” Mick you have done an incredible job capturing these special moments that we can look back on for the rest of our lives! Thank you!!”

Bhavini & Adam booked me to be their Abbeywood Estate Wedding Photographer around a year ago. This stunning venue, based near Delamere Forest is a dream venue to work at; stunning landscaped gardens, forest, plus open fields, a beautiful Glass House / Conservatory for the wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast. But in Bhavini and Adam’s case – just the wedding breakfast, since their wedding ceremony was to be outdoors. Here are a few from their extensive wedding collection…

abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer01 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-002 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-003 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-004 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-02 abbeywood estate wedding photography

With me for the day, on video duties was Stefan and his assistant from Your Special Day. Stefan brought one of his drones to film sequences for the wedding video. Now, I’m not normally a fan of drones, since a lot are ‘flown’ by amateurs without the proper training and CAA licence. But Stefan shoots a lot for the BBC, and since Abbeywood is technically, err…massive, there would be no problem with minimum height / distance restrictions. In fact, we worked together so well, that we both captured the day simultaneously with the minimum of fuss. I even left Stefan in some of the images deliberately!

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-007 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-008 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-009 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-03 wedding flowers wedding bouquet wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-013 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-014 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-017 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-018 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-019 bride having hair done bridesmaids sharing champagne wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-022 outdoor wedding ceremony abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-04 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-026 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-028 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-029 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-06 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-032 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photography wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-036 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-037 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-038 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-039

With the guests gathering, and the sun getting hotter, we were a few minutes away from the ceremony. A glorious day for an outdoor wedding. Normally I would have the 70-200mm with me, but was saving it for later, sticking to my usual 24-70mm and 85mm combination for the next couple of hours…I really didn’t need a heavy bag!

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-040 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-041 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-042 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-07 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-044 abbeywood-estate-wedding-photographer-09 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-047 smiling hindu bride wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-050 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-051 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-052

As Bhavini and here father made their way through the walled garden (hello Stefan!), we had plenty of opportunity to get some great angles. Adam, quietly, and slightly nervously waited on the lawn…

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-053 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-054 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-056 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-057 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-058 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-059 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-060 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-061 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-062 abbeywood estate wedding photographer wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-064 abbeywood estate wedding party wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-066

Part-way through the open air ceremony, we moved around to the relative shelter of the gazebo – for the legal declarations and signing of the register…

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-067 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-068 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-069 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-071 abbeywood estate wedding photographer wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-073 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-075 bride at abbeywood estate

And a special mention at this point that Bhavini made both hers and the bridesmaids dresses too…now taking orders I’m told…


By now the sun was high and the temperature soaring. Photography shouldn’t be undertaken in extreme lighting conditions such as this? Yep, but we love breaking the rules and having a little fun for ten minutes… 😉

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-079 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-080 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-081 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-082 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-084 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-085 magician at wedding wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-087

During the drinkas and canapes, the entertainment was provided by magician Nick Rushton, who did a brilliant bending spoon routine, which had us all fooled…even the Nikons!

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-088 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-089 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-090 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-091 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-092

This was my first visit to an Abbeywood Estate wedding, and I have to say, thoroughly enjoyed the day so far – full on busy, but everything seemed so well-paced as to not feel too much like work – even in the heat!

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-096 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-097 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-098 selfie stick wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-101 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-102 confetti at wedding wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-104 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-105

With a slightly more traditional confetti line-up, it was time for the guests to be seated in the glasshouse. Bhavini & Adam entered to thunderous applause…

wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-106 wedding reception paella abbeywood estate wedding reception wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-109 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-110 hindu wedding speeches wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-112 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-113 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-114 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-115 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-117 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-118 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-119 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-120 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-121

While the room was being refreshed for the evening party, it was time for a few more Bride & Groom portraits…again with ‘The Professor’ Stefan and a combination of the drone and Steadicam….again, we worked seamlessly together – as it should be! The images speak for themselves with little to no direction from us….

drone photography cheshire wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-127 abbeywood estate wedding photography abbeywood estate wedding photographer abbeywood estate wedding photographer wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-131


..and then it was party time. One bouquet toss later, we were off to cut the cake and start the first dance…and still exactly to schedule….fantastic planning by all concerned!

bride throws bouquet wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-135 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-136 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-137 first dance wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-139 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-140 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-141 wedding-at-abbeywood-estates-143

And that was it – nine hours’ shooting which never felt like work at any stage of the day. I left the dance floor in full swing, with tunes spun in by Cheshire Wedding DJs – and sparing the ‘Dad-Dancers’ blushes…


Get in touch and tell me about your Abbeywood Estate Wedding…

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