Manchester Family Photographer // Baby Marcia

Manchester Family Photographer // Baby Marcia

When not being a Manchester Wedding Photographer, I get to be a Manchester Family Photographer! This time, I was contacted by Stefan – aka The Tall Toastmaster to come and photograph his and Nic’s baby girl Marcia. How could I refuse?

baby photography manchester family-photographer-manchester-002 mum with baby family-photographer-manchester-004 family-photographer-manchester-005 family-photographer-manchester-006 dad with baby family-photographer-manchester-008

Armed with a Nikon D750 with a 60mm macro lens, I shot most of the session in my documentary style, with a few ‘softer’ images lit via a bounced flashgun. and  NO fluffy white rug in sight!! 😉

baby photographer manchester family-photographer-manchester-010 family-photographer-manchester-011

So, armed with a Nikon D750 and a single flashgun for soft bounce, I spent an hour in their company…

parents with baby baby in mirror family-photographer-manchester-014 family-photographer-manchester-015 family-photographer-manchester-016 family-photographer-manchester-017 family-photographer-manchester-018 family-photographer-manchester-019 family-photographer-manchester-020 family-photographer-manchester-021 family-photographer-manchester-022

…which soon passed! But we took the hint when Marcia’s yawns became ever more animated. But we had it in the bag…


If you’d like to discuss a family shoot, why not get in touch?


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When Olivia texted me for this shoot, I couldn’t say no. This was to be a family shoot with a difference. Four generations, yes,  four – gathered in Heaton Park for some Autumn fun. I’d photographed Olivia and Ian’s wedding at Styal Lodge a few years back…in fact, theirs was the first wedding at the lodge!

So, we gathered on a typical ‘Manchester Tuesday’ in October, hoping the rain would hold off (we’d got our fingers crossed on this, time was pressing – two of the ladies had to travel home!) and went for it. Daughter, Mum, Granny and ‘Dear’ (doesn’t like to be called Great Granny!) captured in a couple of hours’ walk in the park for posterity. We warmed up with a few portraits on the lions…well, in Heaton Park it’s de rigueur… 😉


From the lions, we went to The Orangery for a few shots amongst the flowers. Little Evangeline – obviously the star of the show, was in full flight. Not content with looking at flowers, spotted something even more exciting. A muddy puddle. Personally, I think Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for! But, in we went, as Evangeline ran back and forth, soaking both herself and me in the process…but it was worth it!


A quick game of ‘Peeka’ followed by a seemingly endless run of ‘Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses’ brought little Evangeline back from the edge of Boredom, and gave her a second wind. From chasing squirrels, to a leaf fight, the walk had it all. And, we even stopped in the cafe for a coffee while Evangeline played ‘kitchen’..



This shoot was very different from others I’ve done. Looking at these images, they are absolutely priceless. All four generations in the one frame, captured for posterity. I know that these images will be cherished more and more as the years roll on. And…I know, you all know this, but images like these are very important in documenting family life. Whether you hire a professional to capture images like these, or shoot your own;  just having them to look back on is paramount. And to get them printed – in books, on photographic paper, is even more important, once the digital files become obsolete as the formats change in the future (remember VHS?) Food for thought…


So thanks ladies for having me on board with this family shoot. A very special two hours, and a very special feeling of witnessing four generations in one frame.

Do you have a story to tell – or simply fancy a family shoot for posterity. Please get in touch…

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Here’s another example of my Family Photographer Manchester work. Little Nanci was photographed both at her home, and down the road at the local park. Mum commissioned me for the two hour session, wanting some really natural shots of her little girl, since (like all children) she was growing up so quickly…

So, armed with a couple of Nikons and a few lenses, I went over to Nanci’s home and made friends with her. She was shy at first, but after ten minutes, she was telling me all about her cups and saucer set, taking me by the hand to see her ‘hidey place’ in the kitchen…oh, and her new yellow wellington boots!

It has its place,  but it’s not top of my list the sterile white backgrounds, fluffy rugs and posing stools for babies and children shoots. I do shoot studio work, but prefer to photograph families and kids in their natural environment, using as much natural light as possible. Sometimes it’s not possible – half of these interior images had flash on them, triggered remotely via radio triggers – set to boost the (fairly poor) natural light available, and not look obvious. Hopefully you’ll agree…


So…armed with her new wellies, her bag packed full of teacups and teapot, young Nanci decided to leave home, No reason, she just waved us all bye bye and left. It was hilarious…


So, onto the park, braving the wind, and Nanci, Mum Catherine and Dad Martin were on full lookout as the little ‘un tried everything she could get to…or at least attempt it! She was in her element, waving to me constantly and giving us all a running commentary (in toddler-speak) as to what she was doing. She lasted a good half hour before hunger and tiredness kicked in (see the last image). But we got what we wanted. Mum and dad are well pleased. And Nanci? She’s happy – she has new wellybobs and a teapot..oh, and these images to potentially appear on her wedding day… 😉


If you’d like to book a family shoot, please get in touch…

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I’m asked more and more these days “Do you photograph families?” So, for 2014 I’ve added a new photograph service. Normally, I’m a ‘Manchester Wedding Photographer’, but now I can be a ‘Family Photographer Manchester’ for those proud parents who’d like their little angels photographed…alongside themselves of course! You’ll notice a distinct lack of sterile white studio backgrounds here, and big lights. We can do all that obviously, but it’s just not ‘me’. Not with the little chaos-spreading tornadoes we call toddlers and children. These special little VIPs get the same treatment as all my wedding clients receive. Unobtrusive, natural light photography at home, in the garden…or at a favourite location. The choice is yours. But, what’s more important is that I connect with them, and get down to their way of thinking. Being a father myself, I find it quite easy to roll around on the floor being a robot – heck, I have to be a Fairy Prince sometimes for my little girl…and yes, you can keep a lid on the comments, thanks… 😉

family_photographer_manchester_01family_photographer_manchester_02family_photographer_manchester_03Vicky & Ian invited me to photograph their daughter Martha. Vicky is expecting a little brother or sister for Martha in a couple of months, so they wanted a simple, classic record of Martha being, well, Martha – at home, and on her own patch. The session took around an hour, and it took a few minutes for Martha to get used to me being there, but suddenly she just did her own thing and left me to it. Occasionally she’d stop and weigh me up…that on the big black camera I was holding. Once she’d seen a few images of herself on the screen, she was more than happy to let me crawl around while she watched some of her favourite programmes on TV. In fact, I got the distinct impression she was taking the mickey out of me, as only a twenty month old can…hmmm…

family_photographer_manchester_04family_photographer_manchester_05family_photographer_manchester_06family_photographer_manchester_07family_photographer_manchester_08family_photographer_manchester_09family_photographer_manchester_10family_photographer_manchester_11family_photographer_manchester_12family_photographer_manchester_13family_photographer_manchester_15family_photographer_manchester_16family_photographer_manchester_17family_photographer_manchester_18Look carefully at the image below, and you’ll see more of my work on the wall – a canvas from Vicky & Ian’s wedding day a year or two back. Still looks great and brings back some good memories of that day in Chorley and The Last Drop Village.

family_photographer_manchester_19family_photographer_manchester_20family_photographer_manchester_21family_photographer_manchester_22family_photographer_manchester_23family_photographer_manchester_24family_photographer_manchester_25So…there you have it, a short, child-friendly photoshoot, with some classic images to cherish for ever..or until Martha’s wedding day, when I’m sure one or two of them will appear as part of the Father Of The Bride’s speech…don’t panic Ian, it won’t be for a good while yet mate!

To see more of my family shoots, CLICK HERE. I have more booked in for February / March onwards – but if the weather doesn’t deter you, why not get in touch and book your session now?

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NEW for 2014 –  FAMILY SHOOTS!

Why not treat yourselves to something bespoke and unique? Book a family shoot in for Winter, and put a little wall art up in your home. A little different to the usual, the shoots have the same approach as I do for my wedding photography – natural, relaxed and shows you at your best. No cheesy poses (unless you want to!), just a two hour session at a location of your choice…in the weather of your choice too! With no demands on you, or expectations to look all ‘magazine glamorous’, it’s about capturing the real you and creating images you’ll love for years to come.


So – wrap up warm when the snow comes, or go for a country walk with your wellies on…whatever you fancy! You don’t need to be a family (yet) either – a two hour portrait session might just be the thing to clear those post Christmas or Winter ‘Blues’, and possibly prepare yourself just in case a certain question gets popped? 😉 It’s a great way to break the ice too, if you’re already engaged…

family_photographer_manchester_06family_photographer_manchester_07family_photographer_manchester_08family_photographer_manchester_10family_photographer_manchester_11We can shoot at any location you choose – somewhere that’s special to you, the Seaside, Local Park, Lake District*, City Centre…wherever. The images are your bespoke collection after all. And don’t worry about the weather, let’s go for it and have some fun!



With prices starting at £150.00 for a two-hour session, you get twenty  high resolution images to download, the choice of five 10″ x 8″ prints, or one 20″ x 16″, ready to be framed. Again, it’s no problem to tailor your package around you.

Of course you could also add a beautiful coffee table album , modern canvas print or a stunning acrylic print – very contemporary, and would look fantastic in your home. Go on…treat yourself and beat those ‘Winter Blues’…

For more details, contact me via the enquiry form…

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Remember, bad weather is atmospheric weather!!

(*for locations outside a 10 mile radius of Manchester, travel expenses will be charged)

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