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Rebecca & Mike’s wedding at The Lowry Theatre, Salford



Rebecca & Mike were married at The Lowry recently, allowing me scope to show more of my Lowry Theatre Wedding Photography. Here are some from their collection…


I caught up with Becs having her makeup applied at her parents’ house. She’d been to the hairdressers with the girls and now everyone had disbanded to regroup before the cars arrived. My session with becs and her family was short in comparison, but I was asked to do my own thing and cover the wedding day as time (and our schedule) allowed. We did ok – but it was a 30 minute journey through Manchester to get to The Lowry, so timekeeping was paramount.

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer003 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer004 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer005 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer006 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer007 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer008

Weddings are all about family. This image, though seemingly ‘ordinary’ now, will mean a lot to this little girl in later years…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer009 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer010 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer012 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer013 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer014 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer015

Just before I had to leave, there was just enough time for a wild west-style camera shootout. I lost this one, but live to shoot another day…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer016 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer017 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer018 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer019 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer020

Once at The Lowry, guests were gathering for this special family event; lots of hugs, lots of smiles, plus a very tight-lipped Best Man over the content of his speech!

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer021 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer022 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer023

Becs and the girls arrived slightly late, in funky modern VW Beetle and clssic campervans. Slightly nervous, (Becs was not really one for being the centre of attention), our bride was in good hands, Dad Mike at the helm, steadying the ship…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer024 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer025 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer026 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer027lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer028 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer029

Back in the Octagon Room, a slightly nervous Mike was awaiting the love of his life – a love who insisted she wouldn’t be crying on the day. Yeah, we’ll see… ūüėČ

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer031 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer032 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer033 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer034

…and the tears of happiness came. For both of them. Told ya…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer035 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer036 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer037 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer038

With the ceremony finished, it was time to gather in the bar for champagne and canapes – plus the obligatory cheek kisses. be rude not to!

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer039 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer040 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer041 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer042 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer043 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer044 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer045 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer046 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer047 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer049 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer051 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer052

Then we were off outside after a few minutes’ Bride & Groom portraits, for some family group imageslowry-theatre-wedding-photographer050 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer054

As the guests made their way up to the Compass Room, we hung back for a few minutes to shoot a few more Bride & Groom images. Time to chill out and reflect on the day so far…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer053 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer055lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer056 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer057 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer058 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer059 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer060 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer074 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer075 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer061 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer063 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer065 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer066 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer067 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer064 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer077 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer078 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer079 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer080 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer081 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer082lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer083 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer084 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer085 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer086 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer087 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer088 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer089 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer090

After the wedding breakfast, the speeches arrived. Heartfelt, touching and from the heart, the two Mikes took to the stage and delivered themsleves brilliantly…but now it was time for the Best Man….

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer092 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer095 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer094

Imagine Peter Kay crossed with Jimmy Carr. That was the Best Man. Hilarious, cutting, but at the same time honest about his best mate Mike – this speech should have been recorded. Sadly it wasn’t, but trust me, one of the best speeches ever!lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer093 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer096 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer097 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer098 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer100 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer101

As the speeches finished, a magnificent rainbow appeared. Sadly, we couldn’t get down to the ground, so couldn’t see all of the arc, but we did our best with our limited view of it…

lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer104 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer105 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer107 lowry-theatre-wedding-photographer103

As Peter the DJ was setting up, we had chance for one more shot. This one…


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