Well – it’s official! The latest copy of Professional Photographer magazine has just come dropped on my doormat, announcing entries for their Professional Photographer Of The Year 2013 competition – and I’m one of the four judges.

I’m deeply humbled and honoured to be part of such an esteemed publication – my constant source of reading all things professional in the photographic world ever since I was at College – and now I’m part of the editorial judging team for the competition. Wow!

It really means a lot to me this one, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the quality of entries for the various categories over the next few months. If you are a photographer – go for it! This competition carries so much kudos, and the depth and breadth of the entries – in all categories – is just amazing!

I’m obviously interested in the entries for the Weddings category – just to witness the quality of work from fellow wedding photographers from all over the world, and see their stunning work ‘on the table’…

Good luck to those of you entering this year’s PPOTY…and sorry, no bribes accepted! 😉


Looking at the work from this Year’s overall winner (I won’t name him here – just in case!!), you’ll see why the competition is so respected. The winning image for 2012 is just incredible, and one of those shots every wedding photographer would want in their folio. Check it out in this month’s issue and see for yourself.

So, get those entries uploaded to the PPOTY website – and it’s onwards and upwards for me, and looking forward to the finals!


In the new issue of Photography Monthly magazine, I take reader, Kevin Latham out for a 1-2-1 photography day at Blackpool. Kevin is really keen to get his work featured in the magazine, and has tried on several occasions – sadly, though, his images kept falling just short of the mark for the editorial team. So….like the Hotel Inspector, I got the phone call to take Kevin under my wing for the day, and go out shooting some new material for the magazine. I chose Blackpool because it was an unfamiliar (in terms of shooting) location for Kevin…so he was ‘out of his safety zone’. Kevin’s camera is a Fuji bridge style camera – not a compact, nor a full DSLR, so I took along a very old and tired (near-on knackered!) Olympus bridge camera, plus my trusty Nikon P7000 compact for good measure. No expensive kit on this shoot. It was all about seeing, and following a few photographic ‘rules’ – all to help Kevin improve his photography.

We were literally going back to basics, and spent time examining composition, rule of thirds, together with lead-in lines and general photographic content and elements required for good images. It was good fun all in all, on ‘Mick’s Bootcamp’, and Kevin really enjoyed it, and what he learned in the day. He was interviewed by the Editor afterwards, and resubmitted some images. No need really – the ones Kevin shot on the day, plus a second day at Southport (on his own) were good enough for publication. Success…another happy customer! The eagle-eyed amongst you might spot my ‘Lowry-esque’ mono image from THIS recent post…

I am now offering 1-2-1 tutorials on a full or half-day basis. If you’d like to learn more about your new camera, what it can do….or, more importantly….what you can do with it, please get in touch. The 1-2-1 sessions are both conversational and practical based, with no heavy jargon or technicalities to learn…just go at your own pace, and get from the day all you need to make your digital photography experience more rewarding.

There will be a new menu item for these 1-2-1 sessions on the website coming up in the next few few weeks…so watch this space!

Manchester Wedding Photographer // Magazine Shoot



At last we can reveal the new Lucia Rose Wedding Magazine shoot!

Produced by a fabulously talented team (and myself), the location shoot was shot on a dark, wet, blustery Autumn day. With a stunning floral archway, and dresses / accessories galore, my brief was to do something ‘dramatic and eye-catching’ for the cover. Erm….no pressure then. And here it is…Ta-Da!

For the photographers out there, it was shot with a Nikon D3s and 20mm lens, using two Elinchrom flash heads – one with an umbrella, the other a bare bulb to create stronger shadows.

Special thanks go to….

Mat at Red Floral Architecture

Ann McKavney at Eleventh Heaven

Phoebe and Amy at Flossy and Leigh

Carol and Gemma at Fairytale Brides  

Special thanks to our wonderful models Rowan and Charlotte for braving the elements and putting up with me…

Here’s some behind the scenes images, plus excerpts from the main shoot. We shot so much brilliant material, it was a difficult choice which image made the front cover. Personally, I’m pleased with the choice. I shot it after all… 😉


…and here’s the final magazine article. Why not grab a copy for yourself?


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