hall wedding hark to bounty inn slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-030 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-031 groom holding beer slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-033 groom laughing in pub slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-035

After a couple of ‘liveners’, we walked up the main street to St Andrew’s Church. THIS wedding was special, different to most; Vicki & Colin were to walk from the church back to the Village Hall after the ceremony, so we could shoot the Bride & Groom portraits totally live with little time constraints. Fantastic!

groomsmen walking to church slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-037 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-038 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-039 st andrews church slaidburn vintage vw wedding car jaguar 250 wedding car

Vicki arrived in style – a 1968 Jaguar 250, which was pure class. British Racing Green too….mmmm. Anyway, back to Vicki – looking stunning, surrounded by six bridesmaids and eager to get into church to see Colin. But there was a slight problem – Grandma had been held up travelling over from Blackburn, so the ceremony was put back by around 30 minutes. We all knew about it, and Vicki was adamant she wasn’t getting married without Gran being there. And I don’t blame her! But we had to make a start, and so a smiling and mildly tearful (happy tears!) bride made her way into church, with proud dad holding on to her arm. Gran appeared during the first hymn…phew!

slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-043 bride getting out of car slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-045 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-046 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-047 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-048 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-049 slaidburn wedding slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-051 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-052 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-053 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-054 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-055 smiling bridesmaids signing the register slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-058 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-059 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-060 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-061 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-062 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-063 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-064 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-065 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-066 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-067 slaidburn street slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-069 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-070 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-071 married couple in slaidburn slaidburn couple

With our ‘walk’ taking around 30 minutes, we arrived at the Village Hall. The car park had been converted with hay bales and a gazebo. Though the weather wasn’t very sunny, it was pleasant and helped create a brilliant atmosphere.

slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-074 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-075 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-076 hay bales at a wedding slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-078 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-079 slaidburn wedding slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-081 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-082

We were then called in for the wedding breakfast. A classic home-made style three course meal, complete with home made cakes….the wedding breakfast had everything. Organic and with a ‘home-made feel’ , everything just worked.

slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-083 naked wedding cake slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-085 father of the bride slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-087 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-088 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-089 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-090 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-091 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-092 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-093 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-094 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-095 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-096 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-097 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-098 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-099 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-100 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-101 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-102 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-103 slaidburn-lancashire-wedding-photographer-104

And that was me done! A full-on, brilliant village wedding with a great group of family and friends. Thank you for inviting me to capture your wedding day!

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