Lowry Wedding Photography

Highlights from Alex & James’wedding at this stunning Media City wedding venue


The Lowry Wedding Photography

Revisited – Alex & James’ brilliant wedding at The Lowry . The couple asked me to produce their Lowry Theatre Wedding Photography, and it’s a total no-brainer. How could I refuse? I love working at The Lowry. A totally unique wedding venue, and being primarily a Manchester Wedding Photographer, I really enjoy photographing urban, funky weddings.

the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer001 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer002 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer003 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer004 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer005 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer006

I met Alex and her girls at a nearby hotel, where they were getting ready. The church was to be Our Lady & The Apostles in Stockport, which limited my time with the girls somewhat – but we had a plan, and everything was running like clockwork.

the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer007 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer008 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer009 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer010 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer011 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer012 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer013 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer014 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer015 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer016 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer017 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer018 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer019 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer020 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer021 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer022 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer023

I arrived at church slightly early, and caught up with James and the guests as they arrived. The excitement was building now – James’ university mates were winding him up and cracking jokes, but he took it all in good stride. He had no choice really…

the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer024 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer025 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer026 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer027 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer028 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer029 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer030 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer031 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer032 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer033 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer034 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer035

Alex arrived bang on time too, and escorted by proud dad, seemingly ‘floated’ down the aisle towards a slightly nervous-looking James. The Priest was brilliant – he gave me free reign to shoot where and what I needed to. Thanks! Unusually for me, I used a 70-200mm lens on one of the Nikons. The light was good, and this setup gave me lots of scope for good images.

the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer036 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer037 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer038 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer039 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer040 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer041 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer042

As Alex’ friend sang a solo in church, I caught this tearful glance…

the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer043 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer044 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer045the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer046

Then we were outside into the blazing sunshine to ‘kiss a thousand cheeks’ and start the celebrations…

the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer047 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer048 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer049 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer050

As the guests were making their way to The Lowry, we took the (pre-scheduled) opportunity to shoot a few informal Bride & Groom portraits. The sun was in full tilt by now – harsh and hot. Who cares! Beats the rain any day…mostly 😉

the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer051 wedding dress detail at the lowry bride photographed at the lowry the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer054 bride and groom married at the lowry the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer057 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer058 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer059 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer060 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer061 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer062 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer063 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer064 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer065 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer066 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer067 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer068

One of the guests couldn’t make the wedding, being based overseas. So, he donned a wedding suit to match the groomsmen and sent a life-sized photo cutout of himself to be at the reception…and the group shots…yes, see if you can spot him….

the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer069 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer070 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer071 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer072 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer073 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer074 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer075 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer076 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer077 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer078 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer079 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer080 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer082 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer083 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer084 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer085 wedding photography at the lowry wedding photography at the lowry the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer088 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer089 wedding photography at the lowry wedding photography at the lowry the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer092 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer093 the compass room at the lowry

The Compass Room at The Lowry

Up into the Compass Room for the wedding breakfast and speeches. As the newlyweds entered the room, the blinds lowered in synch as they walked around. Clever and very effective!

the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer095 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer096 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer097 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer098 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer099 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer100 the compass room at the lowry the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer102 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer103 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer104

Not to be outdone, the good lady herself stood up and gave a brilliant, funny and heartfelt speech!

the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer105 bride giving a speech bride giving a speech at the lowry the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer108 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer109 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer110 groom speech in the compass room the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer112 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer113 wedding in the compass room the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer115 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer116 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer117 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer118 top table laughing at speeches the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer120 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer121 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer122 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer123 first dance in the compass room the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer125 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer126 the-lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer127

The Compass Room is an amazing part of the venue, with almost 360 degrees panaromic views, and looks stunning at sunset, as the light fades and the DJ lighting starts to take over.

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