Dunham Massey Wedding Photography // Amarjit & Andrew

Dunham Massey Wedding Photography // Amarjit & Andrew


Amarjit and Andrew were married recently at Manchester University, with a reception at The Axe and Cleaver in Dunham Massey. I photographed Amarjit & Andrew’s E-Shoot recently on Stanage Edge, and we plan to go back for a post wedding shoot in summer.

Amarjit was a guest at a wedding I photographed a couple of years back, and it wasn’t until our viewing meeting that the penny dropped – Amarjit had featured in one of my favourite wedding images of all time, also taken at Dunham Massey – at their friends Rebecca and Andrew’s wedding…


One of my favourite images – a wedding walk through the grounds of Dunham Massey, from Rebecca & Andrew’s wedding – complete with a laughing Amarjit!


So I was honoured to be asked to produce their Dunham Massey Wedding Photography! Amarjit & Andrew’s wedding was an intimate, but classic event. From the The Axe and Cleaver, a vintage bus took and Andrew and the majority of the wedding party to the council chambers at Manchester University for the ceremony, whilst Amarjit was having her preparations at home.The University was chosen since it meant something special to the pair of them – they studied and graduated there…hence the tongue-in-cheek shoot at the top of the page…all good fun!

I remember shooting one of the very first weddings at the University, and it’s a fantastic venue to work at – efficiently run by Liz and the team. Christie’s Bistro is worth a visit alone, as is the museum…complete with scale replica T-Rex. The day went well, with the weather improving constantly from a drizzly start, to full-on sunshine for the ceremony and following proceedings…which made the difference – because there was ice cream to be had – twice in fact, both at the University and at Dunham. I missed the opportunity at the University…(was a little busy somehow!), but got to the back of the queue at Dunham, for a well earned ten-minute break, before we moved on for some formal images at the mill pond.

hese are some of my favourites from the day…mostly the D3s on duty for these….as ever, any comments are welcome!


Dunham Massey Wedding Photographer // Alex & Chris

Dunham Massey Wedding Photographer // Alex & Chris

Dunham Massey Wedding Photographer

Celebrating The Wedding of Alex & Chris at Dunham Massey


Alex & Chris were married at Dunham Massey recently. A proper summer wedding, meant ‘proper’ rain too…threatening to spoil the party. But as a ‘seasoned’ Dunham Massey Wedding Photographer, I was prepared for everything the weather could throw at us that day! No bridal preps were required for this wedding; nope, Alex wanted a little privacy, giving me chance to catch up with Chris and the guests at Church. The weather was not looking brilliant for the day, but fingers crossed things would brighten up a bit for us.

dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-001 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-002 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-003 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-004

Chris wanted the images to like very film-like. So…they are… 😉

dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-005 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-006 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-007 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-008 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-009 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-010 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-011 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-012 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-013 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-014 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-015 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-016 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-017 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-018 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-019 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-020 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-021 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-022 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-023 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-024 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-025 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-026 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-027 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-028 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-029 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-030 confetti at cheshire wedding bridal gown dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-033 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-034 married couple walking dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-036 bentley wedding car dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-038

By now things were brightening up, and looking a lot more hopeful…fingers crossed for the group shots! 😉

dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-040 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-042 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-043 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-044 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-045 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-046 dunham massey weddings dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-048 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-049 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-050 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-051 violinist at wedding dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-053 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-054 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-055 dunham massey hall dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-057 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-058

And…just after a few group shots, the sun appeared right on cue….brilliant! (no pun intended!)

dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-059 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-060 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-061 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-062 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-063 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-064 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-065 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-066 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-067

With a brilliant atmosphere, the restaurant was transformed into a stunning, rural-styled wedding breakfast room…

dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-068 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-069 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-070

Breaking with tradition, Chris was first up for the speeches…

dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-071 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-072 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-073 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-074 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-075 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-076 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-077 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-078 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-079 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-080 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-081 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-082 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-083 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-084 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-085 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-086 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-087 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-088 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-089 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-090 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-091 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-092 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-093 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-094 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-095 dunham-massey-wedding-photographer-096

With the party now in full swing, I quietly packed up and headed home….a brilliant day at Dunham Massey!

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