Shrigley Hall Wedding Photographer

Katie & Daniel’s photos from this popular Cheshire wedding venue

Shrigley Hall in Cheshire

Katie & Daniel were married in the summer at Shrigley Hall, in Cheshire. We’d all met almost a year previously at Dukes ’92 over a couple of large coffees, to discuss options for me being their Shrigley Hall Wedding Photographer. They liked my natural documentary style – relaxed and unobtrusive, and wanted this approach for their big day…plus a handful of family group photos to keep the mums happy!

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Exclusive Cheshire Wedding

While the girls were getting ready in the main suite above the front of the entrance, the lads were getting ready a few corridors away. My scheduled allowed me to capture both sets of preparations seamlessly, keeping the story ‘unfolding’ in photographic terms. Daniel was his usual quiet self – not nervous at all in fact, but really looking forward to meeting his bride….after a quick ‘diet coke’ in the bar with friends and family of course… ;-)

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Shrigley Hall Wedding Photographer

As the guests were greeted and gathered in the ceremony room, Katie and her dad made their way down stairs to meet the registrars and do the interview. The string trio fired up and the atmosphere rose to a quiet murmour as Katie awas about to walk in, with her proud dad. I noticed a little twinge of nerves as a now-pensive daniel waited patiently for the bridesmaids to take their places and Katie to appear next to him. As their Shrigley Hall Wedding Photographer, I took up my position, having had a chat with the registrars – “Do whatever you need to do Mick, it’s no problem!” Thanks guys…

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Cheshire wedding reception

After the ceremony, we all gathered in the lounge area for drinks and canapes. After ‘kissing a thousand cheeks’, we were outside for a few family group photos. Once these were in the can, Katie, Daniel and myself spent fifteen minutes or so taking some both very natural, and slightly formal images, both outside Shrigley Hall and inside on the staircase.

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Shrigley Hall Wedding Reception

As the afternoon turned to evening, the wedding breakfast was completed and the speeches were in full swing. Being a Shrigley Hall Wedding Photographer on this day, I quietly captured the speeches, and some of the lovely reactions of friends and family. The room looked stunning; beautifully lit (but still dark! lol) and oozing atmosphere. Adam Carr DJ was on ‘spinning duties’ later in the evening. It was my first time working with him, and a lovely chap he is too! And…the guy can fill a dance floor…and keep it full. Highly recommended!

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