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Manchester & Cheshire Wedding Photographer Mick Cookson


Mottram Hall- one of Cheshire’s most popular venues is perfect for my being a Cheshire Wedding Photographer. Weddings at Mottram Hall are always great to photograph; the hall itself is stunning, whilst the grounds allow the photographer lots of scope…whatever the weather! Here are some images from recent weddings, capturing the spirit and atmosphere of Mottram Hall.

mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson09 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson13 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson02 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson06 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson19 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson10 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson26

From documentary or reportage style weddings, to the more traditional. Mottram hall offers everything you’d need. Plus, if you’re a keen golfer, there’s the added bonus of the golf club being on site too…

mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson25 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson27 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson30 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson32 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson36

As a Cheshire Wedding Photographer, I spend a lot of my wedding season at cheshire venues such as Mottram Hall, and love the fact that every wedding is different, so my approach and resulting final image collections differ from wedding to wedding too…

mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson34 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson35 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson22 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson24 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson17 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson07 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson11

With a live string quartet, a wedding can be transformed. There are a few really incredible musicians around, and well worth considering for your big day. Have a look at my Friends page for some recommendations…

mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson15 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson14 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson04 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson05 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson16 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson03 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson20 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson45 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson47 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson21 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson53 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson48 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson46 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson54 mottram-hall-weddings-mick-cookson52

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