Merewood Country House Wedding Photography

Rebecca & Aidy’s wedding photos from this stunning Lake District wedding venue

Rebecca & Aidy were married in the Lake District, and I was invited to undertake their Merewood Country House wedding photography in Windermere. Hailing from North Lincolnshire, the couple had booked me over a year previous for their wedding, and I met them for a viewing meeting a couple of months before the big day. Merewood Country House Hotel is a stunning wedding venue in Windermere and one I can highly recommend. High quality service, run with precision timing, relaxed and with catering to crave for, the Merewood has everything. Even a proper car parking space for Aidy’s beloved Type R…which if asked who does he love the most…his beloved Honda, or Rebecca…erm….well, let’s leave that one eh! ;-)

It was great to work alongside James and Lizzie from Video My Wedding, on what proved to be one of the hottest days of the year. The duo are great to work with  (I’ve said this before), and the three of us quietly got on with capturing Rebecca and Aidy’s big day without getting in each other’s way…how it should be… ;-)

Unusually, and with full respect, Rebecca didn’t want any bridal preparations photographing. Preferring to be left in private until the 12 noon ceremony at Jesus Church in Troutbeck, I spent time with virtual stand-up comedians Aidy and his best man, together with the bluest suit I’ve ever photographed. Way cool.

I just love photographing weddings in the Lake District and Cumbria – even with the classic ‘Four Seasons in a Day’ phenomenon we wedding photographers experience from time to time…and Rebecca & Aidy’s was going to be no exception.

merwood country house view over the lakes groom shoes merewood-country-house-wedding-02B merewood-country-house-wedding-03 merewood-country-house-wedding-04 merewood-country-house-wedding-04A merewood-country-house-wedding-07 merewood-country-house-wedding-09 merweood wedding car merewood-country-house-wedding-11 merewood-country-house-wedding-12 grrom laughing in the merewood merewood-country-house-wedding-14 jesus church troutbeck merewood-country-house-wedding-16 groom in a blue suit merewood-country-house-wedding-18 merewood-country-house-wedding-19 merewood-country-house-wedding-20 merewood-country-house-wedding-21 merewood-country-house-wedding-22 merewood-country-house-wedding-23 merewood-country-house-wedding-24 merewood-country-house-wedding-25 merewood-country-house-wedding-26 merewood-country-house-wedding-27 video my wedding merewood-country-house-wedding-29 merewood-country-house-wedding-30 merewood-country-house-wedding-31 merewood-country-house-wedding-32 merewood-country-house-wedding-33 married in the lakes merewood-country-house-wedding-35 merewood-country-house-wedding-36 merewood-country-house-wedding-37 lake district wedding guests merewood-country-house-wedding-39 merewood-country-house-wedding-40 merewood-country-house-wedding-41 confetti over the bride and groom merewood-country-house-wedding-43 merewood-country-house-wedding-44 bride and groom in the lake district merewood-country-house-wedding-46 lake district wedding flowers merewood-country-house-wedding-48 merewood-country-house-wedding-49 merewood-country-house-wedding-50 merewood-country-house-wedding-51 merewood-country-house-wedding-52 place setting for a wedding merewood-country-house-wedding-54 merewood-country-house-wedding-55 bride at the merewood merewood-country-house-wedding-57 merewood-country-house-wedding-58 merewood-country-house-wedding-59 merewood-country-house-wedding-60 merewood-country-house-wedding-61 merewood-country-house-wedding-62 merewood-country-house-wedding-63 merewood-country-house-wedding-64 merewood-country-house-wedding-65 speeches at the merewood merewood-country-house-wedding-67 merewood-country-house-wedding-68 merewood-country-house-wedding-69 merewood-country-house-wedding-70 merewood-country-house-wedding-71 merewood-country-house-wedding-72 groom laughing merewood-country-house-wedding-74 bridesmaid looking away merewood-country-house-wedding-76 wedding photo in the lake district merewood-country-house-wedding-79 merewood wedding photos merewood-country-house-wedding-82 merewood-country-house-wedding-85 merewood-country-house-wedding-86 merewood-country-house-wedding-87 merewood-country-house-wedding-88

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