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The Wedding of Laura & Jonathan at Styal Lodge

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Here is another example of my being a Styal Lodge Wedding Photographer Cheshire. Laura & Jonathan were married recently at this wonderful Cheshire venue, but had booked me well over a year ago previously – Laura likes to be organised! 😉

The day promised reasonable weather for a change – this was to be my fourth wedding ever at the Lodge, and only the second time I got to see the lake…such is our British Summer…or is that just us in the North West? Unfazed, we were hoping for the overcast morning to brighten up somewhat before the ceremony.

laura's wedding dress hanging in styal lodge styal-lodge-wedding-photographer006 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer008 wedding shoes for styal lodge bride wedding bouquet at styal lodge styal-lodge-wedding-photographer012

When I arrived at Styal Lodge, I had a double, no triple take. Laura and here two sisters are almost identical, and really threw me for a few seconds, until my client laughing raised her hand and put me out of my panic!

makeup artist at styal lodge styal-lodge-wedding-photographer014 bridal preparattions at styal lodge suite

There was a lovely sense of fun in the bridal room. Mum opened the champagne, whilst the sisters giggled nervously about what the day was going to bring. Laura, quietly took everything in her stride. I think she was a little bit nervous, but managed to hide it well!

wedding champagne being poured bridesmaid smiling and taking a photo styal-lodge-wedding-photographer018 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer019 bridesmaids having fun at styal lodge styal-lodge-wedding-photographer021 ferrari car for groom at styal lodge

I’d love to apologise for leaving my car parked in the image above…but, alas, it wasn’t! I need a Volvo estate to prove I’m a photographer (obviously)…plus –  the obligatory baby seat, Peppa Pig colouring books and odd pairs of wellies in the boot are purely optional extras. Anyway, I wouldn’t be able to fit my tripods into a Ferrari…so my wife tells me 😉

best man putting on the buttonholes groom about to be married at styal lodge groomsmen formal photo

Jonathan and his two best men were in great spirits- the groom (slightly) nervously anticipating the organised chaos to ensue, but for now, enjoying the relative calm – which changed to mild fear when the registrars didn’t show! With around ten minutes before the ceremony, a car duly arrived and the unflappable duo emerged to calm Jonathan’s nerves. Phew!

groom's buttonhole pocket watch wedding gift styal-lodge-wedding-photographer028 wedding rings cushion styal-lodge-wedding-photographer030 groomsman button hole styal-lodge-wedding-photographer035 excited bride at styal lodge styal-lodge-wedding-photographer039 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer043 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer044 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer045 bride and bridesmaids in cheshire styal-lodge-wedding-photographer047 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer049 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer050 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer051 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer052 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer054 arrival of the bride in cheshire styal-lodge-wedding-photographer057 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer058 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer059 wedding vows at styal lodge styal-lodge-wedding-photographer062 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer063 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer064 first kiss as man and wife styal-lodge-wedding-photographer066 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer068 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer071 women guests sharing the fun at a wedding styal-lodge-wedding-photographer077 string quartet cheshire wedding reception at styal lodge styal-lodge-wedding-photographer082 peter turner magic wand styal-lodge-wedding-photographer084 bridesmaid smiling and laughing styal-lodge-wedding-photographer087 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer089 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer090 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer091

Pete Turner was s the day’s surprise – wowing everyone with his close up magic and sleight of hand. With his consent, I got to photograph him from point-blank, but even the camera never picked up on his methods – brilliant entertainment, and very funny with it too…highly recommended!

bride and groom portraits at styal lodge bride and groom portraits at styal lodge styal-lodge-wedding-photographer095 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer097 bouquet and wedding dress detail styal-lodge-wedding-photographer100 the lake at styal lodge styal-lodge-wedding-photographer103 family group photo at styal lodge cheshire styal-lodge-wedding-photographer106 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer107 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer108 styal lodge set up for a wedding wedding reception at styal lodge styal-lodge-wedding-photographer111 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer114 wedding vintage tea cups relaxed wedding guests styal-lodge-wedding-photographer121 father of the bride speech father of the bride speech styal-lodge-wedding-photographer125 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer126 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer127 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer129 emotional bride during speeches styal-lodge-wedding-photographer135 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer137 groom ridiculed by best man styal-lodge-wedding-photographer139

With the heartfelt and very funny speeches over, it was time for a few quick shots outside, where it was a little cooler.

bride and groom portrait at styal lodge cheshire styal-lodge-wedding-photographer141 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer143

The room design, decor and menu was expertly created by Sarah & Neil at  Pink Pepper . These guys really know how to run a wedding, and I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. These guys are just brilliant, and really know how to run a wedding. As the evening drew in, it was time for the cake cutting and first dance, with fabulous entertainment from the very popular band, The Rush Band.

styal-lodge-wedding-photographer144 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer145 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer148 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer149 styal-lodge-wedding-photographer151

It had been a full-on day for me – very busy, but now time to head off home and let the Nikons cool down…