Oakfield House Wedding at Chester Zoo

Claire & James’ wedding photographs from Oakfield Manor in Chester Zoo

Unique Wedding Venue

Claire & James invited me to their Oakfield House wedding in Chester Zoo as their wedding photographer. Oakfield House is a stunning, unique wedding venue. It’s next door to the lion enclosure in the zoo. I wasn’t going to say no! I love Oakfield House wedding photography; perfect for my natural style of wedding photography. There are more Oakfield House and Chester weddings at the bottom of the page…

dubletree chester photo wedding dress hanging at the doubletree wedding shoes chester

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel & Spa Chester

Claire and the girls were getting ready at The Double Tree about a mile or so away from Chester Zoo. The mood was full of anticipation and excitement for the day ahead. I popped in to see the groomsmen too, and they were really ‘up for it’ (so they told me). Fingers crossed for the weather holding and we were set for a brilliant, unique wedding in Chester Zoo!

wedding accessories in chester navy blue bridesmaid dress wedding bouquet in chester wedding wedding flowers at a chester zoo wedding groomsmen getting ready at the horel slightly anxious groom bride in the bathroom bride having her makeup applied mono photo of bride getting into her dress mono portrait of bride bride and friewnds in a mirror bride quietly waiting for her father father sees his bride daughter for the first time bride at the hotel bride posing with flowers stunning bridal bouquet

Oakfield House Weddings

Oakfield house is situtaed next to the lion enclosure, and we could hear them  for most of the day. Slightly surreal, but all part of this unique wedding venue’s charm. The groomsmen arrived and walked through to Oakfield House with their buttonholes. A couple of ladies came to the lads’ rescue with the buttonholes!

oakfield house chester zoo signs at oakfield house weddings at oakfield house groomsmen arrive for the wedding sunlight portrait of the groom wedding day orsder of service wedding guests hugging at chester zoo

As the guests arrived, and ceremony time was fast-approaching, the lads nipped out with a sly hipflask…well, it’d be rude not to!

groomsmen with their hip flasks bride arrives at oakfield house for her wedding

Claire arrived with a few minutes on our side, so time for a fe formals of her and dad, bridesmaids etc, before we were ‘live’ again and the ceremony was about to begin. I was using a 24-70mm zoom outside but for most of the day I used prime lenses, 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm on the two Nikon D750 bodies.

bride getting out of wedding car at chester zoo bride posing outside oakfield house bride walking in to oakfield house bridesmaid at oakfield house wedding bridesmaid walks down the aisle in chester father escorts his daughter down the aisle first look in chester wedding ceremony at oakfield house happy wedding guests at a chester event lady reading at a chester wedding

The registrars were great, and let me work with no restrictions. Thank you ladies!

excited bride and groom at their oakfield manor wedding groom button hole caught in sunlight wedding guests taking a photo hugs for the groom wedding guests smiling at the bride

After  drinks and congratulations, we were off for a quick twenty minute portrait session around Oakfield House. By now Claire and James couldn’t / wouldn’t stop laughing; they were so happy. Brilliant!

bride and groom laughing in chester zoo stunning bride portrait in chester zoo bride photoin chester zoo hapopy couple in chester zoo laughing bride and groom at oakfield house stylish wedding photo at chester zoo stylish wedding photo in chester modern bride and groom wedding photo oakfield house wedding venue

Afternoon Tea in Chester

From the bride and groom wedding photos, we were off for afternoon tea. Proper afternoon tea too. Awesome…and very well received by the wedding guests. Speeches were to be later on the day, and we had a choice of options…just to keep me in my toes. But for now I had a break with a cup of tea and my own butties. My solititude was to be shortlived as Gavin and the boys from The Rush Band walked in to the rear lounge to set up for the evening party. The Rush Band are arguably the best and busiest wedding and events band in the north west, and you really have to check them out for your wedding. Front man Gavin can power a small village alone, with the energy he exudes whilst performing… 😉

afternoon tea in chester afternoon tea at oakfield house bride having fun in chester zoo confetti at oakfield house bride and groom enter wedding reception

Evening wedding speeches outside Oakfield House

Yes, it was October. Yes, it was going dark. Yes, it wasn’t exactly thirty degrees, but it worked…brilliantly. The speeches were outside Oakfield House as the band had finished sound checking. Great fun to shoot, but challenging with all the different coour light sources and a rapidly fading sky. Let’s hear it for fast prime lenses…

speeches outside oakfield house at night speeches at night at oakfield house in chester zoo groom and best man sopeeches outside wedding guests outside oakfield house for the speeches evening wedding speeches at oakfield house night speeches at chester zoo wedding guests at night in chester zoo

The Rush Band

Like a switch, the Rush Band fired up and hit the first song. Like a switch also, the dancefloor filled with around fifty dancers….totally packed, amnd remained so for the rest of the time I was shooting there. Incredible! I had very little space to move until Claire & James hit their first dance and we had a little mote space to play with. That didn’t last long beofre we were swamped again… 😉 What an incredible atmosphere and gig. Cheers guys.

the rush band playing bride and groom dancing to the rush band first dance in oakfield house wedding guests party at oakfield house bride and groom having a ball



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