Beeston Manor Wedding

Charlotte & Simon’s wedding photos from Beeston Manor in Lancashire

Charlotte & Simon were married recently at Beeston Manor in Lancashire. A lovely family run venue, deep in the heart of Lancashire, Beeston Manor has that ‘country house meets farm’ feel about it. Gorgeous! We’d originally met about a year ago –ย  at a wedding fair at the venue, hosted by Little White Books. With the winter ending and spring in the air, the day started well with some sunshine, but true to form, turned for the worse as the day progressed. Ah well; this would never spoil the party anyway…and I was here as the couple’s Beeston Manor Wedding photographer, not to point at isobars on a screen, ๐Ÿ˜‰

beeston manor lancashire beeston-manor-weddings-02 beeston-manor-weddings-03 beeston-manor-weddings-04 beeston-manor-weddings-05 wedding dress by because I love you beeston-manor-weddings-07 beeston-manor-weddings-08 wedding shoes beeston-manor-weddings-10 beeston-manor-weddings-11

I found Charlotte having her make up done by her sister Claire, a makeup artist in her own right. On hair duties was the Maestro himslef, Duncan Fisher. Charlotte and her bridesmaids were in good hands…

beeston-manor-weddings-12 beeston-manor-weddings-13 beeston-manor-weddings-14 beeston-manor-weddings-15 beeston-manor-weddings-16 beeston-manor-weddings-17 beeston-manor-weddings-18 beeston-manor-weddings-19 beeston-manor-weddings-20 beeston-manor-weddings-21 beeston manor gardens beeston-manor-weddings-23 wedding sign at a lancashire wedding

Right on schedule I found Simon on the bar area greeting guests as they arrived, but there’s always time for a quick (informal) formal wedding photo…

beeston-manor-weddings-25 beeston-manor-weddings-26

…a keen (and very good by all accounts) guitarist, I liked Simon’s pin in his buttonhole. Couldn’t decide if it was a ’57 Les Paul Custom or not… ๐Ÿ˜‰

smiling wedding guests at beeston beeston-manor-weddings-28 beeston-manor-weddings-29 beeston-manor-weddings-30 alex birtwell singer

Brilliant singer Alex Birtwell was twanging the strings and being our MC for the day. Two words…highly recommended. Enough said.

beeston-manor-weddings-33 beeston-manor-weddings-34 beeston-manor-weddings-35 beeston-manor-weddings-36 beeston-manor-weddings-37

As the ceremony approached, I met a slighly nervous Simon waiting for his bride. Laughing and chatting to frineds and family, I was about to be thrown a curve ball by our groom….beeston-manor-weddings-38 beeston-manor-weddings-39 beeston-manor-weddings-40 beeston-manor-weddings-41


On cue, Simon walked to greet his emotional bride to be, and escort her back down the aisle to be married. In 300 weddings or so, I’ve never seen this. A beautiful moment.

woodland suite at beeston manor smiling flowergirls beeston-manor-weddings-44 beeston-manor-weddings-45 beeston-manor-weddings-46 beeston-manor-weddings-47 smiling bride at beeston manor beeston-manor-weddings-49 beeston-manor-weddings-50 smile on camera phone beeston-manor-weddings-52 beeston-manor-weddings-53 beeston-manor-weddings-54 beeston-manor-weddings-55 beeston-manor-weddings-56 beeston-manor-weddings-57 beeston-manor-weddings-58 beeston-manor-weddings-59

We braved the wetaher for 15 mins of bride & Groom portyraits. The ground was sodden and too unstable to walk on, sadly, but we did our best. Did I mention the weather? Wow it was cold…or as they say in Lancashire, “Boy, werrit cold”… ๐Ÿ˜‰

beeston manor events beeston-manor-weddings-61 beeston manor wedding photos beeston-manor-weddings-63 beeston-manor-weddings-64 beeston-manor-weddings-65 wedding photos on a farm beeston-manor-weddings-67 funky groom photo

After a handful of family group photographs and some confetti throwing, we headed straight back inside to the warmth of Beeston Manor. Did I mention the cold? ๐Ÿ˜‰

beeston-manor-weddings-69 beeston-manor-weddings-70 beeston-manor-weddings-71 wedding reception at beeston manor beeston-manor-weddings-73 lancashire wedding cake happily ever after sign beeston-manor-weddings-76 beeston-manor-weddings-77 confetti at beeston manor beeston-manor-weddings-79

While the guests were being seated, it was my turn to thro w a curve ball back….I think you call it Karma. As Alex picked up on my plan almost telepathically, Charlotte & Simon proacticed their first dance while nobody was looking….it was a great moment.

beeston-manor-weddings-80 beeston-manor-weddings-81 wedding speeches at beeston manor beeston-manor-weddings-83 beeston-manor-weddings-84 beeston-manor-weddings-85 beeston-manor-weddings-86 beeston-manor-weddings-87

Very impromptu – with little to no formalities, the speeches were delivered. This was a brilliant intimate family wedding with a hint of tradition to the wedding day…

beeston-manor-weddings-88 beeston-manor-weddings-89 beeston-manor-weddings-90 love letters beeston-manor-weddings-92

With the cake cutting done, it was time for Alex and his colleague to sing the first dance live, then hit the party button on the dance music…

cake cutting at beeston manor beeston-manor-weddings-96 beeston-manor-weddings-97 beeston manor dance beeston-manor-weddings-99


Roll Call

Hair – Duncan Fisher

Venue – Beeston Manor

Dress – Because I Love you

Flowers – Lilybets Flowers

Room Design – Creative Cover Hire

Accessories – Sapphire Wedding Cards

Entertainment – Alex Birtwell

And… massive hand claps go out to Amy for keeping it all on track! x

Get in touch and tell me about your Beeston Manor Wedding…

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