Browsholme Hall Wedding Photography

The Wedding of Lisa & John at Browsholme Hall


Lisa & John were married recently at St Helen’s Parish Church in Waddington, followed by a reception at the  the wonderful Tithe Barn at Browsholme Hall, giving me this opportunity of demonstrating my Browsholme Hall Wedding Photography. The day started very calmly. I say calmly, since I’d met Lisa & John last year at their friends’ wedding…Claire & Mike, which was a fantastic, full-on wedding celebration from start to finish. Many of the same crowd would be here today…but for now, it was just me and the birds tweeting. Oh…and the sound of a hairdryer as I approached the cottage…


Inside I found Lisa, mum and her two bridesmaids getting ready in the quaint cottage literally next door to the Tithe Barn. All was going well- the kettle was constantly hot, the flowers had arrived….brilliant – plenty for me to get on with then! 😉

In charge of makeup duties was the charming, friendly and soon mum-to-be Rachel Bottomley.


Rachael had everything in control and everyone was ready on time, menaing we could get Lisa into her dress quickly and have time for a few portraits too…


…then it was off to Waddington to catch up with John and the guests. Now….where could they be? Would they be quietly sitting in church, discussing the day to come? Nope! A full-size coach suddenly arrived in the village and everybody poured out into the Waddington Arms, around 150 yds away from the church 😉

Now we were cooking! This is what I remember from last summer in Manchester…


With around twenty minutes to the ceremony, John and his groomsmen walked over to church, closely followed by the guests and the laughter that came with them!


As the clock struck two, Lisa appeared with dad. She was already grinning from ear to ear about marrying the man of her dreams (a little bird told me, Lisa!) and couldn’t wait to get into church to see John. So, without further ado, in we went…


From the church, the short drive took us to Browsholme Hall, complete with waiting helicopter to take the new Mr & Mrs Jones for a pleasure flight around the Ribble Valley. I was invited along, but politely declined the option of shooting half-selfies for 30 mins whilst strapped into the front seat… 😉  Instead, I used the time more productively mingling with the guests. I know, I know, I’m such a professional…


With a quick portrait session before take off, I grabbed these natural images of the newlyweds in the gardens at Browsholme…which are beautiful, whatever the weather.


Back on terra firma, Lisa & John enjoyed pre-wedding breakfast drinks with their guests on the lawn in front of the Hall. The bouncy castle could wait for bit yet…


With the wedding breakfast and (hilarious) speeches finished, it was outside – yep, for the bouncy castle!


As the light was fading for the day, we went to shoot some more bride and groom portraits. No flash, just natural light and a couple of fast prime lenses. Simple as…


With the first dance came the veiled threat of Jagerbombs, so I quietly packed up and left the party stepping up a gear. With my cameras safely back in the car, I left leaving ‘what goes on tour, to remain on tour…’ 😉


So congratulations Lisa & John, and thank you again for having me on board.