Well – here it is – finally revealed! The latest issue of the Little White Books magazine, and who got to shoot the front cover? Yep, me…with a lot of help from some very patient friends… 😉

Following on from the last project, the LWB Team assembled on a beautifully wet June afternoon, to produce the new cover image, plus a editorial for inside the magazine too. The weather had been glorious all week, but obviously when it came to our shoot, the rain fell…and fell..and fell, soaking the ground beyond a practical working level. So, undeterred we still ventured up to Beeston Manor for the shoot. This project was less about me being a Beeston Manor Wedding Photographer, than being Ray Mears, dealing with and ‘surviving’ what I can only describe as “a swimming pool with grass!”


Eventually the rain slowed and we could see blue sky, but it was too little, too late, as we had to shoot and get something in the bag. Struggling under umbrellas, to keep the beautiful wedding gown dry and safe –  Joanne and Kristina on Makeup and hair duties, plus Clare and Andrew on Styling and Jewellery did their very best to get our fantastic (and patient!) model Kirsty ready. I could hear the subtle giggles from the gang too, as a wet ‘tide mark’ started climbing my trouser legs. As the shoot progressed, so did the marks, like my jeans were acting as straws. Perfect! I’d no spare clothes with me either…so the giggling and subtle pointing got worse…ha ha…bloomin’ hilarious guys!!

beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_05So…with the rain finally stopping, we got to work, now with diminished time available for the ‘look’ of the shot. The pressure was on to produce, and we did. Simple as, everything fell into place after a few lighting tests (and a change of bin liner for me to lie on). Kirsty was great and smiled through the whole ordeal. Did I say it was cold too…in June? Yep, it was, but our model bride soldiered on and we hit shot after shot. The sun broke for a few minutes, so Glynn, who was in charge of the Land Rover moved it into a new position, to maximise what light we had, and to minimise the heavy black clouds rolling in for a further attack on our setup (and my tidemark!)

beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_06beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_07beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_08beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_09beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_10beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_11beeston_manor_wedding_photographer_12I’m breaking one of my own rules here – these images are work in progress, and not the final, print-ready versions…you’ll have to grab a copy of the new LWB magazine to see them. These images show subtle changes in colour grading and film emulation, to give a slightly dated look to the work – nothing too OTT though, all very tasteful. I used a Nikon D600 camera for this shoot, for the extra resolution – and though handled most of the shoot perfectly did hiccup a couple of times…that’s why I still love my D3s / D700 combination.


I’m not going to blow my own trumpet here, that’s not my style..but the results almost turn me and the team into liars about the conditions we had to endure…oh how we suffer for our art… 😉


…and a BIG mention to the crew for their massive help, sarcasm and general one-liners to make this project run like a Swiss watch…


‘The Organised One’ – Maxine at Little White Books

‘The Creative One’ – Clare at Blush Rose

‘Hair and Stuff’ – Kristina at Bella Vida

‘Sparkly Bling Things’- Andrew at Sparkle Designer

‘White Frock’ – by Alison at Brides Gallery

‘Stunt Driving’ – Glynn at Bluebell Garage & MOT

‘The Smiler’  – Kirsty. No website required. This girl is an angel – almost literally.

‘Box Brownie –  by Yours Truly


…and a special thanks to Janet & John at Beeston Manor for their help, shelter and coffee!! Thanks guys…

Got any comments? I’d love to hear from you…

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