Bolholt Country Park Wedding Photography

The Wedding of Holly & Dan at Bolholt Country Park in the Lake District


If ever a wedding had ‘Autumn’ stamped all over it, it was this one! Holly & Dan were recently married at The Bolholt Country Park Hotel near Bury, allowing me to show my work as a Bolholt Country Park Wedding Photographer.



I caught up with Holly and (all six) her bridesmaids at mum’s home. With the chaos of heated tongs and hairdryers in full tilt, I ‘escaped’ quickly to one of the bedrooms to photograph Holly’s dress, shoes and little details she’d be wearing that day. The girls were clearly marked with their roles for the day – and in one case, telling us that ‘baby’ was imminent. Literally! 😉

bolholt_country_house_park_wedding_photographer005bolholt_country_house_park_wedding_photographer006bolholt_country_house_park_wedding_photographer007bolholt_country_house_park_wedding_photographer008bolholt_country_house_park_wedding_photographer009bolholt_country_house_park_wedding_photographer010bolholt_country_house_park_wedding_photographer011I’d decided on strong autumnal colour grades for this wedding – even the mono images have an earthy brown grade. If anybody loved Autumn, and especially leaves and trees, it’s Holly. She was crazy about this time of year…as you’ll see later…


With beautifully autumnal and ‘organic’ bouquets designed and supplied by Baytree Flowers, to match the three-tiered bridesmaids colour scheme, we were in for a full on colour fest. Holly’s idea of the bridesmaids walking in two by two, as each dress changed in colour from gold through to red, was a great idea…and guaranteed to keep people guessing in church; which, incidentally was St Margaret’s in Prestwich – just over a stone’s throw away from where I live. It was great to be ‘nice and local’ for a change! It was to be Rvd Debby Plummer’s last role as Minister, and she was brilliant; great fun, relaxed, and allowed me free reign to get my images. Thank you Debby!


I caught up with Dan and the guests at St Margaret’s, where the poor lad was being hugged to death by all and sundry. With the weather holding a steady overcast (dare I say, Autumnal) grey sky, the guests made their way in before Holly and the girls arrived. And, as they did, two friends members played live music in church for Holly’s walk down the aisle.


A quick yelp of “I’m getting married!” and we were off, with Holly escorted down the aisle by Mum and Dad… 😉



And, working alongside me for the day, were two gentlemen from The DVD Studio, capturing Holly & Dan’s big day in glorious HD….


From church, through a complete blizzard of confetti, we headed off to The Bolholt. Timed to perfection, we spent around twenty minutes shooting some autumnal Bride and Groom portraits in the gardens as the guests were still arriving. Lots of trees, lots of leaves eh Holly?


With a quick check on ‘the bump’ to make sure we weren’t to be interrupted, it was off to shoot the formal groups. Someone had given Dan the sword they would use to cut the cake, though. So…a little ‘Braveheart’ meets ‘300’ impression later, we all made our way into The Horshoe Suite for the meet and greet lineup. With a few minutes available to photograph the room and some of the lovely autumnal-themed details, I quickly captured Holly’s lovely handiwork for the room and table decoration.



With an hilarious (and surprise) Mother of The Bride speech, we were off and running. Dan was systematically praised and ridiculed by all who spoke…but took it all very well. Good lad!


As the daylight fell to night, it was time to cut the Disney-eque themed Halloween cake. It seemed a shame, but it had to be done – with aforementioned sword too…


As the first dance merged into the full-on party that followed, it was time for me to leave. It had been a long, but relaxed day, with a great couple and guests to match. Thanks guys…

If you’re planning your wedding at The Bolholt Country Park Hotel, why not get in touch to see more of my work?

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