Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography – Jude & Daz

Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography – Jude & Daz

Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photographer

Celebrating The Wedding of Jude & Daz at The Castlefield Rooms



“Amazing day captured by your outstanding photography expertise and talent….Thank you very much!”

Judith and Darren – aka Jude & Daz were married recently at The Castlefield Rooms in Manchester. The perfect venue for an urban, city centre wedding, I was really pleased to be working back there producing the couple’s Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography. It was Manchester after all…so we got the perfect ‘Manchester Rain’ for this July day! Ah well….this was never going to put us off… 😉

hilton manchester

The day started by my dropping in on Jude and the girls at The Hilton, finding them in the very capable hands of top Make Up Artist Sonara Parker, and much in-demand hair stylist Duncan Fisher. Talking of capable hands – it was great working with Ben again from Wedding Videography Manchester (

wedding dress castlefield castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-04 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-05 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-06 duncan fisher castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-08 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-09 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-10 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-11 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-12 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-13 sonara parker wedding manchester skyline wedding rings castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-17 groom in mirror

Daz and Best Man Pete were getting ready a few floors below the girls, taking next to no time at all to get ready, apart from the buttonholes. Always a challenge this one!

castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-19 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-20 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-21 flower girl castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-23 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-24 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-25 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-26 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-27 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-28 dukes '92 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-30

So with the rian in full tilt, we headed off to The Castlefield Rooms and Dukes ’92 to meet and greet the guests arriving. The bridesmaids and Jude weren’t far behind…let it rain!

castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-31 ben mottershead castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-33 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-34 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-35 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-36 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-37 bentley wedding car castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-39 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-40 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-41 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-42 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-43 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-44 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-45 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-46 champagne reception castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-48 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-49 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-50 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-51 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-52 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-53 groom laughing castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-55 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-56 castlefield castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-58 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-59 castlefield bridal party castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-61 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-62

castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-63 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-65 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-66

So…’my studio for the day’ was under a viaduct, Coronation Street-style!! What rain… 😉

castlefield rooms wedding castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-67 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-68 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-69 castlefield-rooms-speeches castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-71 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-72 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-73 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-74 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-75 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-76

With a brilliant set of speeches – Pete’s being set to the tune of song ‘Let It Go’ – hilarious and cutting, it was time for the brilliant Acoustic Connection to entertain us.

castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-77 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-78 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-79 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-80 the acoustic connection

…and this is how good they were…. here’s ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis…castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-90 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-91 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-92 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-93 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-94 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-95 castlefield-rooms-wedding-photography-96

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Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography – Joanna & Nick

Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography – Joanna & Nick

Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography

Jo & Nick’s wedding photos from Manchester Town Hall & The Castlefield Rooms

Joanna & Nick were married at Manchester Town Hall just before Christmas. I love shooting in the Town Hall, especially in Winter; I’m a low light specialist and love using high ISO, fast prime lenses and available light wherever I can. But even in winter, there are times when a little off-camera flash is called for, if only to ‘lighten the mood’ a little 😉 Joanna & Nick’s wedding was possibly the most relaxed affair I’ve ever witnessed. No ties, or matching suits. No fuss(y) formalities, minimum flowers, transport and an intimate gathering of family and friends made for a brilliantly relaxed wedding. And there was time to keep up to date with the footie scores….Nick’s a massive City fan (good lad!). Simon, his Best Man had flown in from Australia too, and was as chilled like he’d just got off the bus! But a 4pm ceremony in December…in the Town Hall means one thing. It’s going to be dark. And atmospheric. Perfect. For all you photographers out there, we’re talking 3200/6400 ISO and f1.4 lenses here, with the occasional radio triggered flash for the formals. The Castlefield Rooms was a constant 6400 ISO…an almost candlelit bright environment. Joanna & Nick really like my ‘urban style’ of high ISO photography, and I had free reign to shoot as I pleased. This means travelling light with three or four lenses on a Nikon D3s. Still a brilliantly performing  favourite amongst many wedding Pros.


Opting for film emulation, the look of these images has been enhanced with a little grain…yes, added, to make the images look more organic and less digital, but not too much as to spoil the atmosphere of the images.castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_018castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_019castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_021castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_022

castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_020castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_023castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_024castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_025castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_026castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_027castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_028castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_029castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_030castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_031castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_032castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_033castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_034castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_035castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_036castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_037With a quick stop off in the Christmas Market, it was off in a cab to The Castlefield Rooms. From being a ‘Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photographer’, it was time to become a ‘Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photographer‘ and settle down with a good old 50mm, 24mm and 35mm lens combination. No zooms here…just useless in the beautiful ambience offered by The Brindley Room.castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_038castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_039castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_040castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_041castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_042castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_043castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_044castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_045

With speeches brief, funny and to the point, the guests settled down to a stunning hot buffet…with yours truly tagged onto the end of the conga for a plate of chicken curry. Well…Joanna forced me…so it’d be rude to offend the client, surely?  😉castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_046castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_047castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_048castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_049castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_050castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_051castlefield_rooms_wedding_photographer_052

Overall, I’m very pleased with the look of Joanna & Nick’s wedding – very analogue and organic. Full of atmosphere and looking very different to the more ‘expected’ style. I’m certainly looking forward to more winter weddings in 2014….

If you’d like to see more of my Castlefield Rooms and Manchester City Centre Wedding Portfolio, why not get in touch to view more work over a coffee?

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