Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photography // Jacqui & David

Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photography // Jacqui & David


Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photography

Jacqui & David’s wedding photos from Manchester Town Hall – the most famous City Centre wedding venue

Here is another example of my Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photography. Jacqui & David were married recently at Manchester Town Hall, one of my favourite wedding venues to work at. Commissioned around a year ago, these images form the highlights from their fantastic wedding day.

Unique Manchester Wedding Venue

Manchester Town Hall is a firm favourite among the Manchester Wedding Photographers, and rightly so. Every visit seems different somehow, with both new challenges and creative opportunities. An awesome venue. I was really looking forward to Jacqui & David’s Town Hall wedding; they are very relaxed…possibly a little too relaxed at times (only kidding!), but from our first meeting, we were ‘all knowing where we were going with this one…’

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-001 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-002 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-003 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-004 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-005 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-006 zowie pointing make up artist

On hair and makeup duties was the talented Zowie Pointing (

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-008 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-009 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-010 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-011 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-013 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-015 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-016 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-017 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-019 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-020 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-021 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-022

I was lucky to be in the safe hands of Rob from I Do Taxi. I got to ride in the front of his stunning white cab, into town with the groomsmen…straight to Duttons for a few beers…them, not me!

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-023 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-024 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-025 groom with guests at duttons in manchester manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-027 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-028 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-029 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-030 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-031 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-032 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-033 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-034 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-035 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-036 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-037 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-038 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-039 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-040 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-041 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-042 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-043 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-044 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-045 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-046 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-047 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-048 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-049 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-050 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-051 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-052 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-053 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-054 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-055 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-056

Did I mention how much I love photographing weddings at Manchester Town Hall….?

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-057 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-058 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-059 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-060 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-061 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-062 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-063 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-064

With a very tight schedule, it was off to Affleck’s  for a few shots, then a drive by The Midland for a few more…before meeting the guests outside the Town Hall for a few family photos…

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-065 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-066 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-067 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-068 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-069 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-070 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-071 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-072 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-073 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-074 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-075 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-076 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-077 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-078 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-079 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-080 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-081 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-082 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-083 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-084 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-085

Jacqui & David’s wedding reception was held in the Great Hall, with fantastic entertainment by The Stereo Soldiers

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-086 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-087 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-088 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-089 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-090 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-091 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-092 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-093 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-094 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-095 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-096 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-097 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-098 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-099 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-100 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-101 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-102 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-103 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-104 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-105 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-106 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-107 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-108 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-109 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-110 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-111 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-112 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-113 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-115 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-116 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-117 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-118 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-119 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photography-120

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Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photographer // Kat & Matt

Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photographer // Kat & Matt

Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Kat & Matt’s summer wedding photos from Manchester Town Hall

Kat & Matt were married recently at Manchester Town Hall, and commissioned me to be their Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photographer. I have to say, the Town Hall is still one of my top three wedding venues to work at – I never get tired of the place, whatever time of year. An early start saw me South Manchester-bound for Kat’s preparations with ‘the girls’. Incredibly relaxed (for a change) the morning ran like clockwork, with the usual to-ings and fro-ings of a wedding morning. Even a mild panic with one of the bridesmaid dresses was swiftly handled by Matt’s mum – a bit of an expert seamstress I was told by Kat…..and she was correct! No problem! Here’s some of my favourite images from my being a Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photographer…

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-001manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-002 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-003 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-004 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-005 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-006 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-007 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-008 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-009 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-010 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-011 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-012 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-013 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-014

When the flowers arrived, the excitement started to build, the champagne was opened and the noise levels went up a few clicks….we were just over two hours away from the ceremony now…..not long at all…

And the time allocated for me to take Kat’s dress shots was extended…we were actually ahead of time too…..which was nice. I love Manchester City Centre weddings; I have to travel light, and work that little bit harder, and leaving some of my kit back at home, my kit bag was lighter than usual. Catching up with Matt and the boys at The Slug and Lettuce, there was all the time in the world it seemed…all incredibly relaxed. I had to keep checking the town hall clock opposite to make sure it hadn’t stopped! 😉  I have to mention – I think my job is exciting and love every minute of it. But Matt? He (just) flies helicopters!

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-015 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-016 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-017 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-018 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-019 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-020 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-021 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-022 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-023 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-024 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-025 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-026 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-027 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-028 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-029 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-030 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-031 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-032 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-033 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-034

Again, bang on time arrived a rather giddy and excited Kat with her bridesmaids. Time enough for a few bridal portraits outside the famous entrance, and we were off up the stairs to the ceremony room, where the guests were all assembled, and Matt and Best Man Tom – who, incidentally looks nothing like Ross Kemp (erm…) were sharing a few private jokes…well out of my earshot anyway.

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-035 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-036 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-037 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-038 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-039 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-040 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-041 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-042 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-043 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-044 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-045 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-046 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-047 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-048 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-049

After the ceremony, we spent 20 mins outside in the courtyard of the Town hall. We were planning a trip to Castlefield, but fell in love with the unusual cobbled and gothic -looking backdrops for the bride and groom portraits. It was a great call -no travelling ensured we could utilise the time to shoot both outside, and inside…even with a touch of off-camera flash for added value!

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-050 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-051 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-052 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-053 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-054 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-055 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-056 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-057 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-058 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-059 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-060 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-061 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-062 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-063 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-064 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-065 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-066 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-067 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-068

From the wedding breakfast and speeches, we were fairly quickly into the evening celebrations; cake cut first dance, live band…awesome pace to this wedding…

manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-072 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-069 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-070 manchester-town-hall-wedding-photographer-071

If you’re planning a Manchester Town Hall wedding and would like to see more of my work, why not get in touch?


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Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography – Jude & Daz

Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography – Jude & Daz

Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photographer

Celebrating The Wedding of Jude & Daz at The Castlefield Rooms



“Amazing day captured by your outstanding photography expertise and talent….Thank you very much!”

Judith and Darren – aka Jude & Daz were married recently at The Castlefield Rooms in Manchester. The perfect venue for an urban, city centre wedding, I was really pleased to be working back there producing the couple’s Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography. It was Manchester after all…so we got the perfect ‘Manchester Rain’ for this July day! Ah well….this was never going to put us off… 😉

hilton manchester

The day started by my dropping in on Jude and the girls at The Hilton, finding them in the very capable hands of top Make Up Artist Sonara Parker, and much in-demand hair stylist Duncan Fisher. Talking of capable hands – it was great working with Ben again from Wedding Videography Manchester (

wedding dress castlefield castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-04 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-05 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-06 duncan fisher castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-08 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-09 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-10 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-11 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-12 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-13 sonara parker wedding manchester skyline wedding rings castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-17 groom in mirror

Daz and Best Man Pete were getting ready a few floors below the girls, taking next to no time at all to get ready, apart from the buttonholes. Always a challenge this one!

castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-19 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-20 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-21 flower girl castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-23 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-24 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-25 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-26 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-27 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-28 dukes '92 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-30

So with the rian in full tilt, we headed off to The Castlefield Rooms and Dukes ’92 to meet and greet the guests arriving. The bridesmaids and Jude weren’t far behind…let it rain!

castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-31 ben mottershead castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-33 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-34 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-35 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-36 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-37 bentley wedding car castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-39 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-40 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-41 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-42 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-43 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-44 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-45 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-46 champagne reception castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-48 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-49 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-50 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-51 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-52 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-53 groom laughing castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-55 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-56 castlefield castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-58 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-59 castlefield bridal party castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-61 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-62

castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-63 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-65 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-66

So…’my studio for the day’ was under a viaduct, Coronation Street-style!! What rain… 😉

castlefield rooms wedding castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-67 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-68 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-69 castlefield-rooms-speeches castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-71 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-72 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-73 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-74 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-75 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-76

With a brilliant set of speeches – Pete’s being set to the tune of song ‘Let It Go’ – hilarious and cutting, it was time for the brilliant Acoustic Connection to entertain us.

castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-77 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-78 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-79 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-80 the acoustic connection

…and this is how good they were…. here’s ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis…castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-90 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-91 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-92 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-93 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-94 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-95 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-96

If you’d like to discuss options for your Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography, please get in touch for a no-obligation chat over a coffee…


The Midland Wedding Photography // Donna & Mark

The Midland Wedding Photography // Donna & Mark

The Midland Wedding Photography

Donna & Mark’s wedding at The Midland in Manchester

Here is an example of The Midland wedding photography I produced in August for Donna & Mark. Hailing from North Manchester, the couple were married at their local church – St Mary’s in Failsworth. Donna’s preparations were undertaken at The Midland – a lively affair with the bridesmaids and mum all forming an orderly queue for their turn ‘in the chair’ 😉 Donna’s dad sat quietly in the next room, trying to switch off from the giggles and general chaos going on in the main suite. I spent a good hour or so with the girls as well-wishers came and went, the flowers arrived…as did a concerned brother with ‘buttonhole problems’ – you know, the usual stuff that goes on during the hustle and bustle of wedding day preparations. Timed to perfection, I left The Midland to catch up with Sean Peters, who was on video duties. I’ve worked with Sean a couple of times, and can thoroughly recommend him, his work and jovial sarcasm…a good lad to have around on Wedding Days..

All went swimmingly in church, with quiet, almost military-precision, helped by a brilliant priest, who ‘allowed us to do our

job, while he did his…’ Thank you. But then a spanner was thrown into the works; heading back into Manchester, to The

Midland was not going to be easy. The roads surrounding the venue were closed due to a march, so navigating through town was tricky to say the least. That’s the good thing about shooting weddings ‘live’ and relatively unstaged. I had to think on my feet for a location to shoot some formal images, as close to the hotel as possible before the road blocks…hmmm. Tricky, but the Hotspur Press building came to mind. I’ve never shot it before, but thought the aged, crumbling purple walls would look great as an urban backdrop. And it did. Not bad, seeing as we literally had only 10 minutes to shoot everything. Stripes. Earned. 😉

Back at The Midland, normal service was quickly resumed with a few family groups shots, plus uninterrupted wedding breakfast, speeches and first dance….all live and ‘happening’, without me having to even speak to anybody, apart from Sarky Sean…. 😉

Nikon D3s and D700 cameras were on duty for this one, coupled with 24-70mm, 85mm, and 35mm lenses…and as ever, your feedback is welcomed.

If you’re planning to get married at The Midland, why not get in touch to view more of my work over a coffee?

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Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography – Jude & Daz

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White Hart Lydgate Wedding Photography // Katie & Andrew

White Hart Lydgate Wedding Photography // Katie & Andrew


White Hart Lydgate Wedding Photographer

Highlights from Maria & Steven’s brilliant day at this stunning Lancashire wedding venue

 white hart weddings

Katie and Andrew were married recently at Christ Church in Friezland, with a reception at The White Hart in Lydgate; allowing me to share with you an example of my White Hart Lydgate wedding photography, sourced and commissioned from finding my work featured in Little White Books.


When I arrived at Katie’s house, she was (literally) in the safe hands of talented make up artist Nina Wren, along with her four bridesmaids. With clockwork precision, the flowers duly arrived, safely delivered in the now famous Red Floral Architecture van, and Mat and the team yet again didn’t fail to impress everyone with the ‘wow’ factor only they produce – sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – nobody comes close to Mat and the team when they’re in full tilt on a wedding. The arrangements – both at the venue, and the church plus the overall design and ‘feel’  is just stunning. Maybe one day, somebody will prove me wrong… 😉 Whilst I was at Kate HQ, my colleague Jason was a mile or two down the road with the groomsmen. Between us, the four Nikons and a bag full of prime lenses, we were busy from the word go…


A phone call from the Far East, half expected came in as Katie was halfway through her makeup and hair preparations. Totally live and unstaged, I love this shot of Kate talking to her friend on speakerphone! With me on videography duties was John Wilson – highly regarded as a top quality wedding videographer.


Meanwhile back at Andrew HQ, the usual ‘stress’ of positioning and fastening buttonholes was well underway. I’m asked every week…I still don’t know! 😉


I rarely work with a second photographer, unless client requests, or geographics dictate. This was one occasion where  client wanted more time spent ‘on camera’ with both her and Andrew, so I got to spend some quality time shooting some natural portraits of Kate as she was ready to leave for Church…

white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography22white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography23white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography24white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography25christ church friezlandwhite_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography27white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography28white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography29white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography30horgans cars

Wedding cars came via Horgan’s – and what else to drive Katie than this little number with her name on the side! A top choice, expertly driven by Steve! (Well, he never gets a mention…)


Katie was played down the aisle in style by Dobcross Youth Band. Unique, and a brilliant touch to the day, the sound of brass seemed perfectly apt for the wedding ceremony. The church organ sat quietly waiting for the hymns and the playout for the end…


From a brilliantly paced ceremony, overseen by Fr Chris Halliday – who, incidentally allowed the photographers and videographers full reign to do their job…which we did, expertly and unobtrusively, keeping the attention on the happy couple and not us. As it should be… 😉


From church, it was a whistle-stop trip to a small vantage point overlooking Saddleworth for a few formal images. Great fun trying to get Kate over a style surrounded by barbed wire. Proper trooper though, that lass – nailed it perfectly without even a spot of mud on her beautiful dress! Battling the early afternoon sun, I opted for a bit of fill-flash. Not my usual style, but perfectly fitting for Kate and Andrew’s style of wedding coverage.

white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography49white hart lydgate wedding photographywhite_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography51white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography52white hart lydgate wedding photographywhite hart lydgate

After thirty minutes, we were at The White Hart for the reception, played in by a stunning string quartet – the happy couple, not me! Then off to the wedding breakfast room, stunning and typical of Red Floral Architecture….a mini hanging gardens of Babylon. Just beautiful – and I know nowt about flowies… 😉

white hart lydgate wedding receptionwhite_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography56white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography57wedding cake oldhamwhite_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography59white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography60white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography61white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography62white hart lydgate wedding photographerwhite_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography64white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography65wedding speeches at white hartwhite_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography67white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography68white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography69white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography70

With the wedding breakfast and speeches finished, we, yet again – jumped a wall and a style / barbed wire fence combination for a few sunset images….and the video cameramen had to come along too, cameras, tripods, all over the dry stone wall….organised chaos, but well worth it. Thanks Kate & Andrew (again).

bride and groom saddleworthwhite_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography73white_hart_lydgate_wedding_photography74

And there we have it – a brilliant, fun-filled day at a stunning rural wedding venue.

If you’d like to see more of my extensive wedding portfolio, you can contact me below for more information…


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Lowry Theatre Wedding Photographer // Rebecca & Mike

Lowry Theatre Wedding Photographer // Rebecca & Mike

Lowry Theatre Wedding Photographer

Rebecca & Mike’s wedding at The Lowry Theatre, Salford



Rebecca & Mike were married at The Lowry recently, allowing me scope to show more of my Lowry Theatre Wedding Photography. Here are some from their collection…


I caught up with Becs having her makeup applied at her parents’ house. She’d been to the hairdressers with the girls and now everyone had disbanded to regroup before the cars arrived. My session with becs and her family was short in comparison, but I was asked to do my own thing and cover the wedding day as time (and our schedule) allowed. We did ok – but it was a 30 minute journey through Manchester to get to The Lowry, so timekeeping was paramount.

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer003 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer004 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer005 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer006 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer007 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer008

Weddings are all about family. This image, though seemingly ‘ordinary’ now, will mean a lot to this little girl in later years…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer009 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer010 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer012 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer013 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer014 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer015

Just before I had to leave, there was just enough time for a wild west-style camera shootout. I lost this one, but live to shoot another day…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer016 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer017 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer018 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer019 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer020

Once at The Lowry, guests were gathering for this special family event; lots of hugs, lots of smiles, plus a very tight-lipped Best Man over the content of his speech!

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer021 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer022 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer023

Becs and the girls arrived slightly late, in funky modern VW Beetle and clssic campervans. Slightly nervous, (Becs was not really one for being the centre of attention), our bride was in good hands, Dad Mike at the helm, steadying the ship…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer024 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer025 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer026 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer027lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer028 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer029

Back in the Octagon Room, a slightly nervous Mike was awaiting the love of his life – a love who insisted she wouldn’t be crying on the day. Yeah, we’ll see… 😉

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer031 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer032 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer033 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer034

…and the tears of happiness came. For both of them. Told ya…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer035 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer036 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer037 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer038

With the ceremony finished, it was time to gather in the bar for champagne and canapes – plus the obligatory cheek kisses. be rude not to!

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer039 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer040 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer041 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer042 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer043 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer044 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer045 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer046 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer047 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer049 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer051 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer052

Then we were off outside after a few minutes’ Bride & Groom portraits, for some family group imageslowry-theatre-wedding-photographer050 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer054

As the guests made their way up to the Compass Room, we hung back for a few minutes to shoot a few more Bride & Groom images. Time to chill out and reflect on the day so far…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer053 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer055lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer056 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer057 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer058 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer059 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer060 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer074 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer075 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer061 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer063 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer065 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer066 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer067 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer064 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer077 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer078 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer079 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer080 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer081 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer082lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer083 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer084 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer085 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer086 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer087 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer088 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer089 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer090

After the wedding breakfast, the speeches arrived. Heartfelt, touching and from the heart, the two Mikes took to the stage and delivered themsleves brilliantly…but now it was time for the Best Man….

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer092 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer095 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer094

Imagine Peter Kay crossed with Jimmy Carr. That was the Best Man. Hilarious, cutting, but at the same time honest about his best mate Mike – this speech should have been recorded. Sadly it wasn’t, but trust me, one of the best speeches ever!lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer093 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer096 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer097 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer098 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer100 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer101

As the speeches finished, a magnificent rainbow appeared. Sadly, we couldn’t get down to the ground, so couldn’t see all of the arc, but we did our best with our limited view of it…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer104 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer105 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer107 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer103

As Peter the DJ was setting up, we had chance for one more shot. This one…


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