On The 7th Wedding Photographer

Roxy & Myles’ wedding photos from this unique Media City wedding venue

Roxy & Myles were married recently at On The 7th in Media City. It was to be my first wedding there, and I can honestly say it’s simply brilliant. For an urban wedding, On the 7th is perfect; it’s location in the middle of Media City makes for a unique wedding experience.


I caught up with Roxy and the girls at their home in Manchester. On board with me for the day was Craig from Get Reel Media – a really nice chap too, and we worked effortlessy together all day. How it should be!

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer02 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer03 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer04 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer05 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer06 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer07 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer08 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer09 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer10 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer11 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer12 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer13

As the time approached for me to leave, the excitement was reaching fever pitch at Roxy’s home….ao I took my cue to leave them to their pre-celebrations and meet Myles and the groomsmen at the venue….

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer14 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer15 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer16 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer17 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer18 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer19 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer20 wedding cake on the 7th club on-the-7th-wedding-photographer23 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer24 media city wedding on-the-7th-wedding-photographer26

Bang on time, Roxy and the girls arrived…


bride sitting in car on-the-7th-wedding-photographer29 bride walking on-the-7th-wedding-photographer31 groomsmen laughing groom laughing

…then we we ‘off’….the ceremony was on!

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer34 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer35 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer36 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer37 on the 7th wedding ceremony on the 7th wedding venue bride and bridesmaid on-the-7th-wedding-photographer41 bride at on the 7th on-the-7th-wedding-photographer43 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer44 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer45

A no-fuss wedding ceremony meant more time for celebrations…obviously…;-)

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer46 smiling bride engagement shoot manchester on-the-7th-wedding-photographer49 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer50 groom wedding ring on-the-7th-wedding-photographer52 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer53 cup cakes in manchester on-the-7th-wedding-photographer55 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer56 ipad at wedding

on the 7th weddings on-the-7th-wedding-photographer59 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer60 on the 7th weddings on-the-7th-wedding-photographer62

We were lucky…we had 30 minutes available for our bride and groom portraits before the group shots had to be done….luxury!

bride at on the 7th wedding rings manchester bridal bouquets manchester  on-the-7th-wedding-photographer67 media city wedding media city wedding media city wedding on-the-7th-wedding-photographer71 urban wedding photography manchester wedding photographer on-the-7th-wedding-photographer74 groom portrait on-the-7th-wedding-photographer76 on the 7th wedding on-the-7th-wedding-photographer78 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer79 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer80

Then it was back inside for speeches and the wedding breakfast…

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer81 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer82 speeches at on the 7th on-the-7th-wedding-photographer84 groom and daughter at wedding best men laughing on-the-7th-wedding-photographer87 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer88 wedding speeches on-the-7th-wedding-photographer90 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer91 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer92 wedding guestbook weddings at on the 7th

With almost no gap from the end of the wedding breakfast, we were straight in to the night entertainment, hosted brilliantly by award-winng band The Rush Band.

on-the-7th-wedding-photographer95 first dance at on the 7th on-the-7th-wedding-photographer97 on-the-7th-wedding-photographer98 the rush wedding band



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