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ย Nicola & Matt are getting married next month and have asked me to be their Chester Wedding Photographer. Their wedding promises to be a brilliant, fun-filled day, if any of these E-Shoot images are to go by! It will be a welcome return visit to Oakfield Manor at Chester Zoo too for this winter wedding. So, last weekend, we met in Chester for our 45 min session, taking in a few sights (and a quick coffee) before we shot this folio of pre-wedding images. I love Chester and it’s atmosphere; very much like York (well, it would be – obviously, being a Roman town I hear you say!), but the charm, the architecture and the general ‘vibe’ of the place is just fantastic. Even on a wet, cold January morning… ๐Ÿ˜‰


We met up bright and (not so) early, but headed straight for a coffee and a chat about the wedding day schedule, the logistics of what was to happen where and when on the timeline etc, and generally plan the whole day between myself and the wedding co-ordinator. Then we headed off, to shoot ‘live’ time as I always try to….meaning that the session takes approximately the same length of time as it would on the actual wedding day. Ours was extended slightly, since we went ‘walkabout’, dodging the rain showers and numerous tourists on guided walks…

chester_wedding_photographer_04chester_wedding_photographer_05chester_wedding_photographer_06It was good being back in Chester – I haven’t been since last July for Jenny & Darren’s wedding at The Abode….where some of the formal images were taken here, next to the river too… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nicola & Matt are typical of my wedding clients – naturally camera-shy, not wanting me to fuss about all day, so they can just enjoy their celebrations without my intrusion. Perfect, how wedding photography should be. ๐Ÿ˜‰ E-Shoots by their very nature ‘break the ice’ and allow couples to get used to being photographed, plus I get to see how they react to certain environments, so I’m prepared when it comes to photographing their formals next month….it’s just all good fun, really…and you can tell by their faces. These images had very little direction from me – my standard line is that I ‘just point the things’…and it was true for Nicola & Matt. A relaxed, fun and natural shoot with no fuss from me….


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