Coniston Hotel Wedding Photographer

Celebrating The Wedding of Helen & Dan at The Coniston Hotel, Skipton


Helen & Dan were married recently at The wonderful Coniston Hotel near Skipton. It was my first visit to the venue as a Coniston Hotel Wedding Photographer, but I would love to work at this country venue again…it’s beautiful!

Helen’s preparations were back home near Pendle Hill, with her bridesmaids. A very busy morning with with two stylists on hair and makeup duties, plus a third friend helping out too. Yes, Helen’s home was bustling big time!

coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-001 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-002 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-003 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-004 florist burnley coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-006 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-007 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-008 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-009 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-010 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-011 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-012 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-013 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-014 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-015

From Helen’s home, it was a few minutes’ drive to St Mary’s Church in Newchurch, Roughlee. A beautifully quaint church, where the minister allowed me to do my thing…thank you Catherine!

weddings in roughlee pendle coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-017 button hole in burnley

Dan and his Best Man arrived duly on time, and greeted the guests as they arrived. Suddenly though, it was time for Helen to arrive. And she did, bang on time too, arriving in a beautiful Royale from Malvern Cars.

coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-019 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-020 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-021 malvern wedding car coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-023 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-024

Once her bridesmaids had sorted her dress, Helen and dad walked proudly to church and straight in…no messing about. Almost caught me off guard; I normally have a couple of minutes or so to change lenses etc in preparation for the bride’s arrival, but as I turned around, the music had started and Helen was already coming down the aisle. Keen or what!

coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-025 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-026 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-027 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-028 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-029 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-030 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-031 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-032 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-033 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-034 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-035 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-036 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-037 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-038 bride and groom leave church coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-040 confetti throw pendle coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-042

From church, it was a good thirty minute run to The Coniston Hotel, complete with it’s country house and lake ‘in the back yard’ Truly stunning! Our schedule meant we had to brave a little harsh sunshine for the first session of Bride & Groom portraits, but ewe made it brief! It was very hot…

coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-043 the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-045 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-047 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-048 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-049 wedding at the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-051 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-052 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-053 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-054 the coniston hotel skipton

As the Coniston Wedding Photographer for the day, it was my job to photograph Helen & Dan in garishly bright, hot sunshine. The Nikons fared well with such a tricky lighting situation.

coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-056 the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-058 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-059 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-060 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-061 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-062

Back to the hotel, where Helen & Dan were wowed by the beautiful room design and layout….yep, I agree.

coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-063 canapes at the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-065 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-066 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-067 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-068 speeches at the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-070 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-071 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-072 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-073 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-074 embarrassed bride guests at a wedding the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-077 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-078 speeches at the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-080 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-081 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-082 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-083 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-084

After the speeches, we wandered off back into the grounds for a few more Bride & Groom portraits. Dan was on shoes duty, while Helen walked barefoot. Nice.

bride and groom at the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-086 bride and groom at the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-088 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-089 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-090 bride and groom at the coniston hotel skipton

Fifteen minutes later we were back for the cake cutting and first dance…oh and another fifty guests or so to greet…

coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-092 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-093 first dance at the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-095 first dance at the coniston hotel skipton coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-097 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-098 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-099 coniston-hotel-wedding-photographer-100

As the party continued into the night, and I’d had a chat with two couples whose weddings I’ll be photographing next year, it was time for me to head off home for a well-earned cup of tea….


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