Styal Lodge Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Jo & Dan’s brilliant wedding at Styal Lodge

styal lodge ultimate wedding venue cheshire

Jo and Dan were married at Styal Lodge recently, giving me another opportunity to demonstrate my being a Styal Lodge Cheshire wedding photographer. Another April wedding for me, meant April weather too….typical showers and overcast skies, but that’s never going to put us off! I caught up with Jo and her girls at the Hallmark Hotel in Wilmslow for the preparation images; everything was in full swing when I arrived, hairdryers, ipods all on full tilt, lots of hairspray…everyone was in great spirits, quietly excited about the day ahead.


styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer002 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer003 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer004 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer005 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer006 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer007 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer008 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer009 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer010 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer011 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer012

One of the images requested by Jo was one of her and her recently departed dad – just a simple image of her holding a photograph of one of the family’s favourite seaside resorts. Mine too, funnily enough. Being a new dad at the time, I thought it was going to be a tough five minutes, but nothing, nothing prepared me for how difficult taking this shot was going to be. Even now I glaze over and get a lump in my throat but I’m so proud that I got to share this private moment with Jo. The makeup artist wasn’t though, having to redo some of her work…..sorry!

styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer013 styal lodge building styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer015

So, on time, it was off to Styal Lodge to catch up with Dan, and the arrival of the guests for the wedding. Dan proudly showed me his new watch with a special engraving from Jo….gorgeous – lucky lad!

bride and groom wedding rings styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer017 styal lodge main entrance confetti at styal lodge cheshire styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer020 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer021 wedding cars cheshire styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer023

Jo and Mum arrived in Style (no pun intended!) via Graham and one of his gorgeous white cabs from I Do Taxialways nice to see this gentleman and the white carriage on a wedding day…

styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer024 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer026 wedding string quartet

A very proud mum walked Jo down the aisle, beautifully played in by The Carlton Ensemble

styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer028 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer029 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer030 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer031 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer032 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer033 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer034 emotional mum at a wedding styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer036 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer037 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer038 just married in cheshire styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer040 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer041 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer042 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer043 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer044 bridesmaid hugging groom styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer046 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer047 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer048 bride hugging her mum styal lodge set up for a wedding styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer051 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer052 wedding seating plan styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer054

The weather still wasn’t looking it’s glorious best, so we had to cancel the trip out to the jetty and the lake, and stayed with the guests in the comfort of the Lodge.

Just before the wedding breakfast, we opted for a quick fifteen minute session in the gardens – nothing too fancy, overcomplicated or over directed; just a collection of images of a newly-weds enjoying each other’s company. I’m a firm believer in letting clients be themselves without fussing over them with flashguns and lighting kits…just let the natural emotion shine through, without any contrived intervention.

styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer055 bride and groom portraits at styal lodge styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer057 bridal portraits at styal lodge styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer059 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer060 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer062 bride and groom portraits at styal lodge styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer064 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer065 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer066 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer067 confetti throwing at styal lodge styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer069 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer070 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer071 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer072 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer073

The wedding breakfast was unique. Afternoon Tea, served on three-tier cake and sandwich stands. Absolutely fantastic! And…when I was photographing the table plan, I noticed my name as a guest too! So, I dutifully joined the guests at the ‘Ceylon’ Table for Afternoon Tea – complete with my very own pot of Darjeeling and sandwich/cake stand too. Bliss! Sometimes you simply don’t need a full three-course meal. This was incredible…

styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer074 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer075 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer076 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer077 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer078 best man speech written down styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer080 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer081 wedding guests during speeches styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer083 groom hugs his mum styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer085 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer086 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer087 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer088 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer089 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer090 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer091 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer092 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer093 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer094

The evening entertainment came in the form of award-wining DJ Andy Murphy – a must-have for your big day. Andy knows how to rock the place… 😉

styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer095 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer096 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer097 styal-lodge-cheshire-wedding-photographer098 As the party got into full swing, I ‘handed the baton’ to Andy and he cranked up the volume late into the night…