Nicola & Matt were married at Oakfield Manor in Chester Zoo recently. I never discuss my clients’ occupations, but safe to say these guys work in the same profession, and were married during half term… 😉 I have to say, I love Oakfield Manor and Chester Zoo as a wedding venue. It is unique, and perfect for a wedding of 60 guests or less…plus you get free passes to wander round and see the animals! Nicola and Matt live in Chester, and chose Oakfield Manor as their wedding venue for it’s unique qualities and privacy – and great call it was. I caught up with Nicola and the girls hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of hairdryers and mirrors. It was all very relaxed, no signs of nerves anywhere…not even me (ha), and I quietly got on with things in my natural unobtrusive style. Things ran like clockwork, so I was soon over to Oakfield Manor to catch up with Matt and the arrival of the guests. Even the registrars were relaxed, and let me do my thing, while they did theirs…brilliant!

It wasn’t so long ago that we had met in Chester to shoot the couple’s E-Shoot. A proper ice-breaker this proved to be…not! Nic and Matt were just brilliant for camera, being themselves, having fun and ignoring me for the most part…..a perfect rehearsal for their wedding day! So fast forward a few weeks, and we were all gathered again, with me as their Chester Wedding Photographer…oh, and 60+ more guests.



And, running with the clockwork theme, the day ticked along perfectly to my timetable. No fuss, stress or hassles…in fact we were early after having shot our short formal session in the gardens. Time enough for another beer Matt (sorry, couldn‘t resist that one..)


As dusk approached, so did the speeches. Gathered in the main oak-panelled room in the Manor, the lights were dimmed for the four speeches (two Best Men). I found myself a little penned in and stuck in one position to shoot from….there simply was no room for me to walk about. The lighting was very low too – and for all you photographers out there, I was running at 6400 and 3200 ISO on two separate Nikons. Breaking with tradition of using fast prime lenses, I had to use a 70-200mm zoom…yes, in those lighting conditions…to get some of the images. And we nailed it!chester_wedding_photographer_54chester_wedding_photographer_55chester_wedding_photographer_56chester_wedding_photographer_57chester_wedding_photographer_58chester_wedding_photographer_59chester_wedding_photographer_60chester_wedding_photographer_61chester_wedding_photographer_62chester_wedding_photographer_63

The evening entertainment was focused around Kyle Harris – a brilliant vocalist based in Chester – and worth checking out! He sang two sets, with a DJ set mixed in to keep the dance floor filled all night…


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