Chinese Wedding Photography // Amber & Felix

Chinese Wedding Photography // Amber & Felix

Chinese Wedding Photography

Amber & Felix’s pre-wedding photography in Cambridge

Chinese Wedding Photography

Amber and Felix commisioned me for their Chinese Wedding Photography in Cambridge. This was their pre-wedding engagement shoot, since they will be getting married soon back home…sadly, without me. Ah well. I’d first met Amber as a chief bridesmaid and best friend to Janet, who was married to Shaun at The Heath House in Staffordshire. Both ex-students of Mathematics at Magdalene College, Amber and Felix flew back for a few days and so we scheduled in a near-on full day shoot in and around Cambridge.

university of cambridge magdalene college chinese couple posing in Cambridge chinese couple wedding photo stylish chinese couple wedding photo

Magdalene College Cambridge Wedding Photography

I met Amber & Felix just before 3pm, so we could go for a late afternoon / early evening shoot; the light would be ok for the interiors, and would get better as the day progressed. A charming and incredibly friendly couple, they made me feel more at ease, than I did them…it’s not supposed to be that way round! Armed with their own MUA, we set off into the various colleges, shooting formal and informal images. Even the family jumped in for a few group shots before they had to leave. These are just some from the shoot…

magdalene college cambridge building chinese couple posing on a bench seat chinese bride and groom signs chines man kisses his partner on the cheek chinese bride posing in a doorway mono photo of a chinese couple chinses couple posing in Magdalene College Cambridge st johns college cambridge

St John’s College – a stunning location

From Magdalene, we headed off to St John’s College. Simply stunning, both inside and out. A photographer’s dream location with everything. I had to stop for a few minutes, just to take it all in, truly awesome. We sneaked out via the Bridge of Sighs for a relaxed set of portraits in front of the magnificent facade. Like Ninjas, we were shot and packed up in minutes. Shhh…you saw nothing! 😉

chinese-wedding-photography-14 silhouette of chinese wedding inside the arches of st johns college cambridge groom kisses his bride at the bridge of sighs stunning wedding photo outside st johns college cambridge atmospheric summer wedding photo Trinity college gates photo chinese-wedding-photography-21 chinese couple being intimate

Pre-Wedding Photography in Cambridge

We headed into town, and towards the rear of Kings College, via Trinity College and Trinity Lane. Like a film set, every street was perfect, every corner…perfect. We just had to dodge all the tourists and cyclists…hmmm easier said than done! Using the environment both as background, and as part of the actual photo, we combined the natural portraits of our couple, plus the hustle and bustle of the city…

stylish pose for a chinese bride blcak and white photo of a chinese couple at Kings College Cambridge chines bride looks towards her husband chines couple walking down trinity lane in cambridge romantic wedding photo in trinity lane stylish wedding photo in cambridge modern mono wedding image in cambridge bride and groom pose outside a telephone box close up of hand on telephone box handle bride and groom pose in front of red doors in cambridge stylish bride wearing a blue gown

Evening bridal portraits

We took a break for twenty minutes or so in a local coffee shop. The weather was closing in a bit and looking 50/50 which way it wanted to turn. Hmmm…so we carried on at a new location, complete with dress change for Amber. The day was looking a bit dull -not quite the sunset I wanted….still, we kept going, no problem. By now I was using a 35mm or an 85mm lens on a single body, to focus myselfon the job in hand…the toys stayed in the bag for now.

chinese-wedding-photography-35 chinese-wedding-photography-36 chinese coupl posing in a garden chinese-wedding-photography-38 chinese-wedding-photography-39 chinese couple posing outside Kings College Cambridge cambridge wedding at Kings College

…and this is the final shot of the day, taken in near darkness. Boy, I love the Nikon D750 / 85mm combination… 😉

Good luck to Amber and Felix, who will be married just before Christmas 2016….you are a lovely, lovely couple, and thank you for this briiliant shooting experience in Cambridge.

Get in touch and tell me about your Chinese Wedding…

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Chinese Wedding Photography // Amber & Felix

Chinese Wedding Photography Amber & Felix's pre-wedding photography in Cambridge Chinese Wedding Photography Amber and Felix commisioned me for their Chinese Wedding Photography in Cambridge. This was their pre-wedding engagement shoot, since they will be getting...

Chinese Wedding Photography Manchester // Jackie & Phil

Celebrating the Chinese wedding of Jackie & Phil Lau in Manchester I recently photographed the wedding of Jackie & Phil in Manchester. It was a Monday in October, with a 7am start in Fallowfield, with plenty of things to come throughout the day, making this wedding...

The Heath House Wedding Photographer // Janet & Shaun

Janet & Shaun commissioned me to be The Heath House Wedding Photographer for their big day at The Heath House   - one of Staffordshire's premier wedding venues. You can tell it was May because the day started with rain. Lots of it...but we were hoping for brighter...


I've deliberately kept this posting back; now that the season's changed, and Autumn is fast approaching, I thought it would be good to reflect on the (mostly) brilliant Summer we've had this year. Daphne & Tham contacted me to re-shoot their Llandudno wedding...

Chinese Wedding Photography Manchester // Jackie & Phil

Chinese Wedding Photography Manchester // Jackie & Phil

Celebrating the Chinese wedding of Jackie & Phil Lau in Manchester

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-001 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-002

I recently photographed the wedding of Jackie & Phil in Manchester. It was a Monday in October, with a 7am start in Fallowfield, with plenty of things to come throughout the day, making this wedding highly unique.

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-003 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-004

Still slightly bleary-eyed, Phil and the groomsmen arrived for some traditional 9?) party games to gain access to the flat where Jackie was getting ready. Drinking a shot of vinegar, licking treacle from cellophane, even eating food from a cat bowl using k=no hands…all good fun…especially as it had just turnes 8am! 😉

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-005 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-006 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-007 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-008 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-009 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-010 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-011 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-012 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-013 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-014 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-015

Once allowed inside, it was time for the first of several tea ceremonies. First was Jackie’s parents.

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-016 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-017 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-018 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-019 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-020

From the tea ceremony, we were off in convoy over to the other side of Manchester to Phil’s parents for their tea ceremony…but first a couple of formal images…

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-021 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-022 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-023 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-024 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-025 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-026 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-027 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-028 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-029 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-030 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-031 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-032

From Phil’s parents house, I left for the Town Hall, leaving the breakfast buffet behind to catch up with my old friend and photographer  Martin Hambleton who was on second camera duties with me for the ‘second stage’ of the day at Manchester Town Hall…

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-033 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-034 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-035 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-036 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-037 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-038 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-039 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-040 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-041 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-042 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-043 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-044 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-045 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-046 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-047 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-048 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-049 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-050 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-051 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-052

With around thirty guests for this ceremony, plus a change into traditional dress for Jackie, Martin and I worked quickly and seamlessly organiding family groups, plus some Bride & Groom portraits…

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-054 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-055 chinese wedding manchester chinese wedding at manchester town hall chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-058 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-059 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-060 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-061 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-062 manchester town hall weddings chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-064 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-065 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-066 ocean treasure restaurant

From ‘stage two’, we were off to ‘stage three’. Saying goodbye and thanks to Martin, I headed off to Middleton, to the fantastic Ocean Treasure restaurant. Jackie arrived with Phil, but went straight into a side room for a dress change – a classic red outfit, stunning it was too. As the guests arrived…around 300 of them, the atmosphere was building. With live Karaoke on stage, more fun and games, speeches from the happy couple, the celebrations began…

ocean treasure restaurant chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-069 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-070 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-071 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-072 ocean treasure restaurant chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-074 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-075 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-076 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-077 chinese bride

With a short interlude of traditional chinese fire crackers, lit by Phil, we resumed the celebrations in relative quiet 😉

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-079 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-080 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-081 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-082 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-083 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-084 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-085 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-086 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-087 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-088 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-089 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-090 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-091 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-092 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-093 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-094 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-095 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-096 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-097 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-098 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-099

With a few more Bride & Groom portraits, we headed back to Manchester for ‘stage four’..a small party at The Living Room, complete with DJ and photobooth, plius a speech by the Best Man. By now we were well into the thirteenth hour so it was time for me to politely say goodbye and leave the party in full swing…

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-100 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-101 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-102 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-103 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-104 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-105 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-106 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-107 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-108 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-109 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-110

Thanks to Jackie & Phil for allowing me to demonstrate my Chinese Wedding Photography Manchester…and thanks for having us on board!

If you’re planning a Chinese wedding, please get in touch to discuss options for your big day…

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The Heath House Wedding Photographer // Janet & Shaun

The Heath House Wedding Photographer // Janet & Shaun

Janet & Shaun commissioned me to be The Heath House Wedding Photographer for their big day at The Heath House   – one of Staffordshire’s premier wedding venues. You can tell it was May because the day started with rain. Lots of it…but we were hoping for brighter things mid afternoon…which we got! Based in Hong Kong, the couple emailed me on the strength of my website to book, and we met a couple of weeks before at The Heath House for coffee and a chat about the day’s schedule. And then, here we were in early May and it was all very real…

the heath house tean weddings the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-02

Janet and her bridesmaids had their basic preparations down the road at Moorcourt Holiday Cottages, but added the final touches at The Heath House; a room full of laughter, hairdryers and hairspray (erm…keep that lenscap on when not shooting Mick!)the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-03 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-04 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-05 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-06 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-07 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-08 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-09 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-10 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-11 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-12 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-13 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-14

On board with me for the day was Gerry Lewis – up from London especially for the wedding. A lovely bloke, and someone I’d like to work with again, and well worth checking his work out.

the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-15 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-16 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-17 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-18 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-19 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-20

The thing about Chinese weddings – even Anglo-Chinese, is you’re expected to take a LOT of images. It’s the norm – and clearly briefed to me by Janet in our pre-wedding meeting too! 😉 So, we did…

the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-21 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-22 bride at the heath house tean the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-24 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-25 weddings at the heath house the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-27 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-28 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-29 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-30

Their wedding was an intimate family gathering, with lots of fun (and cameras!) and being my first time working at The Heath House, I duly shot more images than normal…remember, I’d been briefed!

weddings at the heath house wedding details at the hetah house the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-33 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-34 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-35 bride bouquet the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-37 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-38 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-39 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-40 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-41 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-42 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-43 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-44 the-heath-house-wedding-ceremony the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-46 weddings at the heath house the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-48 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-49 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-50 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-51 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-52 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-53

Being The Heath House Wedding Photographer for the day, meant I got to shoot lots of relaxed, fun images of the happy couple in the grounds…especially as the sun came out to play as we went ‘walkabout’. Which was nice…

the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-54 bride and groom at the heath house the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-56 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-57 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-58 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-59 the-heath-house-weddings

Working alomgside Gerry was great fun…not always the case with ‘videographers versus photographers’ on a wedding day. But we overlapped really well, shooting each other’s scenarios really, all very relaxed and quick. Even Janet & Shaun were surprised when our allocated twenty minutes was up!

wedding photos at the hetah house the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-62 heath house wedding photos the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-64 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-65 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-66 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-67

And then we were off to the marquee on the lawn…obviously stopping off for a few more relaxed bride and groom portraits along the way 😉

the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-69 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-70 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-71 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-72 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-73 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-74 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-75

The speeches were all very good – heartfelt, funny – then Janet surprised us by doing a speech too….a real rollercoaster of a presentation too…

the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-76 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-77 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-78 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-79 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-80 the-heath-house-wedding-photographer-81

With the party in full swing, Gerry and I packed our bags for the day, shook hands and went our separate ways. Thanks again to Janet & Shaun for having me on board for their Heath House Wedding.

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I’ve deliberately kept this posting back; now that the season’s changed, and Autumn is fast approaching, I thought it would be good to reflect on the (mostly) brilliant Summer we’ve had this year.

Daphne & Tham contacted me to re-shoot their Llandudno wedding photography back in July. Married three years ago, they never had any quality wedding images as a record of their big day…ahem…that’s where us professional wedding photographers come in! We met up in Llandudno, back at the Town Hall where they were originally married,  to re-stage some formal portraits, go walk-about in town, and have some fun on the beach. It was a gloriously hot day, and the staff at the Town Hall were just brilliant, opening any and every room we could think of to shoot in. Thanks guys…

So, with a heap of romance, a sprinkle of a little ‘cheese’ here and there, here are some of Daphne and Tham’s official wedding images. Personally I still prefer the live images – these are the ones that look staged…but they’re not. Can you spot them…?

Travelling light, I used a couple of Nikon D700 cameras with 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses, and, as ever your comments are welcome.

From the streets of Llandudno, it was up to the top of the Great Orme for some more photography. The staff let us jump on a waiting tram for a few minutes, before unleashing the mass of smiling tourists upon us like ‘seat locusts’….well, it was hot! 😉

Daphne and Tham live in Manchester these days, so it was only fitting to drop in to Conwy to shoot some formals with the magnificent castle as a backdrop. We had to make do shooting outside, since the castle had literally just closed for the day –  “You almost made it”, smiled the man as he walked past us jangling the keys! Ah well…

Thinking of getting married in North Wales..or even fancy a portrait session on the beach or out in the wilds? Why not get in touch and lets have a chat about the options available…