Wedding Photographer In Manchester

If you want a wedding photographer in Manchester that is fun, attentive and understands how much you value this special day, look to my business Mick Cookson Wedding Photography.

In 2008 I made the decision to become a full time photographer for weddings across Manchester and beyond. Since then I have been working hard to make couples happy with professional photography and ensure they have the best possible photos for memory of the special day.

Photographing beautiful couples at leading locations across the Manchester area.

When it comes to my clients, I make sure that I have a good rapport with you prior to the day. This cannot only ensure a better quality of customer service, but also photos as a result.

You can choose to have photos of the entire day or a specific part. I will do my utmost to ensure that you can be provided a solution that is befitting of your needs and requirements.

Telling your story through amazing photos with professional talents and experience.

You can get in touch with me to discuss your requirements via my contact form or give me a direct call to discuss your potential wedding photography as soon as possible.