Mitton Hall Wedding Photography

Helen & Gareth’s wedding photos from Mitton Hall near Clitheroe in Lancashire

Helen & Gareth were married recently at Mitton Hall, and allowing me to show my Mitton Hall Wedding Photography. I met Helen at a wedding fair, organised by Little White Books, and we hit it off straight away. Helen is my ultimate type of wedding client – wanting me to document their wedding day with the minimum of fuss and direction. Many photographers promise this, but not so many actually produce what it ‘says on the tin’. Proudly, and possibly arrogantly, I deliver what I say I will. In return Helen wanted the minimum of cameras pointed at her and Gareth but obviously wanting my standard twenty minute window of fun, where we shot some formal images in the grounds of Mitton. I say formal- nearly every formal shot has the pair of them laughing with each other. I had to stop them at one point 😉


I caught up with Helen and the girls when they arrived back from the hairdressers, so quickly got to work photographing her dress and accessories. The light wasn’t good, so I used off camera flash, triggered by radio transmitters; rare for me, but it gave me just the ‘look’ I wanted.


Gareth was downstairs welcoming guests and steadying his nerves with a glass of…cola, whilst Helen’s final preparations went on upstairs. Sometimes it’s knowing when not to be around is the strength of being a wedding photographer. I liken it to being a bass player (funny, I used to do that too). Playing bass is all about what you don’t play, in respect of what you do…. Obvious? Think about it… 😉

mitton_hall_wedding_photography_210mitton_hall_wedding_photography_211mitton_hall_wedding_photography_212mitton_hall_wedding_photography_213mitton_hall_wedding_photography_214mitton_hall_wedding_photography_215mitton_hall_wedding_photography_216The most polite and organised man on the planet, Dave was in full spirits, buzzing around Mitton like a man on a mission. And he is – the smiling Sergeant Major, running the day with , well…military precision. He is, and he does…sometimes we swear there’s more than one of him. But there he is, everywhere at once, being ever-helpful to all concerned. (Thanks Dave….you’re in this collection a couple of times!)



Once the nerves had settled and the ceremony was over, it was time to relax on the patio with drinks and canapes. We’d already pencilled in a twenty minute slot for a few formals, plus the same again for some family group shots. So we headed down into the gardens for some ‘dserious’ bride and groom portraits. Yeah, right! Gareth belies his demeanour. He actually is incredibly funny; dry , witty and full of one liners that would have any ‘turn’ at the comedy store sweating….


As I mentioned earlier, I had to try and calm them down, they were laughing so much….it was a struggle- they just ignored me anyway and did their own thing. Brilliant…as it should be!

mitton_hall_wedding_photography_239mitton_hall_wedding_photography_240mitton_hall_wedding_photography_241mitton_hall_wedding_photography_242mitton_hall_wedding_photography_243mitton_hall_wedding_photography_244mitton_hall_wedding_photography_245mitton_hall_wedding_photography_246confetti at mitton hallmitton_hall_wedding_photography_248mitton_hall_wedding_photography_249

With the groups shots finished, the guests made their way into the reception for the wedding breakfast. Immaculate, organised and efficient…the staff I’m talking about. Wedding photographers always rate Mitton Hall very highly, for various reasons…and they are consistently up there in quality of service, both to their clients and us lowly wedding suppliers. We’re treated with respect and manners all day long. Not always the case at some wedding venues though…but, shhh…enough of me…

in love with mitton hallmitton_hall_wedding_photography_251mitton_hall_wedding_photography_252mitton_hall_wedding_photography_253mitton_hall_wedding_photography_254mitton_hall_wedding_photography_255mitton_hall_wedding_photography_256

After a few quick speeches and thank yous, a few minutes on the gallery for some extra portraits, it was time for the first dance and cake cutting. On entertainment duties were The Disco Knights, spinning the discs and surprising Helen & Gareth with a medieval sword to cut the cake. Good fun, but needed a very steady hand!

mitton hall weddingsmitton_hall_wedding_photography_258mitton_hall_wedding_photography_259mitton_hall_wedding_photography_260mitton_hall_wedding_photography_261mitton_hall_wedding_photography_262mitton_hall_wedding_photography_263

So it was off for me as the dance floor filled for the evening. I left the newlyweds ‘swinging their pants’, and headed home…


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