Leighton Hall Wedding Photography

Katie & Will tie the knot at Leighton Hall

Katie & Will invited me to photograph their wedding day at Leighton Hall, allowing me the opportunity to demonstrate my Leighton Hall Wedding Photography. It was my first time at Leighton Hall, and I have to say – I simply fell in love with the place. Instantly one of my top three wedding venues of all time, expertly run by owner Suzie and daughter Lucy, Leighton Hall has everything for a ‘classic’ wedding.

leighton hall wedding photographer01leighton hall wedding photographer02leighton hall wedding photographer03leighton hall wedding photographer04

My pre-planned schedule had me arriving slightly early to catch up with Katie and the girls at The Longlands Hotel. I was surprised to see long-term colleague from film and TV, (and now Weddings), Laura Mayers from The Bridal Make-Up Team on duty! Normally we know in advance when we’re working together, but on this occasion it was all a lovely surprise…

leighton hall wedding photographer05leighton hall wedding photographer06leighton hall wedding photographer07

My schedule was such that I had time to nip down the road to Pine Lake, catching up with the lads’ getting ready. I say ready….none of them were, so they hurriedly threw some trousers on and braved the October chill for a few erm, ‘formals…’

leighton hall wedding photographer09

leighton hall wedding photographer08

Curiously, BOTH the above images were not staged, and taken around ten minutes apart….spooky!

leighton hall wedding photographer10leighton hall wedding photographer11leighton hall wedding photographer12leighton hall wedding photographer13

From Longlands, it was off to Kendal Parish Church for the ceremony – to be undertaken by Will’s Grandfather; a lovely touch to the proceedings.

leighton hall wedding photographer14leighton hall wedding photographer15leighton hall wedding photographer16leighton hall wedding photographer17leighton hall wedding photographer18leighton hall wedding photographer19leighton hall wedding photographer20

As the girls arrived, the excitement was reaching a crescendo, with a mild, steady buzz around the church…

leighton hall wedding photographer21leighton hall wedding photographer22leighton hall wedding photographer23leighton hall wedding photographer24leighton hall wedding photographer25leighton hall wedding photographer26leighton hall wedding photographer27leighton hall wedding photographer28leighton hall wedding photographer29

…and after the brilliant ceremony, we were off ‘down the aisle’ and outside to face a complete battering of confetti and rice. Good job I could run backwards!

leighton hall wedding photographer30leighton hall wedding photographer31leighton hall wedding photographer32leighton hall wedding photographer33leighton hall wedding photographer34leighton hall wedding photographer35leighton hall wedding photographer36leighton hall wedding photographer37leighton hall wedding photographer39leighton hall wedding photographer40leighton hall wedding photographer41leighton hall wedding photographer42leighton hall wedding photographer43leighton hall wedding photographer44

With our customary twenty minute bride & groom portrait session finished, it was back inside Leighton Hall for canapes, plus a few family group images, before heading inside to the charming dining room for the wedding breakfast. The charm of Leighton is that it is a real home, lived in by real people, and the atmosphere is truly wonderful.

leighton hall wedding photographer45leighton hall wedding photographer46leighton hall wedding photographer47leighton hall wedding photographer48leighton hall wedding photographer49leighton hall wedding photographer50leighton hall wedding photographer51leighton hall wedding photographer52leighton hall wedding photographer53leighton hall wedding photographer54leighton hall wedding photographer55leighton hall wedding photographer56leighton hall wedding photographer57leighton hall wedding photographer58leighton hall wedding photographer59leighton hall wedding photographer60

With the brilliantly entertaining speeches out of the way, it was time to ‘get a breather’…the room must have been in the 80’s temperature-wise with all the guests enjoying the speeches  in the dining room. October? More like July… 😉

leighton hall wedding photographer61leighton hall wedding photographer62

As the evening drew in, it was time to get the party started. With a live band playing their first dance, Katie and Will led the way to full-on dancing and fun till the wee hours. I quietly left things in full tilt and pointed the Volvo towards the M6, and home…

leighton hall wedding photographer63leighton hall wedding photographer64


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