Bartle Hall Wedding

Pippa & James’ brilliant Bartle Hall Wedding


Bartle Hall Wedding Venue

Here is one of my recent Bartle Hall wedding photography commissions. I met Pippa & James over a year ago at the Great Northern Wedding Show at Bolton USN Arena, where they booked me for their summer Bartle Hall Wedding. On the morning of the wedding, I went to Pippa’s parent’s farm house in Leyland for the bridal preparation photographs. The music and hairdryers were on full, and spirits were high. The morning was all very relaxed – though a sly bite from a croissant (by a bridesmaid) failed to pass the Nikons by… ;-)

Gorgeous wedding flowers

The sunshine was strong and the temperatures already rising for this Bartle Hall wedding as I got to play a little with the wedding flowers in front of camera. I just love this simple, graphic composition of the wedding bouquet on a red carpet. By now hair and makeup was almost complete and it was nearly time for Pippa & James’ Bartle Hall Wedding. As mum carefully helped Pippa into her gorgeous wedding dress – the gang were banging on the bedroom door, desperate to see her. With a first view from an emotional dad, the posse piled in whooping and squealing with delight…

Leyland Church Wedding

Before it was time for the Bartle Hall Wedding Reception, it was the all-important church ceremony at the aptly-named Leyland St James’ Church. I met James and the grooms men as they arrived in the car park. No pub and a nerve-settling drink for these guys, they were under orders I think :-) The ceremony was to be led by close family friend Tracy, who was just brilliant fun and let me do my job properly with no restrictions. Thank you! This was already an awesome Bartle Hall wedding…

Broughton Wedding Cars

Pippa arrived with her dad in a stunning 1952 Bentley, expertly driven and supplied by Broughton Wedding Cars. A beautiful piece of machinery for a stunning Lancashire Bride! Pippa & James’ wedding was a little more traditional than a lot of weddings I photograph, and brilliant fun all the time. And it was good working ‘in the groove’ too. Sometimes a little more formality doesn’t hurt, though I still had plenty of time available to ‘do my thing’. With proud dad on her arm, an excited Pippa headed down the big red carpet towards a slightly nervous James.

A Summer Bartle Hall Wedding

Technically now Summer, the day just got hotter and hotter for this Bartle Hall wedding, so as we arrived at Bartle Hall, we braved ten minutes’ shooting some stylish couple portraits in the woods, hiding from the harsh sun. The guests were already at the bar! Yes, I know the photography books tell us not to do it, blah blah blah. But where’s the fun in listening to boring technicalities. Let’s get some sunlight bouncing around the lens! The venue looked stunning and the guests enjoyed the afternoon sunshine on the patio. Our ‘red hot’ portraits worked well for the few minutes we spent shooting them.

Speeches at a Bartle Hall Wedding

After the family group photos, plus a couple of grabbed ‘on the fly’ portraits of Pippa, it was time for the speeches. James’ dad was also Best Man, and had plenty of information on the poor groom. Plenty! The combination worked well for thes Bartle Hall wedding. The speeches were hilarious, with a few raised eyebrows here and there – plus the odd one-liner to make Gran howl out loudly amongst the general laughter. And those handcuffs….?!

Bartle Hall Wedding Photos

After the speeches, the temperature had cooled down enough to shoot some ‘proper’ couple portraits. The light was gorgeous too, so we photographed a new collection  of Bartle Hall Wedding Photos in around fifteen minutes. Nobody missed us – the room was being refreshed for the evening party anyway. Soon it would be time for the cake cut and first dance, and to get the party started! We enjoyed the relative fresh air and I loved what the sun was doing bouncing around in my lenses too. Some images I shot ‘blind’ as the glare was so strong (yeah, yeah…some of my best work I hear you joke?)


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