When Olivia texted me for this shoot, I couldn’t say no. This was to be a family shoot with a difference. Four generations, yes,ย  four – gathered in Heaton Park for some Autumn fun. I’d photographed Olivia and Ian’s wedding at Styal Lodge a few years back…in fact, theirs was the first wedding at the lodge!

So, we gathered on a typical ‘Manchester Tuesday’ in October, hoping the rain would hold off (we’d got our fingers crossed on this, time was pressing – two of the ladies had to travel home!) and went for it. Daughter, Mum, Granny and ‘Dear’ (doesn’t like to be called Great Granny!) captured in a couple of hours’ walk in the park for posterity. We warmed up with a few portraits on the lions…well, in Heaton Park it’s de rigueur… ๐Ÿ˜‰


From the lions, we went to The Orangery for a few shots amongst the flowers. Little Evangeline – obviously the star of the show, was in full flight. Not content with looking at flowers, spotted something even more exciting. A muddy puddle. Personally, I think Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for! But, in we went, as Evangeline ran back and forth, soaking both herself and me in the process…but it was worth it!


A quick game of ‘Peeka’ followed by a seemingly endless run of ‘Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses’ brought little Evangeline back from the edge of Boredom, and gave her a second wind. From chasing squirrels, to a leaf fight, the walk had it all. And, we even stopped in the cafe for a coffee while Evangeline played ‘kitchen’..



This shoot was very different from others I’ve done. Looking at these images, they are absolutely priceless. All four generations in the one frame, captured for posterity. I know that these images will be cherished more and more as the years roll on. And…I know, you all know this, but images like these are very important in documenting family life. Whether you hire a professional to capture images like these, or shoot your own;ย  just having them to look back on is paramount. And to get them printed – in books, on photographic paper, is even more important, once the digital files become obsolete as the formats change in the future (remember VHS?) Food for thought…


So thanks ladies for having me on board with this family shoot. A very special two hours, and a very special feeling of witnessing four generations in one frame.

Do you have a story to tell – or simply fancy a family shoot for posterity. Please get in touch…

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Amarjit and Andrew are getting married soon in Manchester, with a reception in Dunham Massey. I’m going to be their Dunham Massey Wedding Photographer – but first I had to be their Stanage Edge E-Shoot Photographer! For their Engagement (E-Shoot) they chose Stanage Edge in the Peak District for their folio. Being the lithe, athletic type myself, I jumped at the opportunity of climbing a ridge in 60mph winds – simple! When we arrived at base camp – a suitable car park, allowing for ‘couch climbers’ like me, the cloud level was too low to see anything – an almost total white-out. So, undeterred, we ventured back down towards civilisation and a stunning forest to warm us up. I was travelling light, using the new Nikon D600 on this occasion. The small, lightweight stature of the camera meant I could travel light too – just a trio of lenses in my tiny Crumpler bag. Wish it was like this on wedding shoots!

In keeping with my style of shooting, I just let Amarjit and Andrew be themselves – they knew the territory better than I, since they walk there most weekends. The mist was beginning to lift, and we got some great images in the bag, with virtually no direction from myself. After half an hour we ventured back up to base camp to attempt the ridge shot again. Good news! The mist had gone, replaced with a constant blustery wind which meant everybody was walking around at 45 degree angles. This was going to be interesting! Up we went, to the top, which only took a few minutes, granted, but my word, was that wind strong. The little Nikon did ever so well with the 24-70mm, 85mmย  and 20mm lenses, and even at fast shutter speeds I was getting camera shake. It really was that rough – laughably enjoyable at the same time too….it was like being a kid again, trying to focus through streaming tears and a flapping North Face jacket. But we nailed it, and the images don’t really show the full force of the weather, but are perfect for what we were after –ย  a raw representation of Stanage Edge.

I just hope it’s not as windy when I’m their Dunham Massey Wedding Photographer.




I love my job. I really do. Even when it’s hard work, the pressure’s on and the sometimes seemingly endless 16 hour days working on the weddings and people shoots I undertake throughout the year make me a little grumpy (yeah, yeah…get the violins I hear you say…) But it’s shoots like this that make the days go a little easier. Spring sunshine, location shoot, no time constraints and a lovely ‘crew’ to work with make for a very pleasant day’s work. Work….sometimes it doesn’t feel like it on days like this… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lynn from Hairbows Wonderworld booked me with my ‘Wedding Photographer Manchester’ hat on to shoot some of her new 2014 product range. Armed with a couple of models, a suitcase hamper of product…(plus the same again with sandwiches, cake and coffee!), all under the careful direction of talented make up artist Jodie A Smith we set up camp inย  a beautiful park in North Manchester. Being a Thursday, it was quiet and we had the place to ourselves. The day started with quite dense fog, which would have looked quite atmospheric, but we waited until noon, for it to burn off and have some sunshine. And we did…too much! I know, I know…us photographers are never happy, eh? For the first half of the shoot, we set up in a conservatory, a classic Victorian glasshouse. Armed with a single flash, fired via radio trigger through a large silver umbrella, I wrestled with the big yellow ball in the sky to get something of any quality. But we did. And I know Lynn loves a touch of vintage…so she got some in these final images…not too much though, didn’t want to spoil her!


You’ll have to forgive the lack of information on each of the featured items…I’m a man, what would I know? You’d need to speak to Lynn via her WEBSITE, or via her ETSY shop to discuss options for your wedding day. But I do know she makes the most exquisite bouquets, hand made hairwear and other accessories – “Pretties” as she nicknames them. Have a look at her work, you’ll love it!


From the glasshouse, it was outside to battle the afternoon sun, not fazed, models Monika and Malwina braved the cold (yes, it’s still only March!) and performed beautifully for camera, with little direction from me. Good…it was my ‘day off’ and I didn’t want to be pointing and gesticulating like a bad mime act! Thanks ladies… ๐Ÿ˜‰



To see more of Lynn’s magic, click these links:

Website –

Etsy Shop –

To see more of mine, click HERE,ย  follow me on Facebook or drop me a line via this contact form…

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ย family_photographer_manchester_02

Here’s another example of my Family Photographer Manchester work. Little Nanci was photographed both at her home, and down the road at the local park. Mum commissioned me for the two hour session, wanting some really natural shots of her little girl, since (like all children) she was growing up so quickly…

So, armed with a couple of Nikons and a few lenses, I went over to Nanci’s home and made friends with her. She was shy at first, but after ten minutes, she was telling me all about her cups and saucer set, taking me by the hand to see her ‘hidey place’ in the kitchen…oh, and her new yellow wellington boots!

It has its place,ย  but it’s not top of my list the sterile white backgrounds, fluffy rugs and posing stools for babies and children shoots. I do shoot studio work, but prefer to photograph families and kids in their natural environment, using as much natural light as possible. Sometimes it’s not possible – half of these interior images had flash on them, triggered remotely via radio triggers – set to boost the (fairly poor) natural light available, and not look obvious. Hopefully you’ll agree…


So…armed with her new wellies, her bag packed full of teacups and teapot, young Nanci decided to leave home, No reason, she just waved us all bye bye and left. It was hilarious…


So, onto the park, braving the wind, and Nanci, Mum Catherine and Dad Martin were on full lookout as the little ‘un tried everything she could get to…or at least attempt it! She was in her element, waving to me constantly and giving us all a running commentary (in toddler-speak) as to what she was doing. She lasted a good half hour before hunger and tiredness kicked in (see the last image). But we got what we wanted. Mum and dad are well pleased. And Nanci? She’s happy – she has new wellybobs and a teapot..oh, and these images to potentially appear on her wedding day… ๐Ÿ˜‰


If you’d like to book a family shoot, please get in touch…

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You can also follow me on Facebook too, to see more of my ‘people’ work…



ย bride_photographer_manchester_27

ย Here’s an example of some of my Bride Photographer Manchester portfolio. I’ve known and worked with Laura Mayers from The Bridal Make Up Team for a few years now (too many, she’ll say…) especially back to our previous career in TV commercials when Laura was our No 1 choice for ‘face painting’ (ha ha..). Recently, the BMT’s website has been updated, and we have shot some new images for both our folios. Recent examples include Paula Cruz Folio, and a recent folio shoot for Laura’s company. The Bridal Make Up Team are one of the premier hair & make up suppliers in the North West – and not just to the wedding industry, nope the BBC and TV production companies still keep Laura’s diary regularly filled.

bride_photographer_manchester_01bride_photographer_manchester_02bride_photographer_manchester_03These three models for our shoot are real people, real brides, and real clients of Laura’s. She did their hair and makeup at their three weddings last year. So, we gathered at one of the brides’ home in Formby for the photo shoot. It’s difficult enough getting one lovely bride ready on her wedding day, but three at once for a staggered photoshoot? Laura had her work cut out…and so did I as the ‘domino effect’ hit like a truck on our planned schedule…but we work well under pressure anyway. Good job too! The shoot was back in Autumn, so the folio contains a whole mixture of images of all three of out brides – both exterior, plus an interior studio set up to feature the hair and makeup styles Laura had created. Here, then are a few from the session…

bride_photographer_manchester_04bride_photographer_manchester_05bride_photographer_manchester_06bride_photographer_manchester_07bride_photographer_manchester_08bride_photographer_manchester_09Obviously I got to play too. This image above is one of my favourites from the day – a little ray of sunshine peeped through the blinds near sunset, and I just had to get this image. Complete with authentic film grain, I just love this ‘unglamorous’ beauty shot. It breaks the rules. Good! It’s going in my book…

With regards to the overall ‘look’ of the folio- each bride had her own colour grading and style, all very subtle, but different to create a three-part collection. We love these images. They show off Laura’s talent, plus my ability to plug a lamp in and get an exposure… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sometimes…when it’s cold outside, the allure of a nice warm studio environment with a never-ending supply coffee just ticks the boxes. Quite a contrast to my next few winter weddings coming any day now…

bride_photographer_manchester_10bride_photographer_manchester_11bride_photographer_manchester_12bride_photographer_manchester_13bride_photographer_manchester_14bride_photographer_manchester_15bride_photographer_manchester_16bride_photographer_manchester_17bride_photographer_manchester_20bride_photographer_manchester_22bride_photographer_manchester_23For the photographers out there, we used two Nikon D700 cameras, with 85mm, 105mm and 24-70mm lenses. Lighting was two Elinchrom heads with a variety of softboxes, reflectors and on-camera flash (yes REALLY!)


If you drop in on The Bridal Make Up Team’s website, you’ll see these images ‘for real’…that is unless Laura has been too busy to update it…

Like what you see here? Why not leave a comment…


Beeston Manor Wedding Photography – Little White Books Shoot

Beeston Manor Wedding Photography – Little White Books Shoot


Well – here it is – finally revealed! The latest issue of the Little White Books magazine, and who got to shoot the front cover? Yep, me…with a lot of help from some very patient friends… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Following on from the last project, the LWB Team assembled on a beautifully wet June afternoon, to produce the new cover image, plus a editorial for inside the magazine too. The weather had been glorious all week, but obviously when it came to our shoot, the rain fell…and fell..and fell, soaking the ground beyond a practical working level. So, undeterred we still ventured up to Beeston Manor for the shoot. This project was less about me being a Beeston Manor Wedding Photographer, than being Ray Mears, dealing with and ‘surviving’ what I can only describe as “a swimming pool with grass!”


Eventually the rain slowed and we could see blue sky, but it was too little, too late, as we had to shoot and get something in the bag. Struggling under umbrellas, to keep the beautiful wedding gown dry and safe –ย  Joanne and Kristina on Makeup and hair duties, plus Clare and Andrew on Styling and Jewellery did their very best to get our fantastic (and patient!) model Kirsty ready. I could hear the subtle giggles from the gang too, as a wet ‘tide mark’ started climbing my trouser legs. As the shoot progressed, so did the marks, like my jeans were acting as straws. Perfect! I’d no spare clothes with me either…so the giggling and subtle pointing got worse…ha ha…bloomin’ hilarious guys!!

beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_05So…with the rain finally stopping, we got to work, now with diminished time available for the ‘look’ of the shot. The pressure was on to produce, and we did. Simple as, everything fell into place after a few lighting tests (and a change of bin liner for me to lie on). Kirsty was great and smiled through the whole ordeal. Did I say it was cold too…in June? Yep, it was, but our model bride soldiered on and we hit shot after shot. The sun broke for a few minutes, so Glynn, who was in charge of the Land Rover moved it into a new position, to maximise what light we had, and to minimise the heavy black clouds rolling in for a further attack on our setup (and my tidemark!)

beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_06beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_07beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_08beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_09beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_10beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_11beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_12I’m breaking one of my own rules here – these images are work in progress, and not the final, print-ready versions…you’ll have to grab a copy of the new LWB magazine to see them. These images show subtle changes in colour grading and film emulation, to give a slightly dated look to the work – nothing too OTT though, all very tasteful. I used a Nikon D600 camera for this shoot, for the extra resolution – and though handled most of the shoot perfectly did hiccup a couple of times…that’s why I still love my D3s / D700 combination.


I’m not going to blow my own trumpet here, that’s not my style..but the results almost turn me and the team into liars about the conditions we had to endure…oh how we suffer for our art… ๐Ÿ˜‰


…and a BIG mention to the crew for their massive help, sarcasm and general one-liners to make this project run like a Swiss watch…


‘The Organised One’ – Maxine at Little White Books

‘The Creative One’ – Clare at Blush Rose

‘Hair and Stuff’ – Kristina at Bella Vida

‘Sparkly Bling Things’- Andrew at Sparkle Designer

‘White Frock’ – by Alison at Brides Gallery

‘Stunt Driving’ – Glynn at Bluebell Garage & MOT

‘The Smiler’ย  – Kirsty. No website required. This girl is an angel – almost literally.

‘Box Brownie –ย  by Yours Truly


…and a special thanks to Janet & John at Beeston Manor for their help, shelter and coffee!! Thanks guys…

Got any comments? I’d love to hear from you…

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