On The 7th Wedding Photographer

Tina & Colin’s intimate family wedding at this stunning Media City wedding venue

Tina & Colin were married recently and invited me to be their On The 7th Wedding Photographer. The ceremony was at Our Lady of Grace RC Church in Prestwich.

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-001 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-002 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-003 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-004

Tina didn’t want her preparations capturing, preferring some private time with her family. So, I was off to meet Colin, brother Carl and son Jack at home in Prestwich, joining them in the car to go to the pub before the church ceremony.

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-005 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-006 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-007 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-008 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-009 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-010 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-011 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-012 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-013 groomsmen outside church

It needs no explanation as to how bad the weather was! Manchester rain…enough said…

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-015 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-016 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-017 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-018

I know the father of the bride well – and his sense of humour was plain for all to see…all day in fact…

our lady of grace wedding on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-020 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-021 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-022 bridesmaids in church on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-024 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-025 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-026 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-027 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-028 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-029

Tina wanted the mainstay of their wedding collection to be in mono, with a few colour images to punctuate.

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-030 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-031

As the newlyweds and bridal party set off in the wedding cars to On The 7th, I travelled on the bus with a few of the guests.

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-032 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-033 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-034

As we arrived, the weather looked promising…fingers crossed…

wedding photos media city on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-036 media city bride on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-038

…but it was all in vain! Ten minutes into the Bride and Groom portraits, the heavens opened again and we had to run for it!

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-039 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-040 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-041 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-042

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-043 on the 7th wedding reception on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-045 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-046 bride place name on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-048 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-049 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-050 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-051 on the 7th weddings on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-055 speeches at on the 7th on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-059 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-061 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-062 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-063 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer-064

The evening’s entertainmemnt was brilliantly provided by Under The Covers – a brilliant wedding band, well worth checking out.



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