Here is an example of my Chancellors Hotel wedding photography. Jo & Howard were married recently at The Chancellor’s Hotel in Manchester. This hidden gem is a lovely wedding venue, and by mixing the traditional with the modern makes Chancellor’s one of my favourite Manchester venues.

The day started as a bright, crisp autumn morning, with beautiful sunshine to follow for the rest of the day  – which made a change!

The relaxed, intimate atmosphere of Jo & Howard’s wedding was great to work in; and for a change meant I could concentrate on using only 24-70mm and 85mm lenses for the majority of the shoot.

Jo looked stunning as she was given away by two (of three) very protective brothers, while Howard looked every bit the part with family tartan.

Thanks guys for such a relaxed day, and for allowing me to just get on with things….here are some of my favourites from the day.


If you’re considering Chancellors Hotel as your wedding venue, please get in touch to discuss options for your wedding photography…





 The BIG one. Capesthorne Hall wedding photography from last Summer (remember the sun?). Rock n Roll meets traditional at a full-on summer wedding. Louise and Ian tied the knot at the family church in North Rode, near Macclesfield. Literally a few minutes drive from Louise’s parents farm, the beautiful village church was packed to the rafters with family and friends. For Louise, it meant she leave the house at the very last minute and still not be late for the ceremony. The Minister was brilliant. She allowed me full access to do my job, so long as I let her do hers. Fair enough, I thought, good odds that..for a change 😉 With Louise being so close by, it allowed me more time at church to capture the guests arriving…and arriving…and arriving. Ian was on brilliant form, as was his best man, ‘holding court’ with their unique sense of humour. Even Phoebe, their new puppy made an appearance for the odd photograph!

capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_001capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_002capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_003capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_004capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_005capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_006capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_007capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_008capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_009capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_010capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_011capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_012capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_013capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_014capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_015capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_016capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_017capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_018capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_019capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_020capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_021As with all good weddings, there was a good mix of characters there, all enjoying the late August sunshine. It was a pleasure to photograph this wedding, and it showed in Louise & Ian’s final wedding collection. The Nikons worked hard that day, and earned their keep…

capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_022capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_023capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_024capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_025capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_026capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_027capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_029capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_030capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_031capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_032capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_033capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_034capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_035capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_036capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_037capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_038capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_039capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_040capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_041capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_042capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_043capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_044Then…it was down the road to Capesthorne for a big, full-on wedding reception. Brandy & cigars (for the gentlemen), capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_044Acapesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_046capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_047


The inclusion of a solo violinist playing was a real touch of class. Michael Montifroy is one of the most talented I’ve ever listened too. And I did listen to him – I deliberately ‘bunked off school’ for five minutes to listen to his style. The sound quality in the hall was perfect too. Well worth checking out for your wedding or event.


With time for a few formal images, Louise & Ian sneaked off with me around the Hall, while the guests partied on. I promised them thirty minutes (on this occasion), and delivered them back in said time too. Ian was impressed, and slightly relieved…well, aren’t most grooms… 😉


capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_054capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_055capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_056capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_057capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_058capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_059capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_060capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_061capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_062capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_063capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_064capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_065Then it was onto the wedding breakfast, complete with the most moving father of the bride speech I’ve ever heard. I was struggling to ‘keep the ship steady’ and do my job with this one…but the mood changed in time for Ian and his band to play us through his speech. yes, his speech was a song, and brilliantly performed by ‘the boys’….legendary stuff!

capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_066capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_067capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_068capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_069capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_070capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_071capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_072capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_074capesthorne_hall_wedding_photographer_075We grabbed another twenty minutes to grab some fresh air, and to grab these dusk images. Nothing wrong with a bit of formality during a documentary wedding shoot…is there?



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