Adlington Hall Wedding Photographer

Celebrating The Wedding of Amy & Jim at Adlington Hall, Macclesfield


Here is an example of my being an Adlington Hall Wedding Photographer.

Amy & Jim were married at Adlington Hall a week or so before Christmas. Theirs was to be my last wedding of the year, and one which I’d been looking forward too for a while. I really love Adlington Hall – it’s wonderfully dark, and atmospheric…especially in December.

Amy is from Sydney, Australia, and when her and Manchester-based Jim planned on getting married, Amy’s uncle advised her to ‘get in touch with Mick Cookson for the wedding photography’. Wow! 12,000 miles away, and a recommendation like that still makes me smile in mild disbelief. But, here we were. After a Skype meeting via a coffee house in Didsbury, a breakfast meeting (thanks Jim!) and an E-Shoot to ‘break the ice’, all three of us know each other like old University buddies now 😉 This is important, because the couple are really quite camera-shy, and though not wanting to be the centre of attention (a little difficult on your wedding day I suppose), but the E-Shoot was a most important element to the overall wedding photography.


What was slightly troublesome was the beautiful Wizard’s Thatch cottage in Alderley Edge. A very unique and charming retreat, full of character, but sadly not so full of natural daylight. Even Laura was  working overtime on makeup duties, using the only interior lighting available. All good character building stuff! Unusually I resorted to using off-camera flash, fired by remote radio triggers, balancing them with the available light in the rooms. It worked very well, and very natural.


Amy’s parents joined the preparations, together with bridesmaid Beth. Just in from Sydney themselves, the wedding was to form the first part of a European and Scandinavian trip of a lifetime, involving photographing the Northern Lights….no…no, I’m not jealous. Not me. Never 😉

adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_09adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_10adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_11adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_12adlington_hall_wedding_photographer_13Keeping to my personal schedule, I caught up with Jim and Best Man Darren at The Hunting Lodge, greeting guests as they arrived. Jim was in good spirits, slightly nervous, perhaps, but on good form.


As Amy arrived at the Hall, aided by bridesmaid Beth, the plan was for a three-way entrance. First to enter the Hall was Darren and Beth, followed by Jim and his Mum, then Amy and her father, Ian. This was deliberate, so that they all had equal ‘spotlight’ and helped Amy’s nerves too. A good call!


Straight after the ceremony, we ventured outside for twenty minutes of formals, braving the biting cold wind and plummeting temperature. Living in Australia, then coming to the UK for a Christmas wedding is a heck of a shock, but Amy’s cloak did a perfect job of keeping her warm…and other family members too as the group shots were being done…I could have used one myself, but smiled through it all, like it were Spring… 😉


So thanks , and congratulations to Amy & Jim for a unique Christmas wedding at Adlington Hall.

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