Wedding Photographer Manchester // Four Brides



L-R Jacq, Kate, Rachel and Jo

Featured above is one of my favourite wedding images. Taken in Achill, Co Mayo, bride Kate is having a formal image of her, sister-in law Rachel and two best friends Jacqueline and Jo. Taken in Keem Bay in May, this shot with the girls posing in the sea was deliberately set up. Giggling and slightly nervous, they got into position, just as I hoped a wave would spook them. It did! Perfectly, and we nailed the shot. The girls were all great fun and we had a good laugh about it afterwards. 😉 The reason I’m posting this, is the fact, that not only is it one of my personal iconic images, it’s a photograph of four friends – all of whom have, or will become brides with me as their wedding photographer.

It all started with Rachel & Sean, married just outside Dublin at Powerscourt. A truly magical wedding, at a truly lovely location – think Tatton Park in three layered steps…stunning!


From Rachel & Sean’s Dublin wedding, came the call from Kate & Michael. They were to be married on Achill Island – a lovely, almost ‘Hebridean’ area – very different from Powerscourt and Dublin. Kate & Michael were married in Achill with full-on Irish wedding celebration…till 6am! This included the local Achill Pipe Band marching in as a surprise for the couple just after their first dance! Kate duly grabbed the batton, put down her champagne and marched the band around the dancefloor, the hotel…and out into town….brilliant! Amidst the friendly and organised chaos that is an Irish wedding, we had time for a few formal images, both at church and on the beach at Keem.


There was also a very good reason we switched to shoot at the beach…the wind wasn’t as strong as it was back up in town…as you can see… 😉


Again, a very different fun-filled wedding in Ireland…and a 16hr shooting day for me…


Fast forward a couple of years, and the call came in from Jacqueline, who was marrying Rich in Manchester. The ceremony was at Jacq’s local church in Whitefield, then it was on for another Irish, full-on celebration at The Radisson in Manchester. No formals on this wedding, Jacq & Rich felt that there was no need to interrupt the celebrations, so I had full permission to go and do my thing. Brilliant! So, from Whitefield, we headed to Castlefield for a few portraits, while the guests made their way to the venue. I love shooting weddings in Manchester, and especially Castlefield, where I try to look for something new, or making the available light work for me. Shot live, with little direction from myself, we achieved this image –  another of my all-time favourites. And, taken against a brick wall!


And so…fast forward again to 2014 and Jo has married David at St Vincent’s Church and The Bowdon Rooms at their Christmas Wedding. A beautifully relaxed wedding day full of atmosphere, emotion…(and plummeting temperatures!), but a brilliant wedding to be part of…thank you! Jo & David just let me ‘do my thing’ with little to no formal images. And their wedding collection reflects a very natural set of images with no cheese!

And there we have it –  FOUR Brides, ONE photographer…. 😉