Kelly & Mike were married recently in North Manchester – on a typical Manchester day too. Wet! With their ceremony at St John The Evangelist Church and reception at Norton Grange, this blog posts serves as an example of my Norton Grange Wedding Photography.

When I arrived at Kelly’s home, she was already in the very capable hands of Phoebe, one half of Flossy & Leigh – award-winning bridal makeup artists. A quieter, more calm start to the day for Kelly and her mum and bridesmaid, non of the usual organised chaos and hustle of an average wedding day. Nope, these girls took it all in their stride, with the champagne on ice – it was actually very relaxed and peaceful. Running to my schedule, I found we were under time – a rare treat, giving me a few minutes with Kelly for a few portraits, before leaving to catch up with Mike and the guests.


With a beautiful head piece, supplied by the uber-talented Ann McKavney at Eleventh Heaven, plus personalised bouquet by Jemma Holmes, Kelly was ready to go. What rain?


I caught up with Mike and his groomsmen in his local pub…difficult to spot from the main road, since it was in the middle of a total refurb. But…the vault was open, and that’s all we needed! That and a pint of water for the groom, who was feeling a little delicate after an impromptu late night… 😉


The church was a two-minute walk from the pub, even in the intermittent rain. I had time to shoot a few portraits of Mike too, before Kelly duly arrived…


And here she was – on time, smiling through the ‘non-wedding’ weather, with mum to proudly walk her down the aisle…


The minister, Matthew was brilliant – he let me do what I wanted, so obviously I respected my role and his environment to capture the ceremony from a couple of vantage points. In return I duly sent him some new images for his website. Take note please other ministers and registrars…it doesn’t have to be a 45 minute battle of nerves! Some of us wedding photographers actually respect what you do, and don’t turn things into a circus… 😉


After the ceremony, it was off down the motorway to Norton Grange –  a lovely venue, and where I photographed Jade & Lewis’ wedding last summer…


The rain stopped for a few minutes, allowing us time to grab a few portraits of the new Mr & Mrs Partington…


Then it was back inside for the wedding breakfast and speeches. Unusually, (and also a brilliant choice!) – Mike’s Best Man was his dad…who better?


And so, 7.30pm arrived, as did the evening guests, ready to swing their pants to a brilliant playlist, with the talented and very personable Nick Campbell on disc duties…after the first dance, it was time for me to depart, and the volume go up to eleven…


If you’re thinking of Norton Grange as your wedding venue, why not get in touch to discuss options for your wedding photography?