Bartle Hall Wedding Photography

 The Wedding of Krissy & Gary at Bartle Hall in Lancashire


This is it!! The BIG one…

Here is an example of my work as a Bartle Hall Wedding Photographer. Back in September, Krissy & Gary were married at this beautiful venue, situated just outside Preston. Being a Manchester Wedding Photographer, it made a change to get up the M6 to Bartle Hall – a venue I’ve worked at a time or two, to photograph Krissy & Gary’s Special Day. I felt a little in awe of the ‘crew’ list especially – Red Floral Architecture, Philip White (Videographer), Flossy & Leigh on Hair & Makeup, Ann McKavney from Eleventh Heaven, Paul Pashley and his band, plus Steve Mitchell DJ as MC for the day. Phew! Oh…and their wedding has just been featured in the new edition of the Little White Books Magazine!

If anything, Krissy & Gary’s wedding was always going to be about two things – fun, and flowers! You’ll see…


I arrived at Bartle Hall on a slightly overcast morning to find the Red Floral team in full swing….from stairwell decorations, through the beautiful ceremony room, and into the Balmoral Suite, the décor just got better and better. I’ve worked with Red Floral a few times, and they never fail to impress me with their vision. The Balmoral Suite was just stunning…sitting there, all quietly waiting for the hustle and bustle to come. As Krissy and the girls arrived from hair and makeup at a local hotel, so did the bouquets – beautiful arrangements for Bride and Bridesmaids.


With around 90 mins before the ceremony start, Krissy’s room was full on with girls getting ready, hair and makeup tweaks and final applications, champagne…more champagne, and me, photographing everything as it happened, plus dress, shoes, jewelry detail images….we were all busy!

Busy or not, I had time to nip down the corridor to catch Gary opening a wedding gift from his bride to be. I was a tad jealous…I love watches too…. 😉


As the guests gathered downstairs, and the general pace and noise levels subtly increased, we were nearly ready. A couple of last minute shots of Krissy on the stairs, gathering her nerves, and we off!


Having already cried twice, Krissy assured me that she wouldn’t need any more hankies for the ceremony. Wrong… 😉


The weather had picked up a bit, so we were off outside for drinks and canapés on the lawn….


With a brief twenty minute interlude, Philip and I went to photograph some bride & groom portraits, then a few family group shots…


…with all still running to schedule, we then went to see the final room design for the wedding breakfast. Wow!! Simple as….


On hand to act as MC for the afternoon, the bridal party were introduced to thunderous applause by the other guests. Start as you mean to go on, eh? Up first was Chris, Krissy’s dad. A brilliant speech, full of emotion (and jokes), leaving a slightly nervous-looking groom ‘to follow’. No problem for Gary, as also his two best men – funny, touching and entertaining. Then a slight addition to the speeches, as Sally, Krissy’s Maid of Honour stood and spoke a few kind words…


From the wedding breakfast it was off into party mode, with the brilliant Paul Pashley and his band and Steve sharing live music and DJ duties late into the night….


So, thanks for having me on board guys…..loved it, and I’m guessing the flowers have all been removed by now. Or…perhaps not…;-)

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