Ferrari’s Country House Hotel Wedding Photography

The Wedding of Shona & Phil at Ferrari’s Country House in Preston

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Back to Summer 2014 and Shona & Phil tied the knot at Ferrari’s Country House Hotel in Longridge, Preston. I was recommended to photograph this particular wedding by Shona’s brother, Kirk – having photographed his and Gemma’s wedding at Bartle Hall, a few years back. This is therefore my first post showing my being a Ferrari’s Country House Wedding Photographer. A very relaxed day, with incredibly changeable weather for a July shoot; felt more like April with the bright sunshine and showers.  It was my first visit to Ferrari’s and it’s a lovely venue to get married – the gardens are beautifully landscaped, very italian feeling with lots of stonework and statues carefully placed. Oh…and lots of prancing horses in the iron work and on the windows…beautiful! The main room, the details and flowers were subtly decorated with the family clan tartan here and there. Not too obvious, and nicely designed.

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The ceremony was planned to take place in The Dove Cote – a purpose built structure in the gardens, looking like a quaint chapel amongst the flora & fauna. Hmm…it was going to be busy in there in a couple of hours – time to grab that fisheye lens I thought 😉 Shona arrived on time, and we spent a few minutes photographing her dress, shoes etc – I say we – James Wray was on video duties with me for the day. James is a very relaxed and totally professional videographer, and comes highly recommended!

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As the ceremony time approached and the guests arrived, Shona and Phil’s nerves were feeling the strain slightly. Very excited about what was to come, both were anxious about the ceremony, but really wanting to ‘get on with things’…patience, patience….


As Shona was having her dress fastened, I asked her about her tattoo. She told me modestly that she used to be a GB athlete. Erm….ok. Yes, indeed I was about to photograph one of the UK’s (previous record holding) and quickest brides-to be. Hopefully Shona’s high heels would give me a fighting chance of beating her to the Dove Cote though. They did. Just 😉


With a few minutes to go, Phil was already getting emotional. Nothing wrong with that at all. I’ve seen men of all statures having a ‘wobble’ around ceremony time. I did on my wedding day. Sort of…well, not really ahem!


The weather broke for the better as Shona duly arrived. With the guests duly gathered too, there were a few forced to stand outside the Dove Cote, watching on – such was the popularity of this couple.

Ferrari's Country House Wedding Photographer 01ferraris_country_house_weddings031ferraris_country_house_weddings032ferraris_country_house_weddings033ferraris_country_house_weddings034Ferrari's Country House Wedding Photographerferraris_country_house_weddings036ferraris_country_house_weddings037Ferrari's Country House Wedding Photographer

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With the ceremony over, the mood became even more relaxed as the champagne flowed, and the canapes rolled out. With a pre-scheduled time slot of around twenty minutes, we nipped off around the gardens for a few quick bride & groom portraits. James and his second cameraman came along too; it’s always great to work alongside professionals – I know I say it a lot, but it makes all the difference to everyone’s (working) day, when the ‘team’ gel as one unit, with no ‘politics’.


With the family groups completed, we were inside for the wedding breakfast. Unusually each table had a menu, so guests could order what they wanted-a very unusual and unique touch…


…then it was time for the emotional roller coaster that was the speeches. Heart felt, touching, funny – the speeches had everything…


…as did the weather. By now it was gloriously warm, so out we ventured for an hour or so while the room was being prepared for the evening celebrations. Time for ten minutes’ more portraits then! The light was lovely, and with such relaxed and easy going clients, the job was easy… James?


With a quick family tradition of passing round the whiskey, it was into the main room for cake cutting and first dance. It had been a brilliant day – relaxed, fun and an absolute joy to be part of and capture. Thanks guys…


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