Chester Wedding Photographer

Julie & Chris’ wedding photos from Chester Town Hall & The Joseph Benjamin Restaurant

Chris“I’ve seen a lot of good wedding photographs and even done a couple, but the collection you have given us is exemplary……and……I don’t sob at much but……. You’re a git and I hate every bone in your over-talented body;-) !”

Julie“I have just sobbed all the way through your slideshow it was perfect and captured the day, us, and was everything we had hoped for. Thank you for doing us proud”

Julie & Chris were married at Chester Town Hall recently, with a fantastic, intimate family reception at The Joseph Benjamin restaurant. Chris contacted me to photograph his and Julie’s wedding since he really liked my natural style and approach to photographing weddings. A keen (and very good) photographer himself, Chris asked me to be their Chester Wedding Photographer, and to capture their special day how I saw fit. I love it when clients say that! I opted to photograph the day entirely on prime lenses, bar ten minutes on a 24-70mm zoom (to save time in the rain!) – and to give the collection a proper reportage / documentary / filmic feel. No pressure then…. 😉

ba ba guest house chester chester-wedding-photographer-002

I caught up with Julie and her daughter Jess at the Ba Ba Guest House on the Hoole Road. I had around thirty minutes before having to leave for the registry office at the Town Hall. The girls had been to the hairdressers and were running slightly late….“Sorry Mick!” they smiled as they rushed in to get ready…

chester-wedding-photographer-003 red wedding dress detail of a red dress bridesmaid dress hanging chester-wedding-photographer-007 wedding flowers in chester chester-wedding-photographer-009 chester-wedding-photographer-010 chester-wedding-photographer-011 chester-wedding-photographer-012 bridesmaid with tattoo chester-wedding-photographer-014 chester-wedding-photographer-015 chester-wedding-photographer-016 chester-wedding-photographer-017 chester-wedding-photographer-018

It was a wet day in Chester. Non stop drizzle threatened to ruin – no add atmosphere to my being a Chester Wedding Photographer for the day. We’re not scared of a drop of water…

chester town hall wet steps in chester groom in chester town hall chester-wedding-photographer-022 chester-wedding-photographer-024 chester-wedding-photographer-025

Chris was in great form as the guests started to arrive – all 30+ of them. This was going to be brilliant. Still armed with a couple of Nikons and a 24mm and 50mm combination, I duly ‘did my thing’, keeping an eye on the clock for a slightly nervous Julie’s taxi…due around 11am.

groom hugs a wedding guest chester-wedding-photographer-027 chester-wedding-photographer-028 groom hugging his sister chester-wedding-photographer-030 chester-wedding-photographer-031 grrom interviewed by registrar chester-wedding-photographer-033 best man at chester town hall chester-wedding-photographer-035 bridesmaid getting out of chester taxi bride in chester

Julie and Jess emerged from the cab, having dropped off their things at The Chester Grosvenor Hotel. The nerves were showing a little so I dug out my best joke book, 😉

smiling bride at chester town hall chester-wedding-photographer-040 chester-wedding-photographer-043 chester-wedding-photographer-045 chester-wedding-photographer-046 chester-wedding-photographer-047 chester-wedding-photographer-048 chester-wedding-photographer-049

As I took up station in The Committe Room, The Sex Pistols were playing on the ipod in the corner. Apparently I’d missed some classic punk and New Wave tunes whilst photographing the girls!

chester-wedding-photographer-050 excited groom at a chester wedding bride arrives at chester town hall chester-wedding-photographer-053

To a thumping Michael Jackson track, the girls bounced into the room….literally! They danced their way to the front, taking us all by surprise…especially the registrars…

chester-wedding-photographer-054 chester-wedding-photographer-055 chester-wedding-photographer-056 chester-wedding-photographer-057 chester-wedding-photographer-058 bridesmaid and grandmother chester-wedding-photographer-060 chester-wedding-photographer-061 chester-wedding-photographer-062 chester-wedding-photographer-063 chester-wedding-photographer-064

With an emotional ceremony finished, it was time to start the party….

emotional groom chester-wedding-photographer-066 chester-wedding-photographer-067 chester-wedding-photographer-068 chester-wedding-photographer-069 chester-wedding-photographer-070 chester-wedding-photographer-071 chester-wedding-photographer-072 chester-wedding-photographer-074 chester-wedding-photographer-075 chester-wedding-photographer-076 chester drinks reception chester-wedding-photographer-078 chester-wedding-photographer-079 chester-wedding-photographer-080 chester-wedding-photographer-081 chester-wedding-photographer-082 chester-wedding-photographer-083 chester-wedding-photographer-084 chester-wedding-photographer-085 chester-wedding-photographer-086

With a handful of rather relaxed group shots in the bag, the guests walked the 200m or so to the resturant, leaving us behind to spend a few minutes shooting live Bride & Groom portraits in the street. I’ve been a Chester Wedding Photographer a few times before, but nothing like this. This was simply brilliant fun and a joy to photograph…breaking the rules were we could…

chester-wedding-photographer-087 chester-wedding-photographer-089 chester-wedding-photographer-090 chester-wedding-photographer-091 chester-wedding-photographer-092 chester-wedding-photographer-093 chester-wedding-photographer-094 chester-wedding-photographer-095 chester-wedding-photographer-096 chester-wedding-photographer-097

…and yes, it was still raining slightly!

chester-wedding-photographer-098 chester-wedding-photographer-099 chez jules restaurant in chester chez jules restaurant in chester bride and groom outside the Joseph Benjamin restaurant chester-wedding-photographer-103 chester-wedding-photographer-104 chester-wedding-photographer-105 chester wedding cakes chester-wedding-photographer-107

Once inside the restaurant, it was time for drinks and catching up. I even got a cup of tea….well, it’d be rude not to!

chester-wedding-photographer-108 chester-wedding-photographer-109 chester-wedding-photographer-110 chester-wedding-photographer-111 chester-wedding-photographer-112 chester-wedding-photographer-113 chester-wedding-photographer-114 chester-wedding-photographer-115 chester-wedding-photographer-116 tearful bride at a chester wedding chester-wedding-photographer-118

With some heartfelt speeches, the atmosphere was buzzing inside the restaurant. There really was something very special about this wedding…

chester-wedding-photographer-119 toasting the happy couple chester-wedding-photographer-121 chester-wedding-photographer-122 chester-wedding-photographer-123

…and still it rained 😉

chester bus tours chester-wedding-photographer-125 chester-wedding-photographer-126 chester-wedding-photographer-127 chester-wedding-photographer-128 rainy day in chester chester-wedding-photographer-132 chester-wedding-photographer-133 chester-wedding-photographer-134

With the impromptu cake cutting over, the guests dissipated to the Grosvenor for drinks and a chilled out evening. My time was up, but I thought I’d finish the shoot with a couple of posed Bride & Groom portraits. Well, it was raining outside… 😉

chester-wedding-photographer-135 chester-wedding-photographer-136 chester-wedding-photographer-137 chester-wedding-photographer-138 chester-wedding-photographer-139 chester-wedding-photographer-140 chester-wedding-photographer-141 chester-wedding-photographer-142 chester-wedding-photographer-143 chester-wedding-photographer-144 chester-wedding-photographer-145 chester-wedding-photographer-146 chester-wedding-photographer-147 chester-wedding-photographer-148 chester-wedding-photographer-149 chester-wedding-photographer-150 chester-wedding-photographer-151

If you’d like to see more of my being a Chester Wedding Photographer, please get in touch for a chat over a coffee…

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