Shrigley Hall Wedding Photographer

The Shrigley Hall Wedding Photography of Angela & Lee in Cheshire


Angela and Lee were married at Shrigley Hall just before Christmas. I love winter weddings, and especially theirs – with my first visit to this lovely Cheshire wedding venue. So here is my Shrigley Hall Wedding Photography…



Back at the family home, Angela and the girls were getting ready, all giddy and excited for what the day would bring…


…and as a surprise, I’d arranged with BBC Radio Manchester for them to call Lee – live on air at a pub in Bramhall. Luckily for everyone listening, the lads behaved themselves; Lee was blown away with BBC Radio Manchester gate crashing the groomsmen’s breakfast, whilst we all listened in at home…phew…all going to plan!


The day was proving to be a very emotional. Without going into detail, the family were very much united in having a great day, whatever the weather, whatever the timeline.


I know the groom, Lee – and his dad Steve through my job. Both are chauffeurs for Horgan’s Cars – one of the very best around for wedding transport. The groomsmen arrived at Shrigley, complete with suit and overnight bags, like Keystone Cops, tumbling out of the Horgan’s minibus, and bustling into the Hall. I had to be careful photographing the bus, since there were a few ‘goodwill’ messages for Lee – written on the steamed-up windows. The images haven’t made the blog though! 😉


With the ceremony time rapidly approaching, it was time for the customary button hole fastenings…and the chaos and laughter such a simple task can bring when under pressure to get inside and seated, ready for the bride.


Perfectly to time, Angela and the bridesmaids arrived in car number two. Time for a few quick photos with dad, then we were off…


By now the weather wasn’t good, so our drive off into the countryside for some bride and groom formal images had to be cut short. Miraculously though, the rain stopped and the sun appeared, as if a switch had been pressed. Spooky!


With their wedding being so close to Christmas, we had to grab a few formals near the tree, and on the stairs….be rude not to.


With a unique half Batman / Gotham, half ‘traditional’ wedding cake, we had a few shots taken with it, in the William Turner Suite. Soon the guests made their way through, and it was time to kiss ‘a thousand cheeks’, before taking their places for the speeches.


Again, without being obvious, I have to say that the speeches were the most emotional and heartfelt I have ever witnessed at a wedding. Our job as wedding photographers is to be neutral, detached and concentrate on our job. Not so easy when a set of speeches, so beautifully and naturally delivered were there. Even Angela & Lee’s son, stood on a chair to speak….totally flooring everybody. Me included…


From the wedding breakfast it was time to party. With the DJ in full swing, the first dance fired the party off to a great start, followed by Lee and three year old daughter singing Karaoke together…(did I mention emotional)?


On cue, I left the party in full swing, and headed off home. Thanks again guys for a truly emotional roller coaster ride of a wedding day- one I’ll never forget.

I have a few more Shrigley Hall Weddings to cover in the future too…so watch this space!

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