Abbeywood Estate Wedding Photography – Bhavini & Adam

Abbeywood Estate Wedding Photography – Bhavini & Adam

” Mick you have done an incredible job capturing these special moments that we can look back on for the rest of our lives! Thank you!!”

Bhavini & Adam booked me to be their Abbeywood Estate Wedding Photographer around a year ago. This stunning venue, based near Delamere Forest is a dream venue to work at; stunning landscaped gardens, forest, plus open fields, a beautiful Glass House / Conservatory for the wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast. But in Bhavini and Adam’s case – just the wedding breakfast, since their wedding ceremony was to be outdoors. Here are a few from their extensive wedding collection…

abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer01 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-002 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-003 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-004 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-02 abbeywood estate wedding photography

With me for the day, on video duties was Stefan and his assistant from Your Special Day. Stefan brought one of his drones to film sequences for the wedding video. Now, I’m not normally a fan of drones, since a lot are ‘flown’ by amateurs without the proper training and CAA licence. But Stefan shoots a lot for the BBC, and since Abbeywood is technically, err…massive, there would be no problem with minimum height / distance restrictions. In fact, we worked together so well, that we both captured the day simultaneously with the minimum of fuss. I even left Stefan in some of the images deliberately!

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-007 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-008 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-009 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-03 wedding flowers wedding bouquet wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-013 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-014 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-017 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-018 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-019 bride having hair done bridesmaids sharing champagne wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-022 outdoor wedding ceremony abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-04 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-026 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-028 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-029 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-06 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-032 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photography wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-036 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-037 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-038 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-039

With the guests gathering, and the sun getting hotter, we were a few minutes away from the ceremony. A glorious day for an outdoor wedding. Normally I would have the 70-200mm with me, but was saving it for later, sticking to my usual 24-70mm and 85mm combination for the next couple of hours…I really didn’t need a heavy bag!

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-040 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-041 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-042 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-07 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-044 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-09 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-047 smiling hindu bride wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-050 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-051 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-052

As Bhavini and here father made their way through the walled garden (hello Stefan!), we had plenty of opportunity to get some great angles. Adam, quietly, and slightly nervously waited on the lawn…

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-053 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-054 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-056 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-057 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-058 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-059 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-060 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-061 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-062 abbeywood estate wedding photographer wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-064 abbeywood estate wedding party wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-066

Part-way through the open air ceremony, we moved around to the relative shelter of the gazebo – for the legal declarations and signing of the register…

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-067 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-068 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-069 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-071 abbeywood estate wedding photographer wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-073 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-075 bride at abbeywood estate

And a special mention at this point that Bhavini made both hers and the bridesmaids dresses too…now taking orders I’m told…


By now the sun was high and the temperature soaring. Photography shouldn’t be undertaken in extreme lighting conditions such as this? Yep, but we love breaking the rules and having a little fun for ten minutes… 😉

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-079 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-080 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-081 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-082 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-084 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-085 magician at wedding wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-087

During the drinkas and canapes, the entertainment was provided by magician Nick Rushton, who did a brilliant bending spoon routine, which had us all fooled…even the Nikons!

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-088 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-089 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-090 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-091 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-092

This was my first visit to an Abbeywood Estate wedding, and I have to say, thoroughly enjoyed the day so far – full on busy, but everything seemed so well-paced as to not feel too much like work – even in the heat!

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-096 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-097 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-098 selfie stick wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-101 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-102 confetti at wedding wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-104 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-105

With a slightly more traditional confetti line-up, it was time for the guests to be seated in the glasshouse. Bhavini & Adam entered to thunderous applause…

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-106 wedding reception paella abbeywood estate wedding reception wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-109 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-110 hindu wedding speeches wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-112 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-113 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-114 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-115 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-117 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-118 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-119 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-120 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-121

While the room was being refreshed for the evening party, it was time for a few more Bride & Groom portraits…again with ‘The Professor’ Stefan and a combination of the drone and Steadicam….again, we worked seamlessly together – as it should be! The images speak for themselves with little to no direction from us….

drone photography cheshire wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-127 abbeywood estate wedding photography abbeywood estate wedding photographer abbeywood estate wedding photographer wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-131


..and then it was party time. One bouquet toss later, we were off to cut the cake and start the first dance…and still exactly to schedule….fantastic planning by all concerned!

bride throws bouquet wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-135 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-136 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-137 first dance wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-139 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-140 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-141 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-143

And that was it – nine hours’ shooting which never felt like work at any stage of the day. I left the dance floor in full swing, with tunes spun in by Cheshire Wedding DJs – and sparing the ‘Dad-Dancers’ blushes…


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Manchester Wedding Photographer – Best of 2017

  Best of 2017 Some of my favourite images from 2017 as a Manchester Wedding Photographer   2017 in Pictures 2017 has been a brilliant year for me. I have photographed fifty weddings, all around the North West, with a slight detour in June, to Limerick in Ireland...

Hindu Wedding Photographer Manchester // Umi & Sunny

Hindu Wedding Photographer Manchester // Umi & Sunny

This is one from the archives. Umi & Sunny were married at The Last Drop Village – a full-on Hindu wedding, with a tremendous atmosphere. It was my first wedding as a Hindu Wedding Photographer Manchester, and Umi wanted me to photograph it with my documentary style, wanting to avoid the cliched, traditional looking weddding photography associated with Hindu weddings (her words, not mine). Being a local lass, she chose the Pennine Suite there for the ceremony…because it held up to 300 guests! They didn’t quite have that many on the day, but it was quite a numerous gathering.

Sunny hails from London, and came up the motorway that morning, in a shiny black Mercedes, to marry his bride, hold the festivities and celebrations, then head off back (to London) with his new wife, (and new life) Umi. Fair play to the guy!

Sunny is the classic, strong silent type, who isn’t a fan of being photographed. On the day, he looked very neervous – and so he should! It’s a Hindi tradition to play tricks on the groom – small children steal shoe laces and hold them to ransom, sometimes tied up and the best man has to ‘bail him out’ with money…..but I kept a special eye on Umi’s mum. It was her job to try and grab Sunny by the nose, and hold him captive. If she succeeded, he’d have to do anything she requested that day…and it would also cost him a few quid too! So…rather sheepishly he emerged from the car to an excited mother-in-law tempting him to all sorts of delicious food treats, whilst all the time looking for her opportunity to grab him. He had backup though, sometimes covering his nose with a hankie…sometimes not – goading mum into attempting the grab. This alone took half an hour just to get Sunny into the building, whilst he battled through the mob of family members, both attacking and defending his nose. He made it safely and took up residence in the Mandap, for a little peace and rest before Umi arrived…looking stunning in traditional bridal wear and entering the ‘arena’ like a superstar, flanked by family and friends…

The whole ceremony was amazing to witness, and the priest loved me being there…stopping the ceremony every 5 mins for me to photograph it. He didn’t quite get the concept of ‘documentary’, but who am I to complain? 😉

Here’s some of my personal favourite images from the day…shot on a Nikon D700..and yes, I had to use flash here and there…it was respectfully demanded by the all-smiling priest – my new best friend, to add to the atmosphere!

Chinese Wedding Photography Manchester // Jackie & Phil

Chinese Wedding Photography Manchester // Jackie & Phil

Celebrating the Chinese wedding of Jackie & Phil Lau in Manchester

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-001 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-002

I recently photographed the wedding of Jackie & Phil in Manchester. It was a Monday in October, with a 7am start in Fallowfield, with plenty of things to come throughout the day, making this wedding highly unique.

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-003 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-004

Still slightly bleary-eyed, Phil and the groomsmen arrived for some traditional 9?) party games to gain access to the flat where Jackie was getting ready. Drinking a shot of vinegar, licking treacle from cellophane, even eating food from a cat bowl using k=no hands…all good fun…especially as it had just turnes 8am! 😉

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-005 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-006 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-007 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-008 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-009 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-010 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-011 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-012 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-013 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-014 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-015

Once allowed inside, it was time for the first of several tea ceremonies. First was Jackie’s parents.

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-016 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-017 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-018 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-019 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-020

From the tea ceremony, we were off in convoy over to the other side of Manchester to Phil’s parents for their tea ceremony…but first a couple of formal images…

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-021 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-022 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-023 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-024 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-025 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-026 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-027 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-028 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-029 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-030 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-031 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-032

From Phil’s parents house, I left for the Town Hall, leaving the breakfast buffet behind to catch up with my old friend and photographer  Martin Hambleton who was on second camera duties with me for the ‘second stage’ of the day at Manchester Town Hall…

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-033 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-034 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-035 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-036 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-037 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-038 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-039 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-040 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-041 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-042 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-043 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-044 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-045 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-046 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-047 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-048 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-049 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-050 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-051 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-052

With around thirty guests for this ceremony, plus a change into traditional dress for Jackie, Martin and I worked quickly and seamlessly organiding family groups, plus some Bride & Groom portraits…

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-054 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-055 chinese wedding manchester chinese wedding at manchester town hall chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-058 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-059 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-060 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-061 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-062 manchester town hall weddings chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-064 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-065 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-066 ocean treasure restaurant

From ‘stage two’, we were off to ‘stage three’. Saying goodbye and thanks to Martin, I headed off to Middleton, to the fantastic Ocean Treasure restaurant. Jackie arrived with Phil, but went straight into a side room for a dress change – a classic red outfit, stunning it was too. As the guests arrived…around 300 of them, the atmosphere was building. With live Karaoke on stage, more fun and games, speeches from the happy couple, the celebrations began…

ocean treasure restaurant chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-069 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-070 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-071 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-072 ocean treasure restaurant chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-074 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-075 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-076 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-077 chinese bride

With a short interlude of traditional chinese fire crackers, lit by Phil, we resumed the celebrations in relative quiet 😉

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-079 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-080 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-081 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-082 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-083 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-084 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-085 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-086 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-087 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-088 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-089 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-090 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-091 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-092 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-093 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-094 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-095 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-096 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-097 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-098 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-099

With a few more Bride & Groom portraits, we headed back to Manchester for ‘stage four’..a small party at The Living Room, complete with DJ and photobooth, plius a speech by the Best Man. By now we were well into the thirteenth hour so it was time for me to politely say goodbye and leave the party in full swing…

chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-100 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-101 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-102 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-103 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-104 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-105 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-106 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-107 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-108 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-109 chinese-wedding-photography-manchester-110

Thanks to Jackie & Phil for allowing me to demonstrate my Chinese Wedding Photography Manchester…and thanks for having us on board!

If you’re planning a Chinese wedding, please get in touch to discuss options for your big day…

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Asian Wedding Photographer // Manisha & Anup

Asian Wedding Photographer // Manisha & Anup


Here is another example of my Kilhey Court Wedding Photography.

Manisha & Anup were married at Kilhey Court Hotel in Standish recently. I met Manisha and her family at one of Little White Books’ wedding fairs, and hit it off with them straight away. Anup was back home in Bradford at the time, but we met a month or so before their Hindu ceremony to go through the smaller details regarding the day’s schedule…and boy, what a schedule a Hindu wedding is! I caught up with Manisha at her parents’ home in Preston just after 6.30am on the wedding day, ceremony was at 10.30…ish…always an ish with a Hindu ceremony. There seems to be such a relaxed air to the proceedings that time seems irrelevant. Try that on an ‘average’ minster on any given Saturday… 😉 Also working with me on camera duties was my old mate Jason, stationed at Kilhey Court in case things were running late my side. Things were, but not enough to trouble anyone….which was nice.

HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_001HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_002HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_003HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_004HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_005HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_006HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_007HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_008HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_009HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_010HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_011HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_012HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_013HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_014A Hindu wedding is brilliant fun to shoot, but also very hard work. There’s a lot going on all day, and sometimes it pays to have a ‘second shooter’ with a ceremony like this…though relaxed, as a photographer, you really do have to be in two places at once. Manisha and Anup commissioned me as their wedding photographer, because they liked my style and approach – unobtrusive documentary, story-telling….call it what you will, but I was there to capture their day ‘my way…’

HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_015HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_016HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_017HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_018HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_019HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_020HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_020AHINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_021HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_022The sheer theatre that is a Hindu wedding is just awesome – the colours, the singing, the general hustle and bustle…even the noise of it all, with the Bhangra drumming is just brilliant. Whilst Anup’s soon-to-be Mother-in-Law plays a few tricks on her daughter’s intended, other family members steal his shoes and hold them to ransom….cost Anup a few quid too, to get them back! If you ever get chance to go to a Hindu ceremony – do go, and savour the atmosphere…

HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_023HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_024HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_025HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_026HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_027HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_028With the sheet in position, so Anup couldn’t see his new bride, it was time for Manisha to enter the ‘arena’, slowly making her way to the Mandap escorted by her uncle…

HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_029HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_030HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_031HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_032HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_033HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_034HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_035I think this shot (above) has to be my image of the day. A slightly nervous, but very excited bride about to see her husband ‘all scrubbed up’ in his wedding finest for the first time…

HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_036HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_037HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_038HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_039HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_039AHINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_040HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_041HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_042HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_043After several small ceremonies – around seven in total, it was time for a few traditional formal images. Manisha & Anup ventured out into the grounds for a few minutes’ worth of newly-wed images. I say ventured…Anup still hadn’t had his shoes returned as yet… 😉

HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_044HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_045HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_046HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_047HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_048Back to Kilhey Court for a change of outfits for the evening reception, time enough for a few quick formals before going down to The Lakeside Suite for a 200-strong dinner and evening celebrations…

HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_049HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_050HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_051HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_052HINDU_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_053Then it was time for one-night only funny man Anup to hold court (no pun intended!) He was very funny, unfazed by the crowd, the lighting and the whole experience….and I do mean a one man show…we could have listened to him all evening. Nice one Anup!


And that was us done; a fifteen-hour shooting day, with time enough to grab four more hours’ sleep before the next day’s shoot. Wedding photography – it’s just a Rock n Roll lifestyle… 😉

To see another of my Kilhey Court Weddings, CLICK HERE

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Tatton Hall Wedding Photographer // Pooja & David

Tatton Hall Wedding Photographer // Pooja & David


Pooja & David were married recently at Tatton Park, and booked me to be their Tatton Hall Wedding Photographer. Pooja is a Manchester lass, staunch City fan and commissioned me to photograph her wedding to her second love, David. I say second, since Sergio Aguero is already taken…. 😉 I met up with Pooja and her family a few months ago, to demonstrate my wedding albums, and we hit it off straight away. In fact the meeting was very focused and to the point…there was a game on and she left smiling, clutching her season ticket. Oh, and booked me for her big day.

Fast forward to June 2014 and there we were- all gathered at Tatton Park for the Hindu ceremony. Pooja & David had already had their civil ceremony in London, but today was going to be the big one. And it didn’t disappoint! On camera duties with me was my old friend and top photographer Jason. Hindu weddings need at least two photographers, since there is so much going on at any one time. A Hindu ceremony is an amazing event – full-on fun, celebration and not a grumpy vicar in sight… 😉


After the ceremony, it was outside for a few group shots. Aiming to beat an ever-threatening cloud burst, we were organised, and the groups were captured for posterity in record time, thanks to a couple of very organised ushers. Thanks guys…you know who you are.

We then spent around twenty minutes shooting some Bride & Groom portraits around the gardens – nothing forced or cheesy- I just let Pooja & David do what they wanted, and captured everything live, and unhindered.


Then it was quickly back inside for a final fun ceremony. Coins were thrown into a bowl of dye, and Pooja & David had to retrieve as many as they could against the clock…and against spilling any of the red onto their beautiful clothes! It was so chaotic, nobody seemed to know who’d won in the end… 😉


The couple and guests retired for a few hours to change for the evening celebrations. Pooja & David had new togs too…


With time for a few quick formals in the grounds, dressed for the evening, it was off into the Tennant’s Hall once more for the evening celebrations. Live and recorded Bhangra pumping out os speakers taller than me meant the evening party was going to be seriously good fun. And the DJs did not disappoint! The party started with our couple cutting the best wedding cake I’ve ever seen- a replica elephant, with bride and groom astride….stunning!


After dinner and speeches came the time. Bang! Or should I say, Bhangra! In our couple came, dancing along with bridesmaids and groomsmen for a full on and fantastic first dance. With moves better than Jagger, David impressed the hell out of the whole room. Even Pooja looked surprised – and they’d rehearsed it together! Well done guys…incredible stuff…


Leaving the party in full swing, with our bride and groom being carried around the dance floor on chairs, we quietly left them dancing until the small hours, at one of Cheshire’s finest wedding venues.

If you’d like to see more of my Tatton Hall, or Cheshire wedding photography – why not get in touch?

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